Namaste!! This thread is to discuss simplest and straight method to experience Yoga (feeling of oneness), Gyan Yoga (knowing the true self and the whole universe).There are many other different techniques like Bhakti/Dhyan/Karma (Devotion/meditation/passion) Yoga with the same objective; however Gyan Yoga is the most effective and easiest way, if understood correctly. Ashtavakra Geeta is the best text in that context, again if understood correctly. 
Let's discuss and debate on every verse of Ashtavakra Gita to know the truth, which will change the way you see the world.
Chapter 1 Verse 1:
जनक उवाच - 
कथं ज्ञानमवाप्नोति, 
कथं मुक्तिर्भविष्यति।
वैराग्य च कथं प्राप्तमेतद 
ब्रूहि मम प्रभो॥१-१॥

Old king Janak asks the young Ashtavakra - 
How knowledge is attained, 
how liberation is attained 
and how non-attachment is attained, 
please tell me all this.॥1॥

A king is asking a Guru 3 basic questions (no confusion/distraction, direct 3 straight questions)
1) how to get knowledge of life's purpose and who I am 
2)how to get liberated and be peaceful in the state I am in
3)how to get rid of suffering due to different attachments in the world
if we get satisfactory answer of the above 3 questions, I believe life will take a new turn that will change everything you do and experience. 
Will discuss the next verse in the upcoming post.
Please feel free to share any feedback to make this post better and more effective. My whole intent is to help you explain the thrilling experienced I had when i went through the entire text and of course want to hear your perspective.  It takes a village to build something big!