How did you start your spiritual journey?

Hi there, 
I'd like to know how it all started for you. 
Pretty new to it, but I fell like I'm being intuitively called to learn and grow in spirituality. 
I'm very attracted to it, fascinated I must say. 

What have been your experiences and challenges along the way? 
Mind sharing?
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From an early age I’ve been interested in the paranormal. As a child I regularly saw Faeries in my room and garden, of course I was told it was just my imagination, and so it was ‘educated’ out of me.
As a teenager I used to see and feel things and became sensitive to atmosphere, scents and temperature changes. I became friendly with psychics and a medium from whom I gleaned knowledge of the otherworlds.
The place where I worked was an old workshop which had at least one other ‘resident’ which wasn’t very nice, also my house had a presence, not a disincarnate spirit, but an elemental! I was encouraged to join a Spiritualist Church, which I enjoyed for a time, but was told by a medium that I would get bored, and turn towards the philosophy of Spiritualism and the spirit world and life, which I did.
I became involved with The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn where I met others like me and learned many occult teachings and practices.
Really there was no ‘light bulb moment,’ it was just a steady progression rather like growing old, you don’t notice the progression, but one day you realise what you really are.
Now I write philosophy, teach visualisation and meditation techniques, I have studies the Kabala and many religious texts looking for truths and answers. I talk to the ancestors in meditation and get instruction, and also am a distant mentor to three people in other countries.
I am a Reiki practitioner and spiritual healer, I am able to see and feel energies and have led spirits home to the light.
I am not complete by any means, and may not achieve that state in this lifetime. If spirit chooses to work with, and through you it can be a blessing, but it is also hard work to follow the path of spirit. I charge nothing for the work I do, with the exception of Reiki, as our gifts are given freely, and so I believe we should give freely too.
Spirituality is not a religion, or a profession, it is a way of life. It isn’t easy because the physical world with all its beauty and temptations is all about us. We should enjoy the physical world and the beauty because we have a physical being which we need to satisfy, but we must satisfy the spiritual too, because the physical is transient while the spirit is immortal.
What is important is not the right doctrine but the attainment of the true experience. It is giving up believing in belief.
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Hello Patrick,

Like John, I have been interested in the paranormal from a very young age. Like most of us, I also got educated out of it, the para"normal", or we could simply say; "what is not perceptible by our most common senses". Soon after, my mother became christian and I accepted this culture as my own. I only started to question this religion when I was a teenager. Words were not enough for me anymore and I gave "God" an ultimatum: God, if I am speaking by myself right now, that's fine...because this is the last time. BUT, if I am praying right now, it's in case you do exist, in which case I wouldn't want to live a life without you. If you do exist, please, manifest yourself to me. This prayer came from deep in my guts and I kid you not, I got an answer the same day. I am not going to write the whole story here but I can tell you that what happen was basically my first trip in the spiritual world. It was an unbelievable encounter that forever change this human life that I have. I learned that there is a real work of translation that has to been done if one wants to explain spiritual matters. So bare in mind, words are very deceptive. Long story short, I met an all loving being. His/Her love had absolutely no condition whatsoever! I felt for the first time in my life that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Everything felt right. But then I asked why is it that I cannot be here all the time, and the being showed what I called at the time "my sins". The meaning of sins was very different that what we know. A sin, was anything that I place between him/her and me. I saw all my life flashing before my eyes and these things that I placed between us, some of them were "good", some were "bad" and some, you wouldn't even label them. I wept like a baby because I was the one separating myself from this divine bliss. There was no condemnation at all coming from this being, just pure unalterable love.

After this, I got up and read the bible back and forth like it was a genuine treasure map. I learned the hard way that human love religion, habits, comfort etc. Unlike most, I was on a real quest to get back to this heavenly place. I slowly had to separate what was culture and human belief, to the true golden nuggets that came from these years of search. Without a cult and fellow investigators, I was by myself, lost. I still wanted to find what was behind the veil but didn't know where to turn to. So I took time to discovered myself, free from christian belief (or so I thought) and also prayed that I will find the rare crumbs in the forest of solitude that leads to this voice that has been calling my name forever from the dark, from the unknown (figure of speech).

Few years latter, my prayers were answered, but of course not like I thought they would lol. It's when I got stripped of everything, being in the dark abyss, alone and ready to give up this sad life that I saw it...  "crumb"! Hope again. The reality is that it took me that much to finally realized that all my greatness and all my knowledge only took me there and were therefor useless. It's only then that I finally decided to empty my glass full of (human) belief. It's only after following the few first crumbs and receiving my first few lessons that I realized that I was on a journey. Since, I have been literally schooled by my personal guidance. I learned a lot about the human (this animal), the spiritual (that doesn't mean anything, because it means everything) and lots of things in between. But that my friend, this is another story.

You said that you are "being intuitively called to learn and grow in spirituality". You can hear it, this is fantastic! Listen to it and follow the crumbs. You will get familiar with it and it will take you far, down the rabbit hole. And remember, this is a personal journey, so only you can walk it (that's why you are the one).
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