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This is an excerpt from the book "Conversation with God" by Neale Donald Walsch

"I am saying to you that in every single moment of now you are “being” something. And what you are feeling tells you exactly what you are being. Your feelings never lie. They do not know how to. They tell you exactly what you are being in any moment. And you can change how you are feeling by simply changing how you are being.
I can? How do I do that?
You can choose to “be” a different way!
That doesn’t seem possible. The way I feel is the way I feel. I can’t control that.
The way you feel is a response to the way you are being. And you can control that. That is what I am telling you here. “Beingness” is a state in which you place yourself, it is not a response. “Feeling” is a response, but “being” is not. Your feelings are your response to what you are being, but your being is not a response to anything. It is a choice.
I am choosing to be what I am?
You are, indeed.
How come I am not aware of that? I don’t seem to be aware of that.
Most people are not. Because most people have forgot­ten that they are creating their own realities. But because you have forgotten you are doing it does not mean you are not doing it. It means that you simply do not know what you are doing.
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.
Yet if I don’t know what I’m doing, how can I do anything dif­ferent?
Now you do know what you are doing. That has been the purpose of this whole dialogue. I have come here to wake you up. You are awake now. You are aware. Aware­ness is a state of being. You are “being” aware. From this state of awareness, you can choose any other beingness. You can choose to be wise, or wonderful. You can choose to be compassionate and understanding. You can choose to be patient and forgiving.
Can’t I simply choose to be happy?
How? How do I do that?
Don’t do it. Simply be it. Do not try to “do” happy. Sim­ply choose to “be” happy, and everything you do will spring from that. It will be given birth by that. What you are being gives birth to what you are doing. Always remember that."
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