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How to communicate with invisible creatures.

In normal life, we communicate with humans. Through this communication friendships and relationship are made. Then we help each other. That’s so good isn’t it. Otherwise who doesn’t need some help in life? Unfortunately not all of us know that friendship can go beyond visible beings, that there exist invisible creatures among us which are willing to help us in so many ways. But for them to help us, a contact, a communication must first be made.

[Image: John_Atkinson_Grimshaw_-_Spirit_of_the_Night.jpg]

The easiest way to get in contact with the invisible beings is by saying their names. It is a direct contact when you know the exact name of the entity. Entities like to be appreciated. They work a lot day and night to help to settle harmony in nature. Some of them take care of plants, some others take care of the weather, some others among them are not active but wait for commands… We humans have that selfish habit of not appreciating the work they do in nature for us. We are too arrogant to think that we are the main and only important beings on this planet, and whatever is invisible which the official science can’t study, doesn’t count for us . We fools in the eyes of higher beings.

Anyway.... A contact can be made by simply saying the following example more often : “Entities of nature, I appreciate your work, thank you very much. I love you”, even better if you know the name of entities you are trying to become friends with. This way, you will say for example “hello Sylphs, entities of air, I appreciate your work, thank you very much, I love you”. Greeting and appreciating their work more often, will make you invisible friends easily. They have ways to give that love back. I don’t really need to tell you how they will manifest that love back to you, because it is going to be too obvious than you won’t doubt it. After they have responded to your love, you may start asking for huge favors from them if you want.

Once the contact is made and you truly have few friends who likes you and helps you from the invisible world. You won't need really need to say the same sentences of appreciations you have been doing for months. Nor the same message of help you have been been granted. All you have to do is a sign of hand, a special look, or a drawing on the ground or on a paper to send a message to the entities. They will help you out. To be able to use symbols, signs to communicate with entities, you need to get used to associate the words and the hand signs or symbols from the start. For example, say there are too many visitors in your house today and you want them all to go so you may stay alone to meditate. You don't want to tell them to "get the hell out", so you may need to ask your invisible friends to help you out.
You may say " Sylphs my friends, I need to be alone to meditate, please gently drive these people to their homes", and while saying so, associate a hand sign or a drawing on a paper. Any hand sign or drawing of your choice. And everything you ask for the same kind of requests, make the same exact hand sign and drawing. When done multiple times for years, you won't need to say a word afterwards. You will just rise your hand, or draw a circle on the floor to send the message to the entities.

There are also pre defined symbols in nature which all entities already understand and obey. symbols like circles, pentagrams... The pentagram for example is a message to bad entities to not approach you, and to good entities to not leave you. A deep knowledge of symbols can help a lot in communicating with any entities of nature of any dimensions.

At last, because you are communicating with invisible beings, your voice or writings must reach the invisible world. Fire is the perfect door through which voices vibrations and writings vibrations on a paper can go through. Fire is a gateway between 2 world. Between our world and the etheric world and astral world. Actually there is a fire separating each dimensions, even between the astral world and the mental world there is another form of fire which is the door, but let's not of too many things at the same time.
So the advise is if you want to easily get your message across into the invisible world, use fire. Practically, you can make use of candles for that. In your room, light some candles and speak or write to the invisible world. If you use the writing technique, you will have to burn the paper on which you wrote the message. Fire will transmit your message. This is why you will notice in almost all magical rituals, there is fire, candles and symbols.

Deep in the hermetic science, we learn that, when we want to transmit our emotional or mental energies into the physical world, we need a material which will help as a channel. Something which will conform invisible energies into material ones. This is you will meet some magi who carry things like precious stone, pentacles, or even a simple piece of wood. Those things help to bring into this physical world what is in the astral or mental world. This is much more to say about all this, but well, I can always write a new article about it in the future.

Love and light to all.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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This is very informative, thank you........ I never would have thought of this otherwise..... ;-)
Creative artsy type, setting out on a path of awakening & always stepping further into groundlessness..enlightenment is just the beginning, finding self ...;-)
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Very interesting indeed. Very for this article Krya.

And just by curiosity, how many spirits of nature are out there?
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There are more than the number of humans alive on earth.
In general we group them in 4 categories of spirits based on the element they are made, and the element they work on. There are:
The gnomes = The entities of earth element. Working underground, in the forests, mountains and caves
The Undines = Entities of water. They are found in the rivers, sea, ocean.
The Sylphes = Entities of air. They fill the atmosphere, in the open air, in the clouds, wind ...
The salamanders = Entities of fire. They are present in all fire.

