If God exists, why is man faced with many miseries?

We may have rich loving physical parents, yet it will still happen that we face problems, we face a bit of hunger, of tiredness ...
same things between God and us. Gods protects us, love us, gives us, directs us, but still because of our stupidity and immaturity, it happens we walk away from him, and so we face darkness (hunger, miseries...) for a while, until we get in touch again.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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IMHO and knowing, Earth is a lab, a place we come to learn as we put into actions what we learn in Spirit. There are several classes here, for all souls. Some of us are in kindergarten, some are graduate students. All pick the lifetime they are in with the help of guides in spirit. We decide what we need to learn to advance. We have both bad lives and good lives, how we react to them determines our next lifetime. We are where we are because we earned it in past lifetimes or chose it knowing we need to understand all things. Otherwise we learn nothing.
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RE: If God exists, why is man faced with many miseries?
Earth is a lab, a place we come to learn as we put into actions what we learn in Spirit. There are several classes here, for all souls. Some of us are in kindergarten, some are graduate students. All pick the lifetime they are in with the help of guides in spirit

For me this is perhaps the greatest mystery of all.
If God/Creator/Great Spirit/Ultimate Source/? is the energy from which all Creation exists/has always existed/will always exist, and,
If this planet and all life hereon is God’s creation, then
Why does he need us, and other evolving species within His creation, to undergo those many miseries ‘in order to learn?’
From where ‘I’ am, physically, right now, I follow and agree with every word of your post Skytiger, but when I try to experience and understand things from a metaphysical and spiritual standpoint, then the reason behind my physicality, as A SPIRITUAL BEING HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE, a learning experience, becomes the problem.
When I have completed my cycle of repeated incarnations, when I have learned all there is to learn, then what? Will my spirit essence return to its source? Will I be re-absorbed into that Source, bringing with me all the knowledge and experience I have learned through multiple lifetimes over millions of earth years. Is this the function of all individuated souls, when all have completed this participation in the human experience?
If so, then God will indeed be a very wise Being.
But wait a minute. I thought that, as the ultimate source, he already had that ultimate knowledge and wisdom. Why would He need us to go through the many miseries, learning, accumulating and absorbing, if he already possesses all knowledge and wisdom?
So if each of us is an energy spark from the source, and we are all gathering data, information, knowledge and wisdom in order to return it to the source from whence it originated, then surely the human race has achieved ultimate redundancy.
Now that is ridiculous. The fact is, we are here. Physically and mentally we undergo the miseries. Intellectually, we do seek knowledge and wisdom. Spiritually, we seek understanding. The interrogative posed in the question is WHY. But that question is based on the supposition IF.

Those of you who have become aware of me on this site know that I am a serious student of Spirituality. I know there must be a flaw in what I have written. Can someone help me to find that flaw and put my thinking back on track?
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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We will not be reabsorbed into the source. We will become co creators. Creation is never ending and we are a part of Creation.
To create, we must learn all aspects of creation as well as gain understanding of all things and self. Each of us is important, no one will cease to exist for we are immortal just as Creator is. We are a part of Creator therefore can never be destroyed for we are eternal just as Creator is.

Why does Creator need us? What would creation be if there was no thing to think and ask questions?
We are loved without measure by Creator, who loves us enough to let us do whatever we want in order to realize that what we think we may want, we really may not want.
I love making things, just to see what it will become, knowing eventually it will be what I want it to be which is the best I can make it. It doesn't always come out as I thought it would, sometimes it turn into a mess, but with determination it eventually becomes something grand.
I like to think Creator is the same way with all Creation including us.
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With these lasts replies on this thread. It now seems to me like we are gods (parts of the same God), experiencing a human life. And allowing ourselves as God to face difficulties while claiming the ladders.
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
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My understanding is that all existence – everything that exists in any way, everything that exists on every dimension – is part of a single, integral whole. One comprehensive Reality. Everything that has ever been seen or felt or experienced or dreamed or imagined by a human being or by any type of being whatsoever – belongs to that one Reality. Does that not mean that there is nothing whatsoever that is excluded from Being? In fact, surely the ultimate meaning of Being is that each one of us, just as we already actually are, is Being itself, which is eternal. So our comprehensive Reality, existing eternally, as it does, on every dimension, means that we are never separated from source and thus cannot be re-absorbed into that Source. So the question remains.

Skytiger, you ask “What would creation be if there was no thing to think and ask questions.”

WHY do we need to gather the experience and wisdom of multiple, earthbound lifetimes, maybe some, maybe all facing many miseries, when we supposedly originate from the same Source where the experience and wisdom is already held? Where all is Divine Light.

Not wishing to demean this discussion but, my old dad would have said – Why carry coal to Newcastle?

NOTE, In the early part of the twentieth century, when my dad was alive, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the north of England, was the principal port from which British-produced coal was exported to much of the industrialised world.

