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I AM....

(07-21-2017, 03:30 PM)anushri Wrote: I AM within me, I AM within you,
I AM everything that surrounds you,
I never stopped nor I ever died,
I was, I AM and will be  always there Sound and Alive.

I AM the Dark through which the Point of Light revives.
I AM the womb inside which every life-atom thrives.
I have no beginning, I have no end
I AM the DOT that ignites the trend.

You can never bind me in words
Because I AM  the sound..
Even the  mute can summon me
As I reside in triangles and rounds.

The Silence for you is a Sound for me
I vibrate from a point and go beyond infinity.
I AM the Source Tree and I create the Fruits
The Fruit bears the seed that again roots and shoots.

The cycle goes on and I keep changing forms
Nothing 'dies', it just reforms.
I AM Fog to the brain that has gone blind,
I AM perfectly lucid to a very quiet mind.
I AM multitudinous,formless yet I am ONE
I AM the sound that is heard, when the oracles summon.

Anyone and anything can decide my size, shape or form
I strive for Equilibrium and that is my only norm.
None can bind me in perception, I can only be perceived,
I am a flow that can never be besieged.

I AM formless , I AM nameless, 
my name and form only you can decide
I AM the unchangeable Truth, but for you
I can be a God, Creator, Energy or a Guide.

I am that I AM!

Since I woke up today, it was ringing into my head. I just wanted to vent it out.

This is the ALL,undefinable and unknowable, in who's infinite mind we all life and exist.
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This is the ALL,undefinable and unknowable, in who's infinite mind we all life and exist.

Beautiful oratory of the Creator's infinity .....
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