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(07-21-2017, 03:30 PM)anushri Wrote: I AM within me, I AM within you,
I AM everything that surrounds you,
I never stopped nor I ever died,
I was, I AM and will be  always there Sound and Alive.

I AM the Dark through which the Point of Light revives.
I AM the womb inside which every life-atom thrives.
I have no beginning, I have no end
I AM the DOT that ignites the trend.

You can never bind me in words
Because I AM  the sound..
Even the  mute can summon me
As I reside in triangles and rounds.

The Silence for you is a Sound for me
I vibrate from a point and go beyond infinity.
I AM the Source Tree and I create the Fruits
The Fruit bears the seed that again roots and shoots.

The cycle goes on and I keep changing forms
Nothing 'dies', it just reforms.
I AM Fog to the brain that has gone blind,
I AM perfectly lucid to a very quiet mind.
I AM multitudinous,formless yet I am ONE
I AM the sound that is heard, when the oracles summon.

Anyone and anything can decide my size, shape or form
I strive for Equilibrium and that is my only norm.
None can bind me in perception, I can only be perceived,
I am a flow that can never be besieged.

I AM formless , I AM nameless, 
my name and form only you can decide
I AM the unchangeable Truth, but for you
I can be a God, Creator, Energy or a Guide.

I am that I AM!

Since I woke up today, it was ringing into my head. I just wanted to vent it out.
Nice lines Anushri! An "I" for an "I" can open many eyes.. Angel
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A very nice commentary, Anushri.  Is Anushri the entirety of I AM, or simply a manifestation of I AM?
The Kingdom of God is Within You
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(08-05-2017, 04:36 PM)johnpetrovic Wrote: A very nice commentary, Anushri.  Is Anushri the entirety of I AM, or simply a manifestation of I AM?

Thank you John.
"Anushri" is neither the entirety of I AM, nor its manifestation. 'Anushri' is just a name given to a 'created form' to satisfy general perception.

But, when I say "I" , I mean the energy which resides in every manifestation of I Am, which are actually making the entire I AM. Hence, I am that I AM.
I have already explained this in my previous post with an example of a circle. From my experience I have learnt that Truth can never be explained, it is only perceived.

Take care.
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(07-24-2017, 03:17 PM)anushri Wrote:
(07-21-2017, 09:44 PM)johnpetrovic Wrote: Anushri,
There is only one Being in existence, and that is the I AM.  Everything else is a Thought of I AM.  You and I are thoughts of I AM.

I am Sorry John, but my intuition does not allow me to agree with this statement of yours. I, you and anyone/anything  are  not the 'thought' of I Am. They are the I AM.  I have come across and overcome all these stages of  the beliefs and perceptions- gods, angels and demons , good spirit and bad spirit, guides, this world , that world, visible, invisible, Brahman, Atman,I AM as my Self never allowed me to get hooked on any of these. It constantly pushed me to go further to reach the truth. And here I am with the realisation that I am that I AM. Everybody is that I AM because we are all contributing to make that I AM. 
If you divide a circle into many parts and remove one part, there will be a gap and it will not be a circle anymore until you compensate. So if we closely see, those small parts are actually making the circle by joining together, otherwise there will be no circle at all. Same thing is happening in the entire cosmos. Every missing creations is replaced by another creation to compensate the gap and maintain the equilibrium. That is why Nothing "dies", it just reforms. This is very much required to maintain the order and structure of the earth. The Earth's symmetry and structure  helps maintain the order of the solar system and hence it goes on. If the Earth explodes, there will be massive  changes  in our solar system, but that does not mean that everything will end. When something dissolves Something new  evolves. If we see our own Earth, many lands emerged and submerged and again new lands are emerging. Many civilisations, species flourished and vanished, neighbours visited and abandoned, climate and weather changed and changing. So there are changes occurring due to every being's(visible and invisible) contribution. Because everything is continuously vibrating. 

You have read many spiritual books and watched videos and must have come across these phrases "Whatever is above, same is below", "I am Brahmasmi-I am the Energy" , "Tat tvam Asi- You are that" ," If you want to understand what is there outside, look within" , etc and they all explain  who we are and how we contribute to the structure of the  cosmos. 

Let me tell a short story.
Once upon a time, a man was sitting in a garden. He was very hungry and knew there were some apple trees in the fruit garden nearby, but was tired enough to go there and pluck some apples from the trees. He saw some children playing nearby. He called them and said "could you please bring some apples for me? I am hungry. We will all share and eat them." The children did not know what apples were. They asked him to describe the apple so that they could bring those for him. He described.. 
" They are juicy and round, 
if you look into the garden ,they are all around,
 they are red, sometimes yellow and green, 
these are the colors that I have seen, 
they tastes a bit sour or a bit sweet, 
you will come to know the type  when you eat. "
Hearing this the children ran into the fruit garden to get the apples. But, there were other fruits also. They got confused. But, they decided to stick to the description. A child plucked the plum thinking apple is red. Another picked lemon thinking it is yellow and sour. Another picked lime. Another plucked orange, someone picked grapes and so  all children picked and plucked different fruits and came to the man. A child said "Here is the apple"..other children said "No, that's not an apple, we have got the apple" so they got into a fight,out of confusion, each claiming to have the apple but none have the apple. Then, the man asked them to stop fighting and  went and brought some  apples himself from the fruit garden. He showed the apples to the children to make them understand what an apple is. He also realised how vague and confusing his description was, that resulted in confusion, chaos and disturbances. 