Admin posts "It now seems to me like we are gods (parts of the same God), experiencing a human life. And allowing ourselves as God to face difficulties while claiming the ladders."

If we are allowing (ourselves as) God to face difficulties, then are we creating a God whose experience and wisdom are currently incomplete? But that is not the God I have come to accept.

This is becoming worse than Zen. For me, deeply as I try to understand this 'riddle' both consciously and in meditation, it remains the final mystery.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Moon Bear asks
WHY do we need to gather the experience and wisdom of multiple, earthbound lifetimes, maybe some, maybe all facing many miseries, when we supposedly originate from the same Source where the experience and wisdom is already held? Where all is Divine Light.
Skytiger answers
Like children, we are not given total knowing when we first exist. We must learn and grow by experiences, as many as it takes for understanding. Earth is not the only place we come to learn by experience. I've heard it is one of the hardest. There are worlds without end, so many opportunities to learn things we've never even dreamed of.
I think immortality would be boring indeed, if there was a limit on what we could learn or the worlds and universes we could travel to.
Wisdom grows with each experience and place we visit, weather here or somewhere in the stars, not to mention different dimensions.
Eternal life will never be boring with all the places to visit, all the wonders to experience and learn. We're just getting startedSmile
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So much wisdom in your words Skytiger. I just caught your post this morning and I see in it much of what has come to my mind overnight. So I thank you for confirming those thoughts. Still, in the back of my mind that 'why' persists. All my life, I have not accepted without questioning 'why' but this time I have no choice.Choice whether to accept or not accept. To accept that we must wait until going back to spirit before we can have greater understanding OR to keep searching for an answer that does not seem to be there. But if we do not search we do not know whether there is or is not an answer. Now I feel like the dog that chases its own tail.
The never ending circle. Question and answer. Each answer brings more questions. In the meantime, life has to be lived, jobs wait our attention. Are we living two lives concurrently? One is the physical reality, the other in our mind. In our mind? Or is it in a Spiritual Reality which we do not observe clearly enough to attain full comprehension. Expressions come to mind -- we see through a glass darkly -- we must wait for the veil to be lifted. It seems to me that others have gone through this experience before us. -- There is nothing new under the sun. Unless or until I find an answer whilst in this lifetime, I provisionally accept, but I am still asking............
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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I think each lifetime lifts the 'veil' a little. one thing I've realized, though each lifetime may seem like an eternity, in truth they are mere seconds. The things we learn each lifetime DO last for eternity. We gain knowledge slowly but surely.
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I still remember asking this question to my family members when I was 8-9 years old and the answers did not convince me. They said that God tests our capacity to know how good we are and how much faith we have in him, he punishes those who do not believe him. Some said it is our Karma, if we have been bad or evil in any life, God will punish us for that in future lives. But, I always felt that Truth is something else. Our belief is not the ultimate truth/Knowledge. I have always been the "odd" , "matured" and inquisitive since childhood.

From a very early age I began to have some "unusual" experiences (do not want go in detail at this point). But that "matured" and "odd" tag have always been attached to me since childhood. My classmates, family, friends never understood what I meant.My classmates often used to call me a "matured" lady Tongue. I still remember when I was 10 and I said to my classmates and family 'there is no God and our holy books are manipulated', they thought I had gone crazy. My family opposed and scolded me. They wondered how I was getting all this in my brain. Even I used to wonder Big Grin. Then I stopped sharing my experiences with anyone.But, questions never ended and I kept getting the answers. I began to write diaries since then and put all my thoughts into it. Later, I started writingpoetries. And now I write blog. Big Grin.Since then, it took twenty years of struggle to understand my childhood experiences and the Truth.

No one can reach the Truth with preoccupied mind . The mind has to be very clear and 'clean' else one will end up linking everything to his belief and discarding everything that he/she considers against that belief. This knowledge is not "mine" or " yours", it is "OURs". It is present in every being’s genes. It is being transported and transferred since the Universe was born. Clear your mind from everything you heard, read, seen, and know in your physical world and then meditate upon your inner world and then you will find the right answers.

Around ten years ago, after Pranayama , a sudden poetic thought came into my mind and it became one of my best and favourite poetries. Originally it was composed in Hindi , I would like to share its English translation(forgive me for any mistake as I am not an English speaker) as I feel it has the answers to some of our questions.

" I am neither in the musical notes, nor in any instrument
I reside in Sound

I am neither in Rama(principles) nor in Krishna (Karma),
I reside in Justice.

Neither in worship and prayers, nor in chants and beliefs,
I reside in Trust.

Neither in Goddess, nor in Angel,
I reside within a female

Neither in Satyuga (Golden Age) nor in Dwapar yuga (Krishna Age)
I am here in this very Age (present)

Neither in body, nor in mind,
I reside deep down in the soul of every being.

