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Hi my name is Briana and I found this website when searching about a sleeping state I experienced a couple of months ago. Someone posted on here from 2013 that it was called the “alpha state”. I’m still very confused on what happened to me and I am hoping to learn from other people who have also experienced this. When I was asleep I was also still somehow awake and couldn’t physically open my eyes but could still see my surroundings. I heard a man and a woman having a conversation and when I said I can hear you they stopped speaking. Additionally I was able to sit up and then realized I wasn’t actually sitting up because I couldn’t physically move any part of my body for a very long time until I completely woke up. Anyway thank you for reading.
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IMHO we all experience what you have described.
We are souls experiencing life on Earth.
When the body sleeps, the soul will often leave the body - which can be a dream, or simply a visit with your Guides or loved ones who have have left their bodies and returned to our true home - many call Heaven or the Spiritual home.
Never worry about not being able to return to your body, as your soul can easily do so.

I found my self out of my body more than once. The most beautiful and sad - for me - was a visit with my father who had been in the hospital for a long time.
He told me - ‘Sorry Kid, they made a mistake, see you later.’ 
Then the phone rang, causing me to return to my body immediately. The call asked me to come to the hospital immediately. I knew My Daddy was gone, but more importantly I knew he was more alive in the Spirit world than he had been on earth.

Never fear such happenings, IMO they are blessings given to us to show us we are never alone.  You can also say this when you feel such an experience beginning.

The pure white light surrounds me. Nothing but good can come to me, nothing but good can come from me.

We are never alone, we always have our Guides and Gardien Angels watching over us.

Skytiger  Angel
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