Heart reaction to word sounds.

Everybody will notice that it's easy to force thoughts in a certain direction. But when it comes to feelings, things becomes difficult, because we cannot force the heart. You can decide to stop thinking about something wrong, and rather think about something spiritual, you can do that straight away with your will. Now decide to feel happy when you are sad, it will feel impossible , won't it? That's because the world of the heart is not an active world, it's rather passive; It reacts in stead of acting. While the world of thoughts is active. If the heart was active, if we could make it happy at will whenever we wanted. I'm sure the world wouldn't complain so such for being unhappy. People could just feel happy at will. People don't complain about the mind! nowadays people have even identified themselves to the mind. "They think so they are", they even move in the mind, almost like they do with the physical body, willingly. As for the heart, they simply do not know what to do with it. It's out of control, or it controls them! as you can see people go where their heart wants; yes, if we do not give anything to our heart, it takes us where it can satisfy itself! So we can't ignore the heart since it will keep complaining until it get what it wants. The complains of the heart are what we call unhappiness, sorrow, sadness, all the emotional pain...

Knowing that the heart is passive and reactive, is enough to know how to deal with it.

The heart has no eyes, but she has powerful nose. That means she is very sensitive, she feels things. She will like or dislike the presence of objects. What she likes or dislikes depends on the vibration (the life or the influence) of the object which is put in front of her. When the vibration of the object is similar to hers, she likes it; but when the vibration of the object is different, she dislikes it. This is why you will notice that people do not like change. They resist change because their heart reacts badly to it. For the heart, "To change" means: being in front of something different to the current vibrations, while she only likes what is similar to her (same vibrations). So you will tell someone to change his live, but he will simply look at you and wonder "Why?" , "No I'm good the way I am, thank you". However in the plans of the cosmic intelligence, humans are not meant to stay stagnant, they are to grow. And in other to grow, there must be a change of vibrations. We do not change to become worse, we change to be better. Like the narrow shape for the word growth shows a line that goes from the bottom towards the top. Or like plants grows from the bottom(roots) to the top before they start to give flowers and fruits.

Along our reincarnations on earth, we've developed so many likes. Most hearts on earth vibrates at the level where they like earthly things only. Those hearts are used to vibrate that way for centuries, so now it will be difficult to vibrate otherwise. But they do need to vibrate otherwise, so as to vibrate at the level where they start to like spiritual things. The day majority of people start to change the way their inner heart beats, it will be the beginning of the new world. Because the inner heart rates tells the kind of life someone has. In that new world people will experience a new degree of life.

The secret is to know how to make your inner heart react. Do not expect it to act.
Show the heart something Divine, and it will react with a spiritual feeling (Joy). Show the heart an earthly thing and it will react with a normal earthly feeling (pleasure). It's then up to us to feel happy or unhappy. If you want to feel something, show the heart something. A beautiful thought or a cool Melodie. We need to act so the heart can react. It's so clear.

But like I said, most hearts are still at a low vibration, the movement of those hearts are so slow that they look dead. For me, people who do not love, who do not like anything, who do not express any joy feeling, have dead hearts. I knew that state, as many years ago when I felt like committing a suicide due to so much sufferance, I felt so empty. In that state of being, you do not like anything any more. Nothing interests you at all. You have that long face all day every day. And always looking for opportunities to die, it's so awful. So I learned how to love things, in order to feel alive.

A heart can react to almost anything. It's blind, that means it doesn't think, so it could feel anything. You can show her a bad or good thing. When for example you keep showing her the bad thing, she will accept it over time, and she will take it as a good thing. Afterwards, it will request it from you, from time to time. Now if one day you come up with something different, something Divine, she will say "No that's not my food, that's not what I'm used to". she(it) could even dislike any spiritual thing. Yes we've all seen it, what is good for you is not always good for others. The most horrible person feels pleasure in killing other people. But that's not the case with you. So the human heart is not able to guide people. It's maybe necessary to review all our desires in the light of the mind to find out if they are right or not. Right is not only what feels good but what also looks good. That's why the eyes of the mind should review all desires "Good feelings". This whole story explains why it gets tough to get rid of certain bad desires. To overcome our bad desire, one will need to train his heart to have the spiritual feelings. Many among us have started that training for centuries, and today they are born with a heart full of spiritual desires; Their quest for the spiritual path is made easy.

