Hi All Shy

I'm really excited to have found this forum and hope to make some meaningful connections, with like minded people.

My spiritual what you may call "wake up" or probably more like "knock over the head" happened about 4 years ago, when I moved from Joburg to Cape Town, so I'm still very new to all this.

About a year after moving to Cape town, i started getting really depressed and some really weird things started happening to me. This lead me down the rabbit hole of ghosts, spirits, religion, buddhism, conspiracy theories and what I suppose is called "new age" stuff.

I'm basically here hoping to connect with other people who are also in search of more meaning and to hopefully make some friends who are also really interested in this stuff too.  The few friends that i do have in cape town are far from interested in this stuff and most of them quite frankly think that i have gone mad Big Grin .

Not having anyone to talk to about this stuff or even sharing what i have been reading about has been quite lonely and disheartening to be quite honest.

Here's to hoping that this all turns into some great new friendships and I look forward to learning from everyone as much as I can!