How can we have some control over our sexual Desire through the knowledge of Elements?

Sexual Desire, Jalousie, Anger and Violence are all caused by a low vibration of our inner Fire ( In our astral body).
When you work to calm down one of the low vibration of an Element, you get 2 things
  1. The will power that will help you work on other types of Elements.
  2. All vices or weakness of the same kind of Element also calm down.
For example, if you work on calming down your Jalousie only, your Anger, Sexual Desire, your violence also calm down.
It's clear and easy to understand. They are all from the same Element, so they are all affected by the change made to one of them. It's like fish in the water, if you try to poison a fish in water, that poison will effect hundred of other fishes in the water.

Now how do you control the sexual desire.

This is our inner fire. We all know what are the requirement for a Fire to keep burning.
The Fire needs 3 Elements together: Water, Air , Earth.
Look carefully at the fire of a candle for example, it needs all that. Remove the water of the candle, the fire stops, or remove Air, the fire stops. well it's exactly what we can do to beat the sexual desire, we either remove its water or its Air.
we know what water is in us = Feelings and Air = Thoughts.
solution = remove either Thoughts or Feelings related to sexual desire to beat it.

Let's say we consider removing the Air,
I have a method for this. Made use of a calender to note your progress, and start from a Monday.
try not to think of any sexual things and remove any sexual thoughts that come to your mind. Do this for a week, and note how many times or days you had had sexual thoughts. If you manage to get <=2 times (sexual thoughts) in a week . you can now try for 2 weeks to attempt <=2 times (less or equal to 2 sexual thoughts). When you get to do this for 3 weeks with only <=2 times of sexual thoughts, your low inner fire will start to die slowing, because it's not getting enough Air.

Now here's an other secret.
Our bad habits related to fire are caused by the low vibration of our inner Fire. That means if you speed your Fire vibration up, all your fire vices also changes into virtues. The above method can take you to the result. But you can also add it to the following one:

Using your visualization ability. Look at yourself burning with the most purest of Fire. you will have to imagine a fire that doesn't let smokes. A fire very close to light. Do this for months, and your astral body will do its best to vibrate its fire at your imagination level. If you are not good at visualization, well use a natural fire, a candle fire for example:
and just focus on the quality of that fire, so while staring at the Fire, repeat from time to time
"My inner fire is just as pure as that Fire".

Love and light to you.