No matter how far low the heart can beat, it can revive for love, it can revive in front of God.
The influence of what is in front of the heart, does the whole job. For example, in front of your parents, you react different to how you would react to the president, or to the pope. In front of people you estimate, you could find yourself scratching your heart, making lots of hand moves, stammering, perspiring, forgetting words, laughing stupidly or keeping completely quiet. The same with our heart, depending how high the present spirits are, your heart will react differently. Now if you stay for a long time among those spirits, your heart will get the habit (New beats). It will change vibrations. It will start to like the life of those spirits and dislike what is opposite to their lives. This is why the best way to conquer a vice, is to replace it with a virtue. It's a very very bad method to fight against vices, we simply end up hurting ourselves, and years will go by without victory then we lose hope and give up. The idea of fighting against our weakness is good, but it's wise to find refuge among the higher spirits, to make of higher spirits our friends, our allies (why should we be alone?), let them fight with us and we will win.

The power of words
So you can present a higher spirit in front of you heart, and the heart will react in a beautiful way, with Joy. And how can you show a higher spirit to your heart? By using the spirit representations. Since you are not ready to invoke the spirit itself. You show to your heart the representation of the spirit, and over time, the heart should start to react with joy. It will start to like what that spirit likes. And what is the representation of that spirit? It can be an image, a thought or a sound. Spiritual beings have their correspondences, I mean their representations on earth. Even God himself has representations, and if you know those representations, you can connect to the spiritual spirit behind it. Among all the representations I know that can influence the heart easily are sounds or words.

[Image: r0s48m.jpg]

A name for instance, represent an entity; and because it represent it, it carries the influences ( the vibrations, the life) of the entity. The name "Jesus" for example carries the influence of what that name represent. It's not for jokes very spiritual people change names as they evolve. If you change your entire being, your current name might not be an equivalent to your new vibrations. And if you are given a very high spiritual name, every time people call your name, your heart will try to vibrate at the level of the name influence. If you accept the vibrations, you will uplift yourself, but if you resist to it, you will suffer of huge emotional pain, of guilt, of shame, of inferiority, and all emotional injuries. As a matter of fact, you will be fighting with something too powerful your whole life to the point you might just loose it. It's pretty much like if you are a normal earthly person and happen to share the same room with a very spiritual person. In that case, 2 things can only happen: You either will feel uncomfortable because your heart will not like the vibrations so different from yours, which will make you suffer emotionally. Or you will accept his life, meaning his vibration by learning how to enjoy the same things as your room mate. And that last case, is the only way for you to not suffer from the situation.

We can use spiritual words to invoke the positive vibrations to make our heart react with joy. The knowledge of spirits behind words is then important although not necessary to all. To find out what words represent such or such spirit in the spiritual world; One can find out more about the proper use of words is the white magic. Someone who knows how to make someone else happy with words is already considered a white magician in the spiritual world. It doesn't require one to have been in a esoteric school to be titled a white magician. Many words are magical, you will find those words in the science of kabbalah. Some words when repeated as a mantra will influence you and your surrounding with the vibrations of the spirit that represents it. You can also find those words in the nature. Yes in nature is printed everything. But you don't really need to go far to to look for them. If you can't dig the sciences. I promise even certain common words we use everyday are magical. Words like "perfection, beauty, wisdom, sky, clouds, angel, love, peace" are all very powerful. The whole idea of repeating mantras and holy scripts comes from that knowledge. The repetition of those words creates high vibration waves that touches the heart, and changes the heart vibrations. Even when we don't noticing it, those words still does affect the heart. Because over time, we start to like not only that mantra word, but also we are surprised to begin to like many more spiritual things. We get a great joy feeling from those things and have new spiritual desires. If you understand this, then you understand that mantras like OM, Om Mani Padme Om ; or Hare Krishna mantras are not the absolute only mantras. You can also use pure words like "Love", "Perfection" , "Light" as a mantra. Even a bible sentences, or a spiritual quote.

