How to deal with negative thoughts in your mind.

Blocking negative thoughts in your mind doesn't help.

It is said that negative thoughts are not good to have in mind, many spiritual beginners tend to block negative thoughts as they come in. Please do not, or you will make the situation worse. Those negative thoughts will simply hide somewhere in your aura. Waiting for the next opportunity to show up. However when you don't block negative thoughts in your mind, you release them from your aura. The thing is, every time you block a thought, it doesn't go out of your psychic world (out of your aura), no, it gets stuck in your aura. More precisely, that negative thought goes to the negative part of your aura (which makes your sub consciousness. The aura is made of positive and negative forces. All your positive forces gather together in your aura to help the manifestation of the supra consciousness and all your negative forces gather together to help the manifestation of the sub consciousness.

Most of the thoughts and feelings we have come from our own aura field. Bad ones will usually come from the subconsciousness field and good ones come from our supra consciousness field. And we the awareness are in between those 2 fields. From time to time, we receive thoughts and feelings coming from either of those 2 fields. And we have the possibility of connecting more to one of those field. Every time we connect to one of those field, you get to know different thoughts and feelings. When for example you “the awareness” are in the city, all you meet are building, domesticated animals, and many humans. But when you are in the forest, all you meet are wild animals, untidy trees, and no humans. In spirituality we learn to connect to the supra consciousness in order to get know spiritual kind of thoughts and feelings.

Most people don’t know it, but they keep fighting with dangerous vices the longer they connect to the subconsciousness. Because that is all you get when you decide to live in the forest, you face the wild animals.
Some of those who have lived in the forest (subconsciousness) too long, have made friends with certain wild animals. I call them Tarzan. When a wild animal come to them, meaning when a bad thought come to their awareness, they give it food. As time goes the animal gets fat, grows big, and it keeps coming back for more. Then one day they become controlled by the animal. Because the animal will become so huge that it will dominate and even give orders. Tarzan is trapped and must now obey the animal he has for a long time fed. That is the fate of people who live to fed the inner animals (the vices). Those are the people who in our society says "I don't need live by any principles, I will satisfy all my desires, the only way for me to be happy".

Some other people who decided to live away from forest ( from the subconscious negative instincts) have understood not to feed animals. They fight less with animals since they are not in the middle of the jungle. Those people are a bit more intelligent that the first people. Those are the religious people who know that feeding inner animals is a trap, which makes us slave of animals desires.

Blocking our negative forces is not the proper way to deal with inner negative forces. Fighting with negative forces that way, is an endless fight. Negative forces never get tired. Wild animals fight with you until they get what they want. Have you looked at what happens in the outside jungle? When a wild animal misses to eat its prey, the fight is not over. Because that animal will wait secretly somewhere in the bush for the next opportunity. Same with negative thoughts. Blocking negative thoughts, arresting them from reaching the consciousness is a fight that doesn't end. The blocked negative thought will simply step back and wait secretly in our aura for the next opportunity. It will attack usually when you are not paying much attention, when your vigilance drops. The negative thought won’t give up because it knows you can feed it. You are its source of life. Because you have fed it once, and now it wants more from you. So imagine you have blocked all sorts of negative thoughts, that means you have all sorts of negative thoughts in your aura (the negative part of it), waiting for the right moment to rise and be fed. People who continuously fight with negative thoughts by blocking them cannot hope to find peace. As they will always be insecure in their psychic life.

Now there’s another group of people, some truth seekers who can live the forest wisely without being attacked, dominated or slave of animals. Those who have a clear understanding of how thoughts work and put their knowledge into practice. They know they should not fed negative forces, and more to that, they don’t even engage in any form of fight with those negative forces neither. They rather become invisible to wild animals, they become something which wild animals don't care much about, something they can't eat, Like stones. And because the wild animal can’t see them anymore, it eventually goes away to look for another prey. The longer you don’t feed the inner animal by becoming invisible to them, the more they become weak and hopeless. Weak because they are not feeding from you anymore, and hopeless because they can’t see you as food anymore. Some inner animal will run away (go out of your aura) after 23 days of no food, some others take 40 days before leaving you. And very few stay longer and even a life time. Inner animals like “vanity” stay in the aura for centuries. People who deal with negative forces this way keep their freedom among the slaves, and manifest divine virtues.

