Hi new members,

Here a little help that shows how to create a new post.

[Image: 35binp5.png]

  1. To post a new thread, first you have to go into the forum that you wish to post the new thread into.
  2. Once you are in that forum, you need to click on the "New Thread" button found above and below the thread list.
  3. Once the new thread page loads, you enter the subject of the thread in the box next to "Thread Subject."
  4. Now, you need to add a message to your thread! Type your message in the "Your Message" box. You can also add emotions to your post with smilies.
You can also select whether you would like to not subscribe to the thread at all, receive instant email notification of new replies to the thread, or subscribe to the thread, but with no email notification. And you can post Attachements using this part of the form.
Once you are satisfied you may select one of the buttons: (at the bottom of the page)
Post Thread: This will post the thread to the forum.
Preview Post: If you want to see what your post will look like, click this button.
Save as Draft: If you want to work on this post later. You can retrieve your drafts in the User CP