If God exists, why is man faced with many miseries?


Speechless - almost.
Anushri, I shall download your incredible post immediately and I shall read it each night on retiring until I have understood and absorbed it all.
When I look at our map of the world, I see USA on the far left and India way over towards the right with little old Britain somewhere in the middle and South Africa down the bottom. So with the posts on this thread alone, we embrace the world and its wisdom.I have visited all those continents several times, seeking, always seeking. Such is the wonder of the communications revolution that, now, sitting in my room in Wales, UK, 'in my twilight years,' I can gather more information in a few hours with my computers, than I did in thirty years of travelling. Having said that, still I seek.

And still I question, mostly WHY
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Very nice post Anushri! Even I wonder y does the world has to exist at all and every being needs to go thru all for maturation when inherently we all are positive beings and have same same source/ are interconnected
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Dear Moon BS and Shweta,

Thank you very much for your appreciation. I tried to keep the explanation as simple as I could so that it can reach every common person.

For Moon Bear Speaks,

Please maintain that WHY until you reach the truth yourself because the same thing helped me to reach the Truth. No one could convince me and no answer completely satisfied my WHY until I understood the truth my own. It is all about experiencing it. As I said before, we can walk the same path but we can never have the same experiences.

And it is this "little old Britain" which catalyzed my awakening though my journey was initiated in India. I have experienced that this land has abundant energy. That is why the things I could not achieve in twenty years in India, I achieved in two years in UK. I perused everything that happened in my life so far and now I understand the WHY behind. How beautifully things aligned to set a path for me though earlier I used to curse it thinking that they were making my life hell. Silly me.

I have seen that the lands which were known for their rich knowledge and wisdom in ancient times , are now so contaminated with ego that one will find chaos,confusion, pretence, hypocrisy, misguidance,lies and destruction there. The Lords' abodes have become the Death valleys. Only some small parts of the world have managed to preserve the Truth in its natural form and the credit goes to the courageous people. It really takes lot of courage to keep the evil(in any or all forms) at bay.

Now, I would like to share some more points from my thesis just to contribute in the spiritual growth of our planet. Hope it may help someone. Let me tell everyone that these are just few points of my detailed thesis that have been simplified to be comprehensible for everyone. They miss the 'technical' terms.

We all have so many questions in our minds regarding our origin, purpose of life, life after death, angels, demons etc. We are striving to find the "beginning" of all this. We think that everything has to have a beginning and an end. Existence of something without a beginning or an end, without space and time is just beyond our earthly perception, it is just not acceptable to a "human" mind. That is why I said in my earlier post that to know the truth , the mind has to be very clear and 'clean'. Even I was doing the same thing. ..Striving to find a beginningSmile until I realised my mistake . Our physical brain has become addicted to constraints created by ourselves only. We define birth as beginning and death as an end or vice versa, which is not true in cosmos.We try to link everything with the nature and pattern followed on Earth though the earth in universe is just like a little electron inside a human body. We all live in LINES that has to start from a point and ends at certain point, but we forget to see that 'point' , that dot from where the line has originated. That dot has no start or end. We tend to live in a complex world by making everything around so complicated that we forget to see the SIMPLE basics. Now pick up any shape circle, triangle, square, etc. Can you exactly tell where the shape's beginning lies. Look at the earth , can you tell me its starting point? Look at other planets, galaxies and other heavenly bodies or even the atoms..tell me their start point.

A giant tree originates from a small seed, we originate from a minute zygote, everything originates from a small atom which has the capacity to expand infinitely to form a Universe and shrink to a dot invisible to human eye. I am thankful to science that is progressing to bring back the long lost knowledge and also to those spiritual beings who are working day and night to preserve and propagate the true knowledge around.