How negative thoughts leave your aura?
1) When you block (fight) a negative thought, you are not feeding the negative thought, right, but that thought doesn't get weak neither. It simply joins the negative part of your aura, but it stays well awake and ready to attack at the next opportunity.

2) However when you don’t arrest negative thought and welcome it without encouraging it, you are not feeding it, and it gets weak. At that moment what happens is, it either goes away completely from you to find another person who can feed it, or it joins your negative aura, but it maintains a weak state. It will attempt to come to your mind from time to time but if you keep not feeding it, it eventually becomes weaker and weaker until it sleeps in your aura or leaves your aura completely.

There are many wild inner animals in each and every one of us sleeping in the negative part of our aura. Many of those animals have been sleeping there for centuries. Some of those animals should stay in a sleeping state while we are still making our way to the supra Consciousness. When we arrive to our Divine destination, we will be armed with spiritual weapons. Then we can come back in the subconscious, wake up any animal to fight with and control it. Because we are not always aware this fact, we wake up prematurely any kind of animal in us and feed it. And it is not long before we become controlled by those animals. Which explains all sorts of addictions. At the beginning of your journey, don't fight with earthly pleasure, don't try and block them, they will get stronger and in control. Rather learn to make them asleep, in order words, let sleeping dog's lie.

Love and light to you.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thanks for your detailed take on this subject.

On a very practical level to minimize the damage of negative thought forms/attachments through the subconscious you can also do the following:
call on God to bring forth the Lighted realm team of experts  to help you identify anything stuck in your mental or emotional body, aura and all chakras that belongs to other entities. Gather them all up on the inbreath with your Divine helpers and on the outbreath return it thru your crown chakra to the Higher Self/God spark of the  entity/ies to whom the stuff belongs that you allowed to be dump on you.

Do the same where you gave of your personal God power away during sleep/waking hours at the unaware and subconscious level. Command in the name of God's Law  the following: 'Wherever and to whomever I have given my God power away in error or ignorance at whatever level of my being, I  command it returned by way of the Law of Return to Rightful Owner Now'! Likely you will spontaneously sigh - a sign of reconnecting with your energy. 

For all negative thinking:
'I uncreate, delete and destory any and all negative thoughts and feelings about myself and my future that are self-sabotaging across all times, spaces, dimension and realities'. 

For me, doing all this daily is as important as a shower; it's part of my spiritual cleansing, but I'm not saying it's a cure-all as  I continue to struggle with entrenched decades-old negative be-lie-f systems about the self, as many of us do.

When I don't do this, I feel it. Maybe it will help someone out there...I hope so.
'Loving the Self is the gateway to whole-hearted service to others.'
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I am wow'd once again, @Krya! It's so amazing to me. During the last year of studies, it's almost been as if most of the information I've come across has been too complex to truly comprehend. It's often left me feeling absolutely confused or completely unfulfilled. However, you are truly gifted. You speak on such complex topics but in such a simple manner that most anyone can instantly understand and that's a breath of fresh air.

As a novice, more works have told me to block negative energy. In fact, I don't believe I've happened upon any with this concept. All hope isn't lost after all. I definitely haven't had any luck "blocking" negative energy, but maybe that's because I was never meant to. Thanks again and awesome post!

@Rakael - I love the points you make as well and will definitely be trying to implement these in my daily routine. It's so easy to become enveloped by negativity (for beginners anyway) that anything that helps is truly welcomed.
Although just a babe on this journey; I will always strive for knowledge, strive for learning, strive for understanding. Most of all, I will always strive to be the best version of myself that I can be. 

Love & Light,

Ahadi Soul
(A soul with much promise)
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