I Have come to the Notice That Much Derision has come about due to the Reality that All Do Things in the Listening of the Audio Reading of this Webpage in a Different Manner then Most Would. So it Comes to a Different Experience Altogether. So to Minimize This and Get In Line With One Another, I Will Associate a Form of Sort that Will Make One to Understand In What Manner to Listen to the Reading so to Not MisGuide and Misuse Ourselves into What Another Intended to Convey. So I Have in My Thread : The Depth in Which we Live as to the Followed Link as an Trial to be Shown; Some Sort of Indicator to Wherein Which My Post is to be Read. This Should Benefit In The Reader/Listener in Getting the Best Conveyed Atmospheric Experience that the Writer of His or Her Text Intended to Convey, Since Roughly I Experienced a Lack of Activity in This Forum. Perchance by the  Misconception and Misunderstanding of Conveying Message.

I Have Added, and This if Your Up for the Par to Learn the Slight Curve, Follow the Link Above; to Redition the Experience that My Messages are Intended to Convey. By All Means, Non Might know in Which Way i Try to Convey the Spirit of My Message of Which i Can but Say a Scripture to Make Visible the Best Obligated Form of Which i Write in, to them Who Care or Do Understand.

And Experience and a Reality to Which i Live; : Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, ... ... Now I Understand that not all Are Of the Faith as I May Am, and That Non Which of Yet Might Know the Faith of Which i Am Altogether Since i Base My Life on the Reality of all Things. But that This is a Message i Have Conveyed Over of and Over all The Remains of the Day's and Yet By Not Knowing it; You've Might have Perceived a MEssage Of Otherwise then was Intended OF to be Scripture Above Intended. So I Added a Few Notes in Hard Brackets. So to Make The Experience More Synced to What is Intended of it itself.

Either By the > ℗ < Audio Reading Listening Sign, or By the #@1st... 2nd.. or 3rd Song Mimic to Give the Most Unhostile Experienced Experience in itself. Since All Do Things in a Different Manner, i May instate a Pause Audio-Reading Which can is Activated and Paused at the Lower Bottom When Listening to a Thread or Post below on the Left Side with the vertical = Pause sign, So that Non be Ran Over By the Computer-Extended Reading in itself. Since Problems Occure in Whichever Meaning we Matter to Listen to Things, as Tone and Depth of Perception can Mean Either an Pleasant to an Non Pleasant Experience. For this Reason also are Used Other Characters in the Keyboard Computering Chart So that One By the Curve of Learning after By What hoped by Will be Adopted, Come to a More Formal and Aligned Understanding of Message Tried to be Conveyed without the Hurtsome of the Ego's Pride and Dismayed Extention that is At times Necessary for Growth of Spiritual to be Embarked. Yet to Others Whom Do not See A Sense of दुःख (Suffering) to be Appreciated as of is. So i will Thereby Try to Place a Motion for Experience into this Blog of Forum for Readers thus Alike to Have the Most Beneficiary Experience. Albeit i Can't Change the Previous Threads and Post for the Consideration of This Application, i Have Changed it to the Previous Newest Thread with the Extention of this Add. So i Hope You will Browse By it as the Link above or Thread Known under: the Depth in Which we Live in the A&Q Section. So That You Might get an Introduction to it's Possibility to Be Added to this Entire Forum Altogether for a More Personal Feel of Vibe to All Visitors. Thanks For The Listening and 

thanks for Reading. This Thread was intended for the Reading

[Salam] and Namaste

P.s.: All Special Characters have a meaning as well as ( soft ) and [ Hard ] brackets. To All Who Wish to Extend themselves to Applying this. Let An Order Be Kept in Consideration that Their is a Code Of Conduct (C O C) to All Things, Like Traffic Signs. This is My Intend. Thanks,.. P EACE