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Giving and Receiving love

Giving and Receiving love  

Love is a divine force we struggle to understand, but in our dimensions, it is joy feeling we can experience when we give or receive. Sometimes without being too conscious of it, we give love to others, to our partner, to our family, to our friends. You know it you have given some love when you have made them happy, when you have released them from their heavy loads, when you've giving them a smile that removed their sadness, their disappointment , their worries and anxieties. We do this in different ways. Sometimes we use words, sometimes we use the eyes (the look), some other times just our presence is enough. Someone got happy for you've said you love him/her. Another felt better because of your loving, comforting look, and in some occasion you said nothing, looked at nobody, but people got cured simply for you being there with them. 

Love is the key to happiness.
Love is a feeling which relives, which softens, which removes heavy loads of the heart, which purifies the inner heart. When love is present, you can laugh and smile again, you feel encouraged, inspired, and strong enough to resist the different problems we face daily in social life. If you agree with this description of love, you immediately realize that love gives happiness. Most of us mystics and spiritual people start our journey with first studying, gathering knowledge, meditating on the different mystic, metaphysic subjects, debating on them... that helps our understanding and and improves our intelligence and it even goes as far as developing our wisdom. But then we realize that it's not enough, because neither knowledge or wisdom gives happiness. You might wonder how wisdom, such a super spiritual virtue does not give happiness. Well, it does not.  Only love can give happiness. No other virtue can. 

Wisdom can assist with showing you the way to happiness and how to keep for long that happiness; so it lightens you, guides you, but that's where it stops. Wisdom can even make you cold, old and become inactive. In fact wisdom is symbolically cold and love is warm. Wisdom will freeze the whole of you, you know so many rules, so many principles that you become too courteous to the point of not even moving, you freeze, meaning that you start to not only think  twice, but 3 times, then 4 times, 10 times before you can action Smile  , which is often the cause of hesitations among wise people,. While love warms the whole of you, it makes you move, it makes you dance, jump, go help someone, sacrifice time for something or someone, or for an idea. Without love, the spiritualist may have the perfect idea of becoming very spiritual but he/she won't take a move to start doing something for that idea. It may sound now that I'm speaking against wisdom. No believe me, I'm a great fun; I tend to even preach the wisdom virtue and encourage that virtue all the time ( I just cannot help it Smile  ). I will be the last person to speak against it. Smile

Wisdom must guide love
Despite the priority I've given to wisdom, I keep aware that cold and hot must be balanced. I give first priority to the wisdom virtue because it requires light to keep love. In trying to give love, many actually hurt. Without wisdom, we fail to love properly. People of today's society have a strange understanding of what love is and it shows in the way they practice it, meaning the way they receive and give love. Some believe that true love is about giving whatever you have to the poor, so they will give to anyone the most precious material things they have, believing they have done the right thing. Of course when we have no discernment, we end up giving whatever to whoever, without knowing the consequences. This risk that we could encourage the lazy people, the addicted and the criminals with our unwise generosity. The love feeling is not produced by one specific object or action. To give a book as a gift  to someone may bring great joy today, but tomorrow giving the same book as a gift may not give the person the same joy. Which proves that love was not the book. And everyone is different, some are moved by books, some others by money, others by words... So it requires some light to know the right action, the right words, the right gift to give in other to awake love in others. Who knows how to awake love in the heart of people is a white magician. The black magician is of course the one who awakes hatred, bad feelings in others. To be a black magician requires no wisdom at all. You most likely can succeed  if you blindly start giving away anything, saying anything, giving anyone in the street any kind of look... in no time you will succeed in becoming a great black magician Sad

Love is every being base need
Love is a pleasant feeling. Whenever we feel happy, joy during the day, that is love. It is the most beautiful thing in the existence  that's why all being look for it. in fact all being will sacrifice for what they consider as their source of love. It may seem like we humans look for money, wealth, No ? . Behind that wealth, it is happiness, it is love we are looking for. You will certainly hear or have heard of rich people saying that they are not happy despite all the wealth they have. They are surrounded by treasures but they are still not happy, why? because love is not money. But then look, give that person a wonderful loving partner who gives him/her supports, encourage, relaxes, makes laugh, calms down, helps... then his/her words will change, he/she will say that he/she is the most happiest person on earth. It will not be surprising that a rich person give up his/her wealth for the person he/she loves. Which shows how more important love is. And it is so in all fields of life. I still remember when I was a child we had plants in the house not too far from the window, I was impressed by the fact that those plants grew up bending towards the window always. My dad tried to use sticks to put them straight, to keep them vertical, but no chance, the plants wouldn't listen, they still bent towards the window, it was clear they were going towards their source of  love, towards the sun.

