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Franz Bardon's Books

Hi there,

For having recently mentioned Franz Bardon in one of my posts.
I thought I should post here some of his books as references:

[Image: 2j195yx.png]

1) Initiation Into Hermetics

2) The Key To The True Quabbalah

3) The Practice of Magical Evocation

4) Frabatos The magician

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I highly recommend this book. It was big impact in my spiritual development Big Grin
We even have polish website about Franz Bardon, books, audio books, his biography etc =)

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lol i am so exited to start with these books, almost finished with the book A New Earth for E, Tolle.
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