How can i get a walk-in spirit for free?

Did it Always took Sadness Away from you When laughter Was present with you? Sadness will and will not come back. Even Whether one has Lost one or Not. Whether they be waiting for one unless whether it be known is kArMas Reincarnation term. So talking about it will condole to reconcile one's own pain, But does not change the perspective of Karma.

If life is not Great, KNOw, it is in the presence of whAt you have done in the past lives in past lives lifetime.

Laughter is not the objection here, But laughter is faked when trouble arise to form suicide to one The Self in on'eSelf. Laughter is the short remedy, Really fixing up the problem takes time dealing with the heart of the issue in itself. Otherwise it is for a moments term and won't break the veil of karma on the patient person in itself. Joy is the presence that past beyond laughter as laughter is An Action, Joy is A Stage, So is Reconciliation when done correctly, Peace is not bough with acts, but dealt with and walked into when time is presented right for condolence and reconciliation for the person in itself. This happened's when Carmic Veil is Lifted, when the burden is taken off. Laughter may or may not be present instated, but joy vice versus peace come primarily beforehand rather then and out of that laughter may arise. But much can be falsely, reduced and only match surface, True reconciliation comes with Repentance hand in hand. Which is the burden being approached and attached disattached in itself. Even Laughter can be faked, but peace, not

This is why it is hence the greater form, of human individuality.

A Man can not laugh unless he finds peace, But peace must be present otherwise it is no laughter of peace.
To peace we allow to condole all ings, if we Truthful to heart. Otherwise its a remedy of short and thereby Does no Karmic Ruling over itself. Watch for those instant fixes, they'll bite you Eventually. Them breakdowns need to be refuiled in fix over ever instant over itself. For the Wound is been bandaged, but not Healed. Takes A Real Master to understand that thing, How to, By dealing with ones own life self & self in itself. No Bias Bigotry is has place in it. Depth is needed .. .
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On 03.21.2019 daoist wrote follow the white rabbit.

In my early years I was taught that in order to express one's thoughts, one must always speak and write in 'correct English' 
That discipline has been a limitation on my understanding of language as used by others who have not been subjected to that discipline.
Consequently, daoist, I was reading your words  but not understanding your meaning. 
I had lost sight of the white rabbit
Now I read your words with a new understanding. I apologise for the criticism implied in my post of 08.18.2019 (Something that will not quit going tru my mind.) 
I thank you for 'opening my eyes.' 
May Love and Light be with us.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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To revert to the heading of this thread; How can I get a walk-in spirit for free?

For me, daoist has given the clearest answer, in his above post on 04.06.2019, to the question originally posed on 03-21-2019 by hellomr64
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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