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How can I become more spiritual?

Becoming Spiritual is rather like becoming enlightened. You don’t notice it happening; others notice the change in you. There are no set ways to become spiritual it happens due to a series of small changes, some happen unconsciously.
One of the main changes is in awareness, it’s not the same for everyone as no ones path is the same, we all walk our own path towards enlightenment or Nirvana, we do not share a path but the destination is the same. Strangely it isn’t the destination that is important, the journey is the important thing. It may take many lifetimes to achieve enlightenment and ascension but embarking on a spiritual path is the way forward. I don’t know where I stand on my path, or how far I have progressed, I have been told by others I am a mystic and walk the boundary between the worlds.
Religion could be described as mans search for God, whereas Mysticism is mans relationship with the Divine.
As you move on your spiritual path things will change for you, you will notice meditations become more animated, you may receive messages as you meditate or are shown things and taken places. You will become more aware of your ‘self’ and become empathic. You will become emotional sometimes for no reason, and even cry. All this is normal because you are becoming ‘aware,’ you are feeling things through your spirit and not your physical self. You are meeting other spirits and conversing on a spiritual level. This is all part of your development, don’t try to rush it, let it happen naturally, and at its own pace. When you look back over a period of months you will be amazed at the change and progress you’ve made. All on a spiritual level. You will be subject to emotional highs and lows and gradually you will experience contentment as your emotions level, your own needs seem to diminish and you become more aware of others and their needs.
May your path be interesting and fulfilling, and may your search be rewarding. Namaste.
What is important is not the right doctrine but the attainment of the true experience. It is giving up believing in belief.
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Frankly true, Becoming more Spiritual, is becomeing more() enlightened; but that's not a proper prognosis. Becoming EmotIonal, is just the excess Feel of Feeling; That Has Never Seem to Been Triggered Before, IN This SO Varies the Flow, or OverFlow of Letting the Guard Down And Feeling the Vibe of The Empathetic of The Worlds. This Gives A Sense of Belonging; Tho True EnliGhtenMent As the AncIent Has Done is in tHe Ascetic And The Hermit's, As An EnlIGhtenment Is A CultiVation That Needs Embark on The InnerSelf, And The World Condone Does Not ConDone It; So in The 21St Century; it Is Rarely EstabLiShed. The Depth A ... Well must Be Dugged Upon For; to Drink CleaN WAter, is DeePPer Then The Required State Law May Require. Rarely is Seen, one On The Path of EnlIGhtenment in thE Crowed of PeOple, Seen The Fount of Youth, is in The SeClusion of CultIVation, Rather then in The Mass ConVersIon of Things. This ThereFore is Either the SeculAr Christ or Buddha, or The OrIent-Au;Thentic Christ or BuddHa, As The Scriptures Bear Witness of To WitnEss. One MAy Choose Either Way; Since All Have Their Own Way to Decide. But Not to Be MistAken, is the Gradual Hope, So That Those Who Work to CultiVate ThemSelves Deeper And; Are More Recognized of There Due Duty; Then Those Who Do Not. A Man...
Once Wandered off The Streets And Saw A Food Truck And A Restaurant. You Know How the Story Goes. He Was Hungry And Wanted Food To Eat. So WhicheVer FoodJoint he Chose; Describes What, Kind of ComFort of Food EstabLiShment He Would Get. The Truck of Food LAcks CertAin Things Like AccomenDation, of BeDaZZ; WhereAs iT Was CheaPer Then the RestaurAnt; it Filled The Belly.

The Restaurant, Was Full of Glam, Welcomed to the Hostess, it Was Greeted Upon And Waitered. This Filled The SpAce in WhichKind-Of Manner, Once; A Stay Would View ItSelf There To Be; But it Payed in The Pocket. He Who Eats of The Food Truck is No Lesser then The Eating of The Restaurant in, This. In That one is More ReserVed to The Elegance, of Bedazz And HoSpiALities, Then The One Who Is Easy on HimSelf, PerHaps on A Random Sprint or Walk Around; The NeiGhbor Hood; Just to Catch A Sup; or Supper in Their Time. Each;

Has Their own, Co; And Prons. The List ForW-hich Could Go one; But SociAlly; The One With A Higher Statue,is The One That Pay's the PreStige At Most to , The SoCial; Norm. In The EnliGhtenmEnt; He Who'ms Water Is Most CleAnest; Dug From The MounTain Well, Deep; Below; is More Eccentric; PreStige And Desired At Most. But, Not All Have; Such Desire to Dig The Time, in; For A ClEan Water to CiStern. Some; And This By Society; .... Choose The Path Most Trodden, to Which to GathEr Their Stones, To Build A Well. While OthEr's PreSerVe The NatUral HabiTate of Thing's. OTher's CommerCiAlize it, For Their Sake of Fame. The Intent is DifferEnt To Them Who Seek The AuThentic Orient, And to Them Who; Whom Seek The SocIal Norm, of Their CultiVation of Norm. Some, Do Not Seek To Own A, Farm to HarVest ProDuce, While Rather They Simply Seek, A Fruit Tree or Plant in Their Garden. The CommErCiAlizAtion of It Varies, But All Have Their; A Con And Some; All Have Their Pro. We Can Not ImAgine, How IgNorAnce Should Pay One's Price of RecoGnition, Since, A Worker Is Worth hIs Pay. All Should Be TheirB y Known,; For What The've Done. To Some Who Lack;, More; And To Them Who Lack Not; Have Less. So That He Who is Richer in Some Might Grow Evenly; Like The Plant in the Garden of GOd. So U See, johnGefnir, I Can Not ObLidge By You PrognoSis, As it But Skim's The SurFace of A Paddle, Giving Little to No Air of Water To Drink; But I Appreciate the Comment And Post You Left As it EmbArked on The View of The Man Hungry Enough to Go Out And Eat Some More For HimSelf. SomeTime's it iS To Eat; And SomeTime's it Is To Fast. What You TheirFore Do With it, iS Your Choice, I Simply Give THE,.. And GoD PlAnt's The Tree. Happy CultiVation On Your PArt; And A Merry ChristMas New Year to You, All.☃
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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