I am the incomparable, I am an Atom."

Few months ago, I was going through my poetries and other literary works and I found the above poetry. The word "atom" attracted my attention. I know everything happens for a reason. I started doing some research and studies. I combined my meditation experiences
and knowledge with the knowledge of physics and metaphysics and I created a thesis based on these. It is not yet completed because experiences and knowledge never end but, I would like to share few points from that.

Everything in this Universe and beyond (solid,liquid,gas,plasma) is made up of atoms. The atoms are known by different names since ancient times. This science is not new to the world . In Sanskrit, the universe is called "Brahmaand" where "Brahm " are the beings or particles of the universe and "Aand" means Egg. In short, the whole universe is an egg shaped structure comprised of Brahms. So every being (visible or invisible) inside it is called Brahm. And this explains the meaning of the Sanskrit sentence "Aham Brahmasmi"- I am Brahm, the energy. What is in the Universe is within me and what is within me is in the Universe and to understand it , first understand the smallest particle of the body and how it relates to other particles and ultimately you will reach the summit of the Truth. Every cosmic structure contains the same base structure.

[img][Image: 308gmxg.jpg][/img]

The mass of the atom is concentrated at its centre called Nucleus (which is very heavy) which contains heavy positively charged protons and neutral neutrons. The nucleus is surrounded by lighter negatively charged electrons that actually travel from one medium to another , when energy is gained or emitted by an atom .

Earth's structure is also the same.
[img][Image: k1s850.png][/img]

And so is the earth’s atmospheric structure....

[img][Image: 33tqf04.jpg][/img]

Now let us see our structure.

[img][Image: 6to1za.jpg][/img]

And we are not limited to just this, Our auras keep expanding depending on how much energy our body is receiving , the more the energy received , the further the electrons will travel. The electrons contains the encoded messages (our thoughts, wisdom, qualities) that are transferred to other atomic structure either through collision or through acceptance. We are all positive at the core and that cannot be changed because our positive mass is very heavy. That is why, even an evil is positive at the core but he does not have strength to reach at it and is entangled amidst the negative electrons. Our negativity depends on these light electrons that revolve around the core.

If we strengthen our core, no evil can affect us. When there are more protons in an atom, the charge of the whole atom becomes positive and when there are more electrons, the whole atom become negative. Now relate it to our body. The negativity can be expelled out from our physical structure and mind with efforts, determination and courage.

When a body dies, it releases abundant energy because the atoms do not get much energy to support their structure and the nucleus collapses releasing abundant electrons in the surrounding. These electrons rush towards those bodies that need them. Energy always needs medium to move ahead. Our bodies are nothing without energy.

The second thing I found out is that the more closer we get to the core, the slower the time gets and ultimately, the time factor vanishes. That is why, some say that Spirit world does not have a concept of time, there is no past, present or future there. There has been a continuous modification in the base structure due to various factors happening in the cosmos. One become the cause for another effect and this effect becomes the cause for another and this goes on. This is how various physical/etheral structures have been evolved with the elapsing time and there are more to come.

Everything that has been created by Ego and selfishness, will dissolve, even the relationships. My husband always complains that nowadays no one wants a joint family, most people stay in a relationship for some benefit or purpose. No one is deeply connected. I do not say much to him as he is more involved in physical world and would not understand it.

We are all deeply connected. Our true relationship is with the cosmos, with Nature not with Ego or selfishness, pseudo emotions which are common in man made relations. We all lie in our relationships either to keep dear ones happy or to keep our physical selves happy or to maintain the so called social status. For this we keep on breaking the laws of cosmos, our core or our soul which works according to cosmic laws keeps revolting and then the war breaks up. War between our ego and the self.

When we are amid the Nature , we feel very relaxed because there we do not have to lie to anyone, The nature accepts us the way we are. We do not have to satisfy someone’s belief, emotions, feelings, etc. The feeling we share with nature is common (love and happiness), we feel comfortable because Nature does not comment on our physical looks and mental capacity. It treats everyone the same. No difference is there and everyone enjoys the freedom and this is what everyone wants at the core. Everyone wants to be free, peaceful, happy, loved, love and enjoys his/her space. This is very important to maintain the cosmic balance. But, when these are affected by the pseudo and temporary beliefs, emotions, feelings, so called knowledge, then distances occur. Some choose to be alone and explore further (spiritual), some choose to fight for a change and some choose to conquer the world and force the people to live according to them(this is Ego).

But no Ego is greater than the Self and finally the good wins. Bad things happen to usfor a cause, our responsibility is not to give up and keep supporting our Core.We shall not let evils conquer. They are just superficial beings that can be expelled. We need to conquer our fears. Everything that has been contaminated will dissolve, a new cosmic relationship will set up, a new understanding will come up, a new awakening is on its way. The change will be seen throughout the earth.
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