The Sense of Life is Come About in Which it Deems that All Are to Be Righteous in there Very own Mind's. And Yes tho All Are Holy in there own Way's and Altho Most and Many Are Righteous in there very Own Way. Not MAny Are Righteous in the Form that Profits the Most of The Human Incarnate Incarnation. Since Messenger of Old Have Come to Life to Profess of there Understanding Well Written over Code into the Text Spiritually as some More OVer Other's Since they Were Announced By there Profession of Right of Speech to Deem the Rightfulness of Hope Unto Mankind for the Benefit of Mankind in there Whole of Deed. The Right thereby CAmE that they Thereby are Given Names of Importance in the Whole of Humanity to the Depiction of there Code, If But Sensed in the Rightful Manner of Life That of the Spiritual Incarnated into the Sense of Hopefull Manner of Life and Deed in itself

Many Might Think Tho I Speak in the Way's of Speech that Deem it Right to Speak of the Speech that is Obliged in a manner Different then Others to Profess the Right of Person and Speech of Rightful into the Text that CAn Consume But that Is to BE Wrong In the Formal of Formalities in Sense of How Right is Spoken of in Deed.

I've Recently Revisited My Former Posting and Seen How This Was a Vital Deed to them Who Sought other then My Perception of By Speech Spoken of; But it is Bluntly Said, Proper.

Some Might Not Consider this and This Albeit Might Even be a Speech and Post for the Introduction; But I Hope. That I With Whatever Intend Might Form a Switch into Something that Befits and Benefits Me of Something Other then Worthwhile then the Life I Live.

The Holy indignation is the Sense Whereby One Stands on Grant Factors to the LivEs We Live by. If But By a Creed or a Memento, We All Do Great to Live by Such Thing Since it Holds Us Strong and Befits US sTrong into a Sense of Wholesome, that Transfer OVer to the World That Humanity and Righteousness is a Deemed Purpose of Life.

Altho I May Not Speak Much On that Notion, and I May Set Remedy on My Own Sense of Soul to the Punctual Sense of Hope; I...

There is Little I Say that Is Not Meant With No Harm and Humility.
 But the World will See it as it will See. So I Formally Send the Form of Gratitude and Apologies to them I Have Wronged and Wronged By as Is. Since I May Make Amends for them And For Myself in the Sense of Eternity.

There is Little Time to Profess to What Righteousness is Doing Due. But it will Not See the Sense of Ego to be a Price to BE Payed For the Consumption of Hope and Soul Eternal'ty Since Death is a Vital Point and Feared in Karma of Righteousness That Speak Life into Existence Whether in Now or in the Reincarnated Stance to Come. By All Means IS Life Short Enough To Consider a Common Dispute to be WorthWhile For to Rot in it In the Eternal to Come.

Little to Say Whether By the Sense of Introduction or Post on any Other Forum Section Still Debated. A Lifetime of Regret is Not Worth it's Measure of Ego, Deprived No Matter How Little there is Since the KArmic Force is Against Mankind in it's Actuallity of Events. As Mankind HAs Much to Make Up For, I Rather Grant Deed to Befit and Reset All Common Good in the Measure Against all Fallen Soul, to that Which Holds Bind the Soul of an Individual or Any Person Alike. Therefore...

Karma is the Station in Which We Ought to see Lifetimes Prolonged for, For there IS a BAr that Life Holds Unto And it Sees the Deeds We Due deed Due in alL the Reality that Mankind is to Profess in there Whole CONSUMption of the Rest of Out LIVEs.

Now I KNow Not How This will Come Across, And Little to Say I Deed it not as Any Worth to be DEbated Upon, Since Life Is To Short to Go into Abase of Depression or Any Stage that Causes Life Not to Profess of Help to Any Other. But Deeds are Worth MEnTioning in the State That Hope is to Be Found and Without the Validation of Hope. Nothing Comes Apparent. 

The Rightful Deed of that To Hold Consumption on Is to Set Oneself in the Stage of a Better Day Ahead in the Sense By KArma Be it any Essence or Not; In the Recollection of Mankind; Hold Deemed the Sense of a Better Stage in Mind. So To BEnefit and BEFit the Sense of Humanity/Mankind That You Deem Related and Related By PErsonage in Tense to be Professed By; Therefor IS the Sense of Holy Indignation the Stance and Station in Which We Formost Hold No Grudge over and Neither cause to Suffer Any Other PErson of Sentient in the Flora or Fauna to Hold Dear the Cause of Humanity For Forged Right of Hope of State Station and Life in Deed of Good..

The Best is to Summon All Good into a Fest there to Bless and There Not Acurse Another in there Lifetime, AS All Will Bounce Back into the Stage of the Transmitter, Who Was to Grant his Acceptance of Life after Death By the Deed HE Professed Out into the World as IT is. NO Other Form

Will Life BE Come BAck UpoN in Life But When Known Through the Sense of Death in the Occurance of IT's Deed. Therefor Can Life Not Measure itself Out Unless By Death or that of Karma. KArma is the sense that Holds the Record of things, in That it is a Memory of the Deeds ALL Like Muscle Memories in the Body thereby Karma of the Mind. The Mind of the Essence; The HEart. IF Ever Deemed With Wrongfully IT Will Neglect, If Done Rightfully, It Will Absorb. But This Can BE Pending Upon How Which Level of Degree one is Representive and Responsible for. Therefor KArma Will Come to One as KArma Will Come to ONe Who Either NEglect or Don't in there Lifeform. For

Quote:There is no compulsion in [True] religion. [In The] right direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejecteth false deities [Idols of Matter That Don't Set stage to the Creation of there PErceptive Things] and [Yet] believeth in Allah hath grasped a firm handhold which will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower. -- Al-Baqara 256 --KalāmAllāh

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Live, No-Harm
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