All of them possess some forms of super powers, and above all a great telepathic ability. Communication with them is therefore easily made through the element they work on. Should you want communicate with the Undines for example, you can write your message on a piece of paper which you will gently let be taken away by the water of the rivers or the sea. With the Gnomes, you can bury the piece of paper. With salamanders, you can throw the paper in fire. With sylphs speak in the open air, where there is some wind ( or better if you speak to the wind from the mountains) .

They are in fact few more categories of entities in nature. I only mentioned the 4 types which are close to our physical world. These beings are Etheric, and so anyone with a some level of clairvoyance, can see them. When you go in a quiet place in the nature, the border a the sea, the forest, the mountains and communicating with them by calling their names or writing to them, you can from time to time, glance indirectly in the corner of your eyes, as if you were trying to look secretly what is next to your shoulders. Just don't look directly. Keep your eyes pointing forward, at the same time expand your vision to your shoulders side. You may see some forms of beings.

Alternately, if the contact is made, and that they like you. They will usually appear to you in a dream. Be warned that they will not always appear as beautiful as you might think, some will appear like some forms of monsters, but their behaviors and what they will say or show you will assure you of their kind nature. I was lucky to meet the entities of trees, and to have learnt from them. And so it feels to me to be in the right position to speak the truth about them to those who may not know. Some of those entities may look like what some religion like Christianity may call the angels. But they are not angels. It is important to have some knowledge about this things for the day they appear to you, you don't confuse things and take their orders. Many entities of nature look like their elders, the spiritual beings (the angels), so you may see some which has wings at the back, and flies. They exist to do maintenance in the physical plan. They help trees to produce fruits, flowers etc. They help rivers towards the sees. By helping the eco-system, they are also helping us humans. They are hard workers and like to be giving work. They will rush to the first human who has an extra job for them. However be warned that there a serious consequences for those who use them to satisfy their own personal needs. Rather use them for the benefit of more people than yourself. If you are asking for something, make sure that will benefit other people too. For example, asking some help for things like wisdom, love, intelligence may benefit many other people around you.

The initiates would make friend with those creatures, simply because they consider them as brothers and sisters. Because we all have the same parents God. Having invisible friends makes them fell like they were are never alone. That gives them some love in life. Even when they lose some human friends, they still have invisible friends as companions.
The other interesting thing, is that those entities have a great knowledge of planet earth. They have been around for centuries and the knowledge of earth is imprinted in their nature. They can inform you almost about anything, but from their elemental view of course. For example, a sylph will tell you which perfume or smoke is right to cure a particular disease. A gnome or the entity of a tree will tell you what plant is right to cure the same particular disease. They can inform you from their point of view about secrets of earth and the physical body. And thanks to their telepathic skills, they are very good at delivering your messages from one corner of the world to another.