How to tell how powerful a word is
There's a way to tell how strong is the influence of a word, as each letter of a word has a power. The power of a letter can be known from the number it corresponds to. So one can combine certain letters to form a word with a great power. The science of numerology (Gematria for example) and again kabbalah can tell how much a word is an influence. For example, the name of God in Hebrew "YHVH" pronounced "Yod, Hey, Vav", and Hey" (Original writing image below) can be used as mantra as well, in the sense that we can repeat that name many times for our heart to start to vibrate higher. But we would rather call that an invocation, since that's a great entity call. Now let's check the number which corresponds to that name; Yod = 10, Hey = 5, Vav= 6, Hey = 5. Each of those numbers shows a value, it's the influence the letter holds. Each of those letters are Divine principles that compose God. Yod is 10 (or equal to 1 in numerology) is the God the father, 5 is number of the son of God (The number of perfection, the 5 stars of the pentagram, the 5 fingers ...), 6 is the value of the holy spirit (but also of mother nature, and of Divine justice), and comes back another 5 which is a copy of the first 5 after YOD (the daughter of YOD and Hey ). Now because we want to find out how high is the influence of that name, we go 10 + 5 + 6 +5 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8. (that how the Divine maths is done, we add up all 2 digit numbers, in order to get one number only ). The result is a number 8 which has a very high influence because it means Eternity. The name of Jesus in Hebrew is very similar to God name Yeshua spelled Yod-Hey-Shin-Vav-Ayin . You can find out the value of that name by yourself, you could be astonished how things are not done by random. I'd suggest you also try do the same with AUM and other holy words, and even your personal well structured spiritual sentences; then compare to see how much each of those words can affect the heart.
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When the hearts reacts to sounds or to words, it also effect the mind and the body. Because the heart is at the center of our lower nature. The mind can only affect the physical body effectively through the heart (astral body), because the heart is the closest to the physical body. Through meditation on spiritual topics or spiritual images, thoughts can influence the heart. Thoughts are closer to the feelings, so the influence is quick and strong. But when if you want to touch the physical body quicker through thoughts, you need to use its correspondence in the physical world, which is words. Voice, speech sounds are what thoughts are in the physical world. To speak is like to think. Those are only 2 actions from 2 different worlds, but which are connected. When the mind has learned how to generates powerful spiritual thoughts, our words also becomes powerful. Words are material form of thoughts, so the proper use of words makes thoughts come true.

When the heart vibrate beautifully, it affect very much the physical body; breathing rhythm and blood circulations changes, and organs are vitalized and healthy. And the most amazing thing about it, is that the physical body will copy the beauty of our inner heart to the point where it will change even our physical face. For example, if your heart is constantly in touch with spirit A, your heart will try to vibrate to the level of spirit A. In the course of time, when the vibration of your heart reaches the same rate as Spirit A, your physical body will have the face of spirit A. Our inner heart vibration materialize on the physical body and give the physical body the corespondent form. But the progress takes long, from what I know. The physical body cell takes about 7 years to be the exact equivalence of the astral body vibration. This process is known as the technique of identification. Who identifies himself to someone, or some spirit from his heart, will inevitability have the correspondent physical body.

When we come back on earth, we are giving a body and a name which correspond to our soul vibrations. Even the date and time of birth will have something to do with our current vibrations. This is so well calculated by the angels before our birth (astrology science could tell more about that). Twins are an example: The position of their core cells are so similar so they look the same. In the same way, if someone knows how to reposition his inner cells, he can change completely his physical body look. If you know how to reposition the inner heart cells, in a way to manifest a specific being vibration, then you know how to change. These techniques are not probably told to avoid that certain stupid people identify themselves to other human beings who are spirituality lower than themselves. We do this to improve not to destroy ourselves. that's why we need to choose the proper vibrations.

Some humans are living, walking words. Yes some people's inner life corresponds to certain spiritual words. The loving feeling you could get when your love partner says "I love you", can also be felt with the presence of certain spiritual people. Their whole being is a music, because they emanate great music and spiritual words. We just feel great in their company. We could meet with people like that, even if they are very rare. For those looking for a way to experience spiritual Joy, invoke the presence of higher beings, but I mean the highest (not some humans). Say their names or repeat spiritual words, or listening to spiritual like music while being receptive to the feeling which results from those presence.

Love and light