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God is Not A Christian,nor a Jew, ....

God is not a Christian, Nor A Jew, Muslim, Hindu....God Dwells with Us, in,Us, Around Us, as Us.

by Bishop Carlton Pearson

I like this book mainly because it tells us there are no favorites. We are All Precious to our Creator.

FYI I have LOTS of books, and plan on sharing many titles with a brief description, that I think you might like to read.
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I believe that wholeheartedly and am beginning to believe that everyone needs God but we need to do away with religion. It seems religion is somehow being misinterpreted and is teaching the people the are looking for light and peace fear and hatred. Of course they don't call it that but that's what it breaks down to. God is a part of ALL of us and he doesn't do anything but LOVE us. He doesn't judge us or punish us. He loves and guides us. He will teach us lessons when they need to be learned but it's nothing we didn't agree to before we came here. Have a WONDERFILLED Day!!!!!
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