Knowing that love is every being base need. Why not think about it and start giving some love. I had a spiritual teacher who kept telling to greet nature, every morning when I wake up. "Say hello to the sun, the air, the plants... from your bedroom window ", That's something I found ridiculous back then ? , because I had no good reason to like it. I did it anyway then only understand a bit later in my life, today it feels like nature greets back at me, it smiles at me. How? you could ask. Well, I cannot tell, it is just a feeling. Haven't you ever experience a feeling which happens to take picture in you mind. Feelings can be as strong as to make you a great poet, a great musician... and through your art you will move people, you will communicate that love. Why keep love for yourself, give it to who needs it, but don't keep it for yourself, it doesn't exist just for you anyway Idea , it only flows through you. Give it back! Find ways to share it. Also there is no risk of becoming poor when it comes to love. The more you give the more you receive. 

There is more happiness in giving that in receiving
There is more happiness in giving that in receiving. Try it yourself and you should quickly notice it yourself. When you give something nice, something beautiful to someone, you actually feel proud of yourself and happy, you feel joy. Look at the face of someone giving someone else a present, a gift. That person has a smile, he/she gives with a smile. He/she feels great of his/she  act. The one receiving the gift is also happy, but it is not a guarantee that the receiver gets delighted. But the giver is the happiest. And if the receiver is grateful, and shows signs of joy, the giver is even more happier. The happiest being in the universe is who gives, not the one who receives. Between God the giver and Man the receiver, God is the happiest. Me writing this thread is a form of giving some love, it may not be read or considered, but do I care? Tongue , I don't. I feel great joy in writing these posts away. That's all matters for me, that joy is a love feeling. People to who you give love may or not be open to receive, but it doesn't matter, you at least felt love for the simple act of giving. Instead of always complaining that nobody loves us, why don't we just love them? Why wait to be loved, when we can love. The feeling of being loved is the same as giving love. Giving love is just little more Smile

I'm not suggesting to stop receiving and just giving. No we need to learn to do both. But keeping in mind that the quality of what we give defines what we will receive. If during a meditation you manage to become receptive  if you stop your thinking process and allow thoughts and feelings to come to you, you will notice that only will come to you the same kind of thoughts and feelings you've been entertaining before you entered the state of reception. If however you start by being active, thinking of spiritual things, then when you stop thinking, the most beautiful spiritual things will also come to your mind and heart. From your mind Start by sending, giving your best things, in order to receive the same quality of things but newer ones. 

Knowing how to receive love
Receiving is good thing, especially when we have nothing beautiful, spiritual, wonderful to give away. We need to receive, we need to learn to  notice love where there is one. To receive love requires a lot attention because love is really subtle. But once you are rich of it, it becomes easier to detect love with the least effort. At the beginning, pay a little more attention to things to look for beauty in them. I promise you that even in ugly things there is some beauty, if you can see it, you will become optimist in life, you will walk through the evil roads where others are not walking because you will step on the peace of beauty on that road . you will relax where everyone is stressed. In stead of always finding errors and shortcomings in all texts, in people behaviors, in music... you will start discovering the beauty in it and enjoy it. Even a child talk will contain something interesting to you, because you pay attention  Idea . That's what attention can lead you to. You will slowly be filled with some love, then when you feel you have something to give away, something which feels great to yourself; find ways to give. Soon you notice that you refilled constantly the more you give. It is as it the universe fill you soon after you've given so that you can continue giving. And you continue giving and realize that you find more joy in giving than in receiving. Listening to music provides great love feelings, when you listen to music you receive love. But have you noticed that if you sing as you are listening, the feeling is even greater? The one who makes musics is even happier than who listened to it.

If you commit to always receive and never giving, you limit yourself. The receiver will wait till something makes him/her happy. When there is nothing, he/she is depressed, frustrated, miserable. The giver is free, the giver doesn't have to wait, he/she can generate that love feeling him/herself. The givers can drink love everyday, every hour if they want. And they will not get tired of doing so, because love will keep flowing through them to energize them. The wonderful feeling of love continue endlessly visiting those who keep giving. I wish we keep practicing love in order to know happiness.

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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This is something that many practice daily without even realising the benefits. I myself am one of those. Being a mother I give and love unconditionally, I’ve always been the same with my family and friends also. I’ve never felt hatred to anyone, regardless of what they have done to me. Disappointment and hurt, yes...but never hate, it’s not in me, im not capable. But what I have done over time if someone has hurt me I close off from them. But now I realise that is actually harbouring the pain. Just lately I’ve handled thing differently and just focus on giving love in their direction, opening my heart and allowing myself to heal by not shutting off. Amazingly it works and although it hasn’t been instant I have seen that it has a positive outcome and the relationship/circumstance feels like it heals within. I’m a firm believer of sharing the love  Heart
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I think love is the only one thing which can be expressed through the eyes and heart, which later come up with words on our lips.
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Love is an/THé essence, that furthers heart(s into understanding - the heart of pain come into aLignment with the peace of the world 'LIvINg in itSelf". We hold time in a capsule, and find that eternity is mêZZd up withOUt the find of tRuelove that is THÉ hope of grace in the sentence of lips that speak words that conclude the divine of essence in the matter of heartz colliding in themselves in the space of time.

We people have one thing in mind, but the world chaseS, cauSes u.s tO háve further other thinGZs in mind then the heart needs in ITsELf....
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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