How to start an astral projection from a lucid dream?

Although lucid dreams and astral projection are 2 different things, they do share something important to know and remember. They both happen during REM ( rapid eye movement), in other words during the theta state. What does it mean? it means you are in the same brain state when astral projecting and when lucid dreaming. It also means you may switch from astral projection to lucid dream or from a lucid dream to an astral projection. Isn't that interesting? 

Many people do this switch during the astral projection. They do it so often that they have come to confuse everything. So they would take a lucid dream for an astral projection, or vice versa. Well, again, a lucid dream and an astral projection remain 2 different realities even if they happen at the same brain state.

During a lucid dream your consciousness is not travelling the astral space. What you see, touch and feel during a lucid dream is the reality of your subconsciousness. And whatever happens during a lucid dream may not affect the physical world nor the astral world because you are not experiencing the astral world nor the physical world. You are within yourself. You are within your subconsciousness. You are exploring your own hidden knowledge. And so the good thing about lucid dreams is that you may realize how Knowledgeable  you actually are. Knowledge you have not been aware of this far.

Some have actually found out that they were good at different other languages, or found out a lot about science facts from those dreams. What you learn from a lucid dream is not necessarily new things, but rather things you already know but hidden deep within your subconsciousness. Therefore a lucid dream is the greatest way to remember about our knowable as everything we have experienced and learned in the past are still saved in our subconsciousness and can be retrieved.

The best part is that you may add to that library of experiences. Meaning you can add or exercise new qualities during a lucid dream. You may practice a new language, practice public speech and much more, and even practice the astral projection in a lucid dream. How is that you would ask. Well, you may learn how to fly, how to go through walls, how to travel through time, just like you would do during a real astral projection experience. Yet again, whatever you experience in a lucid dream is not real, meaning not happening in any real world.

It's happening in your head, so it affects your brain. New skills learned from a lucid dream become part of you. If you learn how to play the guitar during a lucid dream, this skill registers in your brain and you will be able to play the same way in the physical world. That's how interesting lucid dreams are. In the same way, if you learn how to fly in a lucid dream, you would easily do so in the actual astral world. So you may take lucid dreams as a playground.

So you may start practicing from a lucid dream the things you will do in the astral world. And how  to have a lucid dream?

Lucid dreams are easy to initiate, because they may be programmed to start. Meaning you may self suggest yourself to lucid dream and you will. This is why there are so many self suggestions method for lucid dream on the internet. For example if you have the will for it, you could during the whole day be checking if you are dreaming or not.

Set a phone or watch alarm to remind you to do the reality check. The reality check may be as simple as checking if you can fly in the air from a simple jump, or if your hand goes through the wall when you put and push your hand on the wall. For example, my best reality check used to be blocking the nostrils and see if I can still breathe. In a dream you can still breathe with your nose closed. So if you do still breathe, then acknowledge that you are in a lucid dream.

By repeating the reality check every 2 hours, you are programming your subconsciousness to repeat the reality check even during sleep, during a dream. After a couple of days, It's inevitable that you find yourself flying, or pushing your hand through the wall or breathing through closed nose during a dream. From that realization you gain consciousness while in the dream. You will have a chance to live a dream where you have control, where you set the rules and be whatever or whoever you want without causing any effect to the real worlds.

Another easy way to enter the lucid dream is to simply apply the method in my Lesson 4 Topic 4. Where you stay lucid by commenting on the dream, a dream which is starting as you go to sleep. It's a more effective way of entering the lucid dream. When the images you are commenting on become so real, you need to touch them. You may touch them with your hand, you won't risk waking up in the physical body because you are already in the lucid dream, you may then enjoy the moment.

Or instead of simply enjoying the lucid dream, you stop and command to wake up in the astral world. Yes, from the lucid dream, simply say to yourself respectively to wake up in your astral body. So within the lucid dream, you may repeat  "I wake up in the astral body now.".

Repeat firmly with conviction that you will soon wake up in your astral body. And soon you will awake in your astral body possibly floating slightly above your bed or above your physical body. Or don't be fooled if you feel like you are back to your physical body; you are in the astral world already. You should at that moment proceed as in lesson 3 with the separation techniques.

As I said at the beginning of this topic. A switch between the lucid dream and the astral projection is possible. So whenever you feel like you have switched into a lucid dream while you started with an astral projection, you can always command to yourself to switch back to an astral projection. This way you may extend your astral projection experience and accomplish more in the astral world.

Love and light to you