Many years ago, when my hair was black, I was walking across the beach at Conwy with my daughter, she was about three at the time and was holding my hand, the wind was whipping up the dry sand on the surface, and it was stinging our legs, she held my hand tighter and said, ’it hurts my legs, make it stop daddy,’ it’s the wind blowing the sand, I replied, I can’t stop it.
Yes you can, she said, you’re my daddy!
Now my four year old granddaughter holds my hand and expects the same things, you can do it, you’re taid!
It’s lovely that children take our hands like that, but what does it mean? It means they love us, yes, but it’s more than just that, it means they trust us, and they know that we will always protect them, and never lead them in the wrong direction, they may be rebellious at times, and don’t always do as they are told, but they will still come and sit on our knees, hold our hands, and look to us for help and support. They see that we are bigger, stronger, older, and that we always have their best interests at heart.
Many of us did just the same thing with our parents, or grandparents, then we allegedly grew up and stood on our own two feet, or did we, whose hand do we hold now? Who do we look to for protection, and guidance? We may be lucky and have some wise friends, but most people turn to the divine, interestingly even non believers will often call upon God when they are really in trouble. So why is this, sometimes things seem to ‘just sort themselves out’ and people say ‘God did nothing, it just sorted itself out’. But just as we quietly we sorted things out for our children, as our parents did for us, without any fuss, without looking for any thanks, so spirit works for us, quietly, in the shadows, without our knowledge, not seeking praise or reward, just out of love. Guiding us, steering us along the right path, protecting us on our journey, not just physical journeys, but on our spiritual journey too. Spirit holds our hand, it may not always be obvious, and sometimes we may feel very alone and unloved, but it is at those times when spirit is closest, to comfort and to console, to assure us that we are not alone. In this instance we are the children, and spirit takes on the parental role, but who is holding whose hand? Spirit takes our hand whether we ask or not, some people talk of guardian angels looking after us, others say it is our guides, but it doesn’t matter who or what they are, angels, ancestors, or guiding spirits, the fact is they are there, and they are there for us, and they see a potential in each and every one of us that we may not see in ourselves, and no matter how rebellious we may be they will never turn their backs on us. We need to hold their hands, and trust them as our children did with us, we need to allow spirit into our lives and acknowledge it so we can all spread light into the world and help to make it a better place.