Experience the 4 Elements

It is good to know what elements are, but it's better to experience them. As real knowledge is the one we experience.

First of all, we must agree that we can't see the real elements here on earth. What we call the 4 elements on earth are the forms they take in the physical world. In the astral and mind world, they exist in another form. They exist in the form of colors and sounds. If you can see the Aura, then you know what they look like in the invisible world.
otherwise, let me explain how you can tell what Element is moving in your inner world.

Our lower nature has 3 bodies and they all have 4 elements each.

In our physical body:
  • Water is about 60% of the human body.
  • And for some people it's 90% of body weight.
  • The brain is 70% composed of water.
  • The lungs is 90% composed of water.
  • And Air just every where water is. The brain's food is Air.
Fire is our body temperature, all those chemical burning in us, give a permanent Fire in the body, maintaining life.
and Earth is the most developed in the physical body, that's why you can see it, it's visible, it's your organs and bones.
I guess you already know that, I want to bring you to understand that the way those Physical Element works in the physical body also work the same way in the astral and mind body.

In the astral body, water is more than the rest of the Elements, those who astral travel can tell how smooth like water they move. The astral body can be as transparent as water. And it can go through anything composed of Earth elements, just like water. And the mind body body obviously has more Air, that way the appearance and motions of the mind body can be explained. In our inner world, Water is sensed as feelings, desires, and emotions.
  • Air as thoughts and knowledge.
  • Fire as inner life.
  • Earth as the consciences.
When I have bad feelings, I used to say "Here, I have dirty water running in me, let me do something to clean it".
or when I have bad thoughts, I say "Here, I have a cloudy mind, let me do some to clear my sky".

I've also mentioned that each body has 4 elements but one of those element is more than others.
The astral body has the 4 elements, and how do you know what element is running in you?
It's by watching your inner state (or moods). Also known as the four temperaments.

The astral body has 4 temperaments related to the 4 elements:
1) Sanguine humor is Air
2) Choleric humor is Fire
3) Melancholic humor is Earth
4) Phlegmatic humor is Water
So when you spot anger in you, you can say "I have bad Fire burning in my astral body, what I should fix this".

And what about the mind body, it also has 4 elements related to 4 types of thoughts you can have.
it's simple to tell them.
All thoughts related to the Sanguine humor are Air,
Thoughts related to choleric humor are fire, etc..
For example, if you start thinking how to revenge, because someone did some bad things to you, you are creating thoughts of bad fire.

A creation of a element in one of the bodies will provoke similar creation in the rest of the bodies.
In the example above, the thought-Fire will generate a fire humor ( Could be anger), then the Fire energy in your etheric body and fire in all your physical organs, it could even result in physical pain if kept for a long time.

Note, some physical organs have much relationship of Fire, and others with Earth, and some other with Air.
So depending on what element you are creating in your mind or feelings, you are effecting those physical organs too.

I'll maybe talk about the 4 elements of the astral body in deep later. As we can discover what vices, weakness or virtues are grouped in an element. That way we can understand that mastery of an element can bring about mastery of so many weakness related to that element. Those elements can be purified to a degree that they become very close to the original 4 elements of the spirit. The more you purify your elements the more the spirit manifest in you.

Love and light to all