With open eyes we see light,but when we close the eyes we see darkness. Ever tried to figure out what lies in that darkness or WHY it is there within us or in the whole universe? The darkness is 'feminine' in Nature as explained by many spiritual masters and spiritual text in many cultures around the world. It is known by many names Shakti, Prakriti, Yin , etc since ancient times and has been misinterpreted also. Every cosmic being has that "Feminine" force within, mother of all. (...I reside within a I understand what it means)I leave you all to contemplate this as it is only YOU who can convince yourself. Understand the way you can satisfy your WHY, make your own way to the Truth and at some point of time , you will reach there as it is the ultimate destiny . Keep exploring Smile
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Well my many Spiritual Friends,
What a wonderful discussion we are having! Wonderful because it is bringing together such a variety of viewpoints, explanations and clarifications that we are all able to share.
However, I have scoured the whole thread from beginning to end and I still have the same question.
09-06-2014, admin’s original post: - If God exists, why is man faced with many trials, misfortunes and miseries?
09-07-2014, chadnachev: - All that we face is self created and not God created.
MB: - But God put us here, each with the capability to self-create his own trials etc. WHY
09-07-2014, admin: - Why did God allow bad consequences of our mistakes to happen,
MB: - admin, you bring us so many learned and logical answers in your posts; yet you still ask Why?
09-08-2014, chadnachev: - Gods mills grind slowly (from our point of view), but surely.
MB: - Why? Why slowly?
09.08.2014, chadnachev: - Why did the government allowed the police to give us traffic tickets?
MB: - I guess we can all answer that, because it is a situation contrived on a human level. CONTROL, by those humans who seek to control the masses. But that raises another question; WHO controls those controllers?
09-08-2014, Parichat: - If you never taste a bad apple, you would not appreciate a good apple
MB: - If you consider this question on a metaphysical level; who made the apples, good and bad?
09-08-2014, admin: - Now the remaining question, is why did God (not) simply send us down here on earth fully matured, wise, intelligent and everything so we don't need to go through pains (traffic tickets, bad apples).
MB: - Why, indeed?
09-09-2014, Parichat: - Why don't drop all your question and simply trust and enjoy life movies that God wrote.
MB: - Do you mean God writes 3D movies for us in the third dimension? Why? So that he uses us as puppets in a play? I think it is more serious than that. Metaphysically, why would God watch movies? Because he is bored and needs amusement?
09-09-2014, Parichat: - All questions and answers is for the mind to understand and try to make sense to be right or wrong to support your believe system which not same one as believe in God. Even you get answer very clear but other question will come up later more like cycle. We need to cut the question cycle by drop all question and the answer will clear for yourself when you know the ultimate truth.
MB: - Right or wrong are considered to be the three-dimensional world’s duality concept. It seems that to arrive at the ultimate truth we have to experience this three-dimensional existence. Why would that be necessary for a God who is perceived to be the source of all Truth?
09-09-2014, krya: - Gods protects us, love us, gives us, directs us, but still because of our stupidity and immaturity, it happens we walk away from him, and so we face darkness (hunger, miseries...) for a while, until we get in touch again.
MB: - Why would a God, who is the source of ultimate perfection and Truth, have the need to create a race of beings that is stupid and immature and place them in an environment which, despite our perception of its apparent beauty, nevertheless is in many ways hostile to our presence; earthquakes, volcanoes, adverse climatic conditions, disease, poverty, etc.?

08.08.2016, Skytiger: - We are where we are because we earned it in past lifetimes or chose it knowing we need to understand all things. Otherwise we learn nothing.
MB: - This simply begs the original question. If God exists, why….?
The next post was from me and re-iterates, encapsulates, the essence of the question.
08-08-2016, Skytiger: - What would creation be if there was no thing to think and ask questions?
MB: - Accepting our concept of Creator, what questions? If He created, then He has no questions.
08-08-2016, admin: - And allowing ourselves as God to face difficulties while claiming the ladders.
MB: - But if God made the ladders, why would He need to climb them? He knows what is at the bottom and what is at the top.

Shweta: - Even I wonder y does the world has to exist at all


Given the parameters of the intellectual powers, the ostensible perception of Spiritual knowledge and wisdom with which we, as humans in this three-dimensional world are endowed, then it becomes apparent to me that, however many times, and to whomsoever on this earth plane, I repeat my question, then, on that level, I will not be granted a full comprehension of the answer. HOWEVER, if I choose to go beyond the normal human knowledge and wisdom, and by virtue of certain other-dimensional pathways, access the wisdom available in those other dimensions, then shall my spiritual-self evolve. This spiritual evolution will progress as I access ‘higher and higher’ vibrational status.
Back to Skytiger for the final quote: - We're just getting started

I see Anushri, that you have posted again, even as I write this. The whole discussion, over a couple of years, has helped me enormously to a clearer understanding of the process through which each one of us has to pass. I sincerely wish that others who are questing along a like pathway, may find truth and wisdom in the contributions offered by all who have participated. Be that so, then we will know that, by drawing all of this perceived wisdom together, we have furthered the purpose of those who initiated this website; that of sharing and thereby consolidating so much wisdom.
But Why?
I most humbly thank you all. I shall not contribute further to this thread.
May God, in his Wisdom Bless You All.

