Having to Look at EGO once again,
I Come to Question of it's Outrun When it has been given some slack overtime, to render it's vice in the Reality of once Phaśe.
Uncertain of Which words to use, i will determined their to Extent the Words that Will Encapturate it in the Relevance to See Through the Direction in Which Ego is presented in the Likes of [M]e; at This Present Time, to the Relevance of the Scale Liken unto a Therapist, that Examines the Cause : .

If [Pending upon General Topics and Introduction Section as Review] I am Set in the Notion to Question myself once Anewed in the again to See if My Faith Thereby also my Self (other & Self) is[ ] set in the Proper Direction Wherein it Does no Harm to the Extents In Which it Fall's. In Knowing What Harm is By the Neglection of the Constitution of Tactness and Humility, i Will (Have) Rendered over to the Vices of them Who Stand on the PinPoint to Render SEE Myself in the Ego of Pride if their be any As Such Assuring thereby (Defense mechanism) to be.

I Will Theirfore Fight the Struggle (Jihad) within Myself; But What is their to Render over, if you already know By KundalinI, that this has been already Established. Their is a Notion to All Sentient of Beings that Ego May Find it's PRide, But on the Known, it is Only When Ego Finds PRiDe thAt it Fuels itself up.

Having Come to See - in a Clear more Clearer Picture, of What Ego Really is, HAS Given me[] the Liberty tO Deal with it Their accordingly, Regardless of How Consented it was to Begin With. Due to the Act of KINDNeSs:

Allah (SWT) Prescribes: And fight in the way of Allah with those Who fight with YOU, and do not Exceed the limits, surely Allah does not love transgressors. (al buqarah :190)

It In the Transgressor is spoken of AS Ego. - The Force that Goes beyond it's given Scope Having to Learn it's bound, Wherein in Christianity iT is given to Render not upon in Judgement, It is Concluded theirfore, that both Duality in-Non Duality is to be given; Wherein the Conclusion is a Balance in all it's Concisive to not Go beyond the Bounds Big Grinuality and in Non-Duality itself. A multi-Tute-dimensional Path that hold's ZeN in it's Centor.

As a Given Phase, the Reality In Which it Extents to is Seen in the Inedible Conform of A Cosmic Karma. A ConstanD EvaluatOR Who or Which Sees the Bounds in Which it Estates. Nothing of Apparent's Comes to iT's Notion, AlBeit the Consention of Depth, In that Depth the Values of (A) ManKind Comes in it's Full Force at the Given Instance of Death (Date of Birth), and the Alighnment of Energies (by Consent of the Cosmic Stars and Human Intervention); Wherein one will Flourish to Tilt intent Towards the Pathway one Chooses, Theirəby to be Seen. If Religious Context is Ever to be Concaused (/-against: Caused), it will find a Truer Meaning in the Mind of them Who has Aligned themselves with the Teachings That Bound them to the Right tRuth's'. That of the Human Inter/Convention, In it. For Ages in the /färpast; This Privilege Was Not Granted in Such Multi-tude of Way's. Albeit Print And Ethernet Was A Millenium Intervention, the Basis of Modern Understanding Comes in Floods; That Convey's it's Message in the Same Basis of the Ancient; Meēning to Say Scriptures, And it's Basis to the Relevance of Human Truth. The Conveyince 
of the Footsteps of the Basis of Human Thoughts; Tho All relevance is Given to Modern Spirituality, of Gods And Deities of Animal Flora; Fauna And Humanoid Sentience of Beings. The Relevance of What One Believes, is not As Much Important As What HumAnity Has Believed. In regards to the Sentience, of ôl Beings. For the FormAtion IS, That All Will Return To Whence thāy/All Have Come From. For From Dust Yo͞o Are, And to Dust You Shall RetUrn. In the Basis of All My Writing is Based Scriptuˈal Context to All Thing's; So if By REASON, THoughts is Found, Then Also By the RealIty, that All MAnKiNd Will Face the Entire Human Consciousness of HUmAnIty itSelf. So What Has HumAnity Not Thought of; And What is in the Basis of Humanoid Truth; If But For the ReLay; RELEv[b(ə)[/b]nce of Truth is Based Scriptural Upon; That to the Relew(ə)nce of HistoricAl HumAn Truth, WhereAs is Then the Battle; Between Moderism And Ancients. Albeit Truth; Can Be Found in Many Things; A Tree Bases In it's GrowTH on it's Roots, But Mankind Benefit's of it's Fruit's; So Neither the Root Without it's Fruit is Capeable But; Except of it's Tree.
Theirfor Does A Tree UnderStand in Knowledge to A Child Further then the Root's or it'S, Fruit's; to Them Who Care. Then Comes the Intent of Food Then Comes the Research OF it's Root's. [br]An Infant LeArns on the Basis of An Relev[b]anc[/br]e; : Ye Must Be Born- Again. Until Ye then, Will in No Wise, - Enter the Kingdom of HeAVen.

So Whereas Zen And the BaLance of Zen A Media/MEdium; the Truth of it's Fruit is Written in the Context of Books; Knowledge that is Hidden in Scriptures, the Basis of UnderStanding; ThAt Conveys one's (Spiritual) Root's; As By Religion is (lifestyle), the Basis of the SpirItuAl Roots ItSelf. One Ought to PerforM BaLaNce's With the Modern; And the Ancient, to Stand Present in Time.

No Other Harbor is InQuired OF AnyBody; But to Conceive, the Ancient of Times. - Modernity, Stem's From ThAt Point on.

So HowBeit of Ego, if Hostility it Faces Are of Two Other Object'S, That Are Based on Human Content. The Conclusion Theirefore of Karma IS, to Render That Which is CeASar's unto CEAsar's; And That Which is God'S; Unto GoD. Mattai 22:21

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CeAsar Unto CeAsar's,
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And God, Unto God's;!,·