(09-02-2019, 10:30 PM)AnamikaS Wrote: God is the term created by humans , and what or who is it , is a very subjective questions.
I can say about my perception of God . For me , I call him" Krishna " - the supreme creator . He is my everything . Whenever I feel like meeting him , I just close my eyes. I feel him in the cool breeze , I feel him in my heartbeat , I feel him in the trillion cells of my body . I don't need to sense him with my five senses , I know he is there , I am not alone at any moment . From the happiest to the worst moment s of my life he is there . With him , I have the courage to cross the highest mountains. And I know at the end of my journey I will return to him , to my creator and merge with him .
You will find your god within , not in a temple , mosque , church or any other places . Just close your eyes , go deeper in your consciousness , you will find your god .

Thank you Anamikas for your reply. 
I like where you mentioned that "You will find god within, not in temples, mosque or churches". This is good to highlight, since many people out there were brought up believing that God can only be found in those places. Because they are for what it seems "Pure places". In fact this view usually come from religion. Fanatic religious people do not want to THINK. Even for a child it won't make sense to reduce God and squeeze it in a little house of stone ( eg the church). And why would God be hiding in the mosque or churches anyway. 

It's true we cannot comprehend God. So it doesn't matter what we will say here about it, we won't even get a full understanding of it. But we do need some level of understanding of God, so that we can take it into consideration in all the things we undertake in life. That's why I posted this thread.

With our limited mind, to the best of our intellect and intuition. Here is what has come close to logical, and close to what can be felt as true to most spiritualists. God is in and out of its creation. It is therefore everywhere. God's biggest creation looks like its smallest creation at the structure point of view. As an example, within us is a universe which looks exactly like the outside universe ( in its structure, the design). And the beauty is, the inner world speaks to the outside world. Smile. God therefore exists within and outside. It is the highest and perfect part of our selves. And the highest and perfect thing in nature. Which makes of God the most available thing in life. Very much closer than anything. Closer, though I do know that there are many spiritual helper beings between us and God.

So maybe the rain should never be an excuse to not go visit God in the temple, since we can also stay home and visit God within Smile.