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I greet all in Love and Light.
I found and joined this website only yesterday and already I feel involved. Your item, krya moves me to offer a quotation from a book (unpublished) written by my late wife.
"A subject that kept being brought to my notice was the activities of ‘the others.’ On asking for clarification I soon learned that our friends in Spirit use this term in referring to the Power of Darkness. This latter phrase is avoided as far as possible since, in psychic terms, it is possible to give power to a thought and the less specific the thought the less it will acquire power. In any event, in my mind it seemed to be a remote and shadowy subject that hardly touched me. Certainly I had little idea of the nature and extent of the battle that has been waged for millions of years by Light Workers and the Spiritual Hierarchy against ‘the others.’ This battle is in order to restore the balance of energies so that this Planet will achieve her dimensional shift thereby maintaining her status in the evolutionary progress of the galaxy and the Universe. Whilst references to Atlantis and the Atlanteans are not clearly understood in today’s world, it was in that disaster that the Elementals in the Earth Kingdoms were seriously injured and their activities disrupted. They require our help. We can give that help by recognising their existence and acknowledging their function when we include them in our meditations, a fact that is either denied or ignored by most people of so-called civilised western society. Whatever name we may give to the Greater Source, the Eternally Creating Intelligence or the Divine Father, according to the custom or practice in which we were raised, it is by acknowledging ourselves as the living, loving link between that Source and the Elementals that we, through giving power to the thought, give back their power to the Elementals. In my descriptions of our journeys through various countries I have referred to the joyous reunions that we have seen or sensed between the ‘resident’ elementals so to speak, and those who travel with us. In other meditations both by ourselves and with others with whom we sometimes sit, Moon Bear Speaks (my husband) especially has been shown scenes of joy among previously despondent Earth Spirits as we and our travelling friends make contact with them.
You know, those spirits whom I call Elementals, they exist in a vibrational dimension only slightly removed from our own and it is by opening our minds to the possibilities that surround us that we can achieve an increasing awareness that will include them. They are known by many different names according to the country, the society, the religious background or other environment in which we are brought up. You may recognise some or all of the following possibilities.Sprites, earth spirits, devas, pans or Lords Pan, elves, fairies, faeries, fays, little people, undines, naiads, dryads, nymphs, tree-nymphs, pixies, nixes, gnomes, goblins or hobgoblins, gods or goddesses, gremlins, leprechauns, imps and demons or even brownies. In some cultures, certain of such titles are given to these beings according to the purpose or function with which they are associated.
In an earlier chapter I described our experience with the Elementals of the Mineral Kingdom in respect of the volcano in Iceland and here it seems relevant to narrate an episode in which we were taught how to work with the Devas of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms.
Overlooking Benalmadena, Fuengirola and Mijas on the Costa del Sol in Spain, stands Mijas Mountain. The paraphernalia of man’s communications systems tops this one, just like a lot more. One of its natural drainage valleys forms the boundary between the municipalities of Benalmadena and Fuengirola and the valley is also part of an energy line linking these mountains with the Atlas Mountains of North Africa. It is in this particular valley that Moon Bear Speaks and I have spent much of the last ten years of this story, when we were not engaged in travelling elsewhere. The southern and western slopes carry, up to a certain height, a covering of a particular pine tree (the Mediterranean or Umbrella pine) that is widespread in Spain as a source of timber. Also widespread in Spain is a caterpillar; I think it is that of the Death’s Head Hawk Moth or something sounding equally sinister. In the natural cycle of moth/caterpillar/chrysalis/moth, the moths make nests in the pine trees. The nests, about the size of a clenched fist, appear to be made of a mass of silk-like fibres and bits of pine needles and twigs and sometimes there can be many of these nests in one tree; and in few, many or all of the trees of a given area. When the caterpillars hatch, they leave the ‘nest,’ drop to the ground, and in a line head to tail, they set off, I assume in search of somewhere to perform the next stage of their metamorphosis. From this activity they have earned their name ‘processionary caterpillar.’ At the time of year when this is occurring, the inhabitants know they must take extra care concerning their dogs. Should an inquisitive dog get its nose or tongue too close and touch a caterpillar, the latter carries on, or emits from, its woolly exterior a substance so toxic that once in contact with the dog’s mucous membranes it can cause severe localised tissue damage. If found in time this damage can be surgically removed, - if not the result is often fatal. The dog may well not be the only victim of this scourge, for the trees also suffer severe foliage damage and many such trees are killed in this way. The Spanish Forestry authorities have expressed concern over this from time to time. Over the period of several years we had been visiting the area, Moon Bear and I had learned of this problem and had observed its presence in ‘our’ valley. One day, I think it was in the early spring of 1996 or 1997, Moon Bear Speaks looked out across the valley and the steep hillside beyond and commented that there seemed to be an increase in the number of nests as well as in the number of trees that were going brown and dying. With that somewhat distant look in his eye that I was by then beginning to recognise, he said;
“If we are supposed to be aware of the spirits or devas of the kingdoms and to work with them, why don’t we say to the devas of the animal kingdom, ‘look here, your caterpillars seem to be doing an awful lot of damage to the trees of the plant kingdom. Is it possible there is something out of balance here? Why don’t you get together and try to bring about a balance so that you, as a species in your kingdom and they, as a species in their kingdom, reach a state of balance whereby both can survive in accordance with the natural order?’”
So we settled into a meditative state and mentally visualised such a conversation taking place between ourselves and the spirits of the caterpillars and the spirits of the pine trees.
Some months later, towards the end of that year, when we returned to the valley we were really astounded to see not a single nest. Not only that, there was not a dead or dying tree to be seen in our range of vision. In fact, the trees closest to us looked to be in a remarkably good state of health. It was in January of 2002 that we noticed one nest in one tree about fifty metres from a place where we frequently park. In seeking information on this, Moon Bear Speaks says he is told, "well, it is just one nest, and a small one at that, amongst all these trees. Hakuna matata, which is Swahili for ‘no problem, man.’"
From that experience we learned that if some form of imbalance is brought to our notice, as it so often is, then we can communicate with the appropriate spirit beings and ask for corrective action but, ‘only in accordance with Cosmic Law.’
Let Love and Light Be.
Moon Bear Speaks
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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amazing. I just had tears of joy while reading.
this is beautiful.
thank you for your sharings.
 - S  
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