It is very easy to give vague, philosophical answers when someone asks  what Truth is. 
"We are ONE" we are one clearly explains.
"Who created everything?"...answer "God created everything"
"Who/what is god ?"...."He is formless,unexplainable Brahman, creator, this that...". People easily get hooked on  it. It is not their fault also. The environment in which they grow play a very important role in shaping their perception and it takes tremendous courage to break that perception and stand against the entire belief system. If there is anything that is creating differences, hatred, confusions, chaos, or is not acceptable to one's aware and awake conscience (not ego), it is not the Truth. 

Ultimately, you are leaving it to the crowd to create their own form, name, of the Truth according to their perception/belief , thus leading to differences and chaos . How can you expect them to understand what being ONE means when you  have not explained them yet. Their differences, beliefs and perception will not dissolve until they understand the truth clearly.  It is a very big responsibility of those who have the realisation of the truth to convey the right thing to the mass. They cannot go on giving vague answers. Unfortunately, many self proclaimed,so called spiritual/religious masters do that out of their Ego which they have not been able to overcome.  I will say again that our brain is a shrewd player, whatever you feed into it, it will make it your reality and thus bar your growth. Keep it calm and clear, free from any frame and you will realise who you are. No one is a master. Everyone is equal and complementary to each other. If we  stop underestimating ourselves by saying "I am just a thought" "I am nothing".."That is everything,", we will realise who we are, how we are creating/ destroying everything around and what out responsibilities are towards everything that surrounds us. All fears will vanish and you will be filled with extreme courage. 
Our actions/reactions/words/thoughts become the cause of the change around. For example, a person gets angry with someone, goes and slaps him. The other person reacts to it by hitting the first person. The fight gets bigger and one of them end up killing the other. This becomes very tragic for the family of both. The murderer gets jailed, leaving the family distressed and without support. The other family is also in the same situation. One of the family members of the dead, seeks revenge and does the same to the other family and things continues.  The course of this whole incident could have been different if any one of the men could control himself or reacted in another manner or the other family member would not have been vengeful.

I have realised who I am and what everyone else is and now working to merge myself with the Truth. I was the one who created my own  realities. I now have no fear of death or any loss, I belong to no  nation  and can walk/work on the path of truth, no matter what I face. I have broken all the frames and I am free now and will continue to spread the light from where ever I am and try to  eradicate the differences and confusions. None or nothing fascinates or influences me because I am much aware and awake now. My decisions and thinking do not depend on what others think or have opinions about me.  My new journey has already begun.  I do not seek any appreciation/fame here nor I force anyone to do what I am doing or think the way I am thinking because it is the matter of realisation and how one perceives everything. 
There is not just one being, but we are all in existence. Energy needs a medium to travel and our body serves as one and our mind decides how it should travel. If we are aware and awake, we would be able to to give it a right direction.
Creation of any form does not, cannot, nor ever will be the literal utter fullness of the One Source. Creation doesn't equate to creator in pieces or as a whole. Creator encompasses all and IT'S force or energy and will is what all is sustained by.
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(09-14-2017, 02:39 AM)popsthebuilder Wrote: Creation of any form does not, cannot, nor ever will be the literal utter fullness of the One Source. Creation doesn't equate to creator in pieces or as a whole. Creator encompasses all and IT'S force or energy and will is what all is sustained by.

To attain the Ultimate, Unchangeable  Truth , one requires the ability to perceive it the way it is,  not perception that has been formed by our surroundings. 

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(01-08-2018, 03:21 PM)anushri Wrote:
(09-14-2017, 02:39 AM)popsthebuilder Wrote: Creation of any form does not, cannot, nor ever will be the literal utter fullness of the One Source. Creation doesn't equate to creator in pieces or as a whole. Creator encompasses all and IT'S force or energy and will is what all is sustained by.

To attain the Ultimate, Unchangeable  Truth , one requires the ability to perceive it the way it is,  not perception that has been formed by our surroundings. 

Tell me then Sir;

If you are the IAM then what did you create first? The sun or the plant? If you are the first cause then how it is that you are born of humans which were too created and are too temporal?

Just because one has potential, that doesn't make that temporal individual the eternal, nor does it make the created the first cause.

Are we the watchmaker or the hands that discern the time?

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I AM not in the crowd,
I AM in solitude...
Look Within!

I AM not in commotion,
I AM in peace...
Look Within!

I AM not in any belief,
I AM the Trust...
Look Within!

I AM not a 'difference',
I AM the variety (within Unity)
Look Within!

I AM not found in Haste,
I AM found with patience...
Look Within!

I AM neither a thought nor a feeling,
I AM the invariable state...
Look Within!

I AM nither the duty (dharma) nor the deed (karma)
I AM the Justice...
Look Within!

I AM neither the past nor the future
I AM present as a present in this very present
Look Within!

I AM neither the body nor the mind
I AM the Soul...
Look Within!

None can follow or find me in the outer world 
I AM  the convergence of the entire inner world
I Am THAT I Am and you are THAT...
Look Within!

(An expression of my dream )
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I am struck by wonder at the depth and breadth of perception of the contributors to this thread.
I dream dreams but, clearly, I do not dream the dream.
Maybe, someday. . .
L & L
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Dreamers from the future part 2
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Emotions are commotions and the languages are babbles. To express these commotions through these babbles is really an ART to push yourself to fit into a noisy world .

Silence is simple, but to achieve this simplicity we have to break the boundaries of the surrounding complexity, which is not so simple.

I wish I could be in a place where Truth and wisdom prevail, beings talk through silence, nurture while we grow, soothe with touch and heal with love.
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