Under Consideration of what hopes lie within the term, the touch in which it firms.
Reality is another basis line of where hopes and dreams come into place, finding the need to become reality in itself.
Take a step into the zone, of virtually seen, Then Come to place of the reality in which you have been.
And test it for all it worth, So that in that it is a molecule of ridged wealth. -That can Stand the test of time.
One that will find truth and has you define, For the better of all of Mankind. In that You Are Them and they are you.
There is a virtue in the wishes of humanity thereby too. So Give the step and hold out dear, In the Virtue of reality
Lets All Be /here/near/dear/appear . Hopes and Dreams ; REALITY.

 בְאֵין חָזֹון עָם יִפָּרַע
Without a Vision, My People Perish


While im at it, perhaps i may Tell A Little story. ...