I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Thanks Moon Bear Speaks for the summary. It's been a nice discussion.
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The misfortune of people is not of God doing, but is what a man do to another by making one greet and desire more acceptable to others unfortunate life

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We have to stop blaming god for our misfortune. God love us all the same. He only does good things for us. It's devil who makes us do wrong things to each other. It's good to remember the both sides of life to be able to balance your thoughts on who is doing what.

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God looking benefical in long term.. i mean very long term.

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(09-06-2014, 03:42 PM)admin Wrote: If God exists, why is man faced with many trials, misfortunes and miseries?

We have many atheists in the world, because they think that if God existed, all men would be happy and experience no problems in their lives.
God is seen as who should be helping men, which means we would be in living happily, if not everybody, at least those who love him and worship him. What is your thought about it?
We have free-will to be or not to be. Lets say 'to be' means to be real/true, and 'not to be' is unreal/deceptive. 
Our default will is 'not to be' due to being raised and taught by all the other 'not to be's'.

These peoples life reference is fear-based because they are enslaved to the invalid ego-mind, a mind that fears losing it identity (the ego) to make sense of itself. The mind knows it is just a fabricated story and fears anything that with threaten its validity. That is why the ego always seeks validity. Because of this, all our fears come from our ego. In other words, our concepts of trials, misfortunes and miseries.

However, those who wish 'to be' real and true have to stop listening to their ego-self and start listening to their spirit-self. But this is not easy, because logic and reasoning is based on the making sense of this visible world we perceive. The spiritual world is invisible and cannot be determined by visible world perceptions. So faith (trusting that the invisible/spirit world exists.) is required to gain a knowing which is unexplainable yet doubtlessly liberating because it is the deeper truth of what is really real (Truth). It is this Truth which reveals all fears to be invalid, even death of the body is invalid to what we think death is (death to us). But on the spiritual knowing, it is only death to our body (vehicle). We have a body, but we are not the body.

Seeking the deeper Truth/God is how 'to be' as God intended us to be. That is, to be true, real, genuine, authentic, fearless, doubtless, unconditional (real love).
It takes faith to break through from 'to not be' to 'to be'. It is by using faith, to risk all (our ego life) to break through our whole history, through the generations, of believing the 'not to be' life as the only one. When we do break through our inherited denial of our Truth, and unshackled our own enslavement to our ego. We will see the Truth of what humanity was meant to be. It is only this Truth and Reality which God is about, and we can commune (communicate/relate) to God in only this way. God(Truth) will not relate to what is not true (the 'not-to-be's'). God waits for us to return to Truth.

So God has helped us by allowing our minds to make choices (free-will). So it has always been up to us to choose truth to liberate ourselves from the ego-fears that cause all our problems. God has been with us all along, waiting for us to get sick and tired of playing god (ego-self) and start relying on the Real God and Truth for our liberation.
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If the ‘Truth’ was placed in front of us, in bold print, would we believe it or not? If we had an inexpiable metaphysical experience, would we believe it or not? Who has the truth? My truths have only become truths for me through discerning what feels right or not, from my accumulative experiences. For everyone else, their truths are ever so present, provided they want them to be uncovered. For many exposure isn’t an option and hanging on to a set of beliefs/truths can give one a sense of security – like the analogy of an ostrich believing it can’t be seen if we aren’t aware of what’s around them (or things aren’t true.)

Years ago, any years ago, I was given something to contemplate… Make no judgments, make no comparisons and release the need to know. An impossible task perhaps but challenging. Judgments are how we evaluate life as we know it. From the day we are born our evaluations (judgments) begin… our survival depends on our choices/judgments. Our family, cultural and social imprinting enforces others truths and also the falsities that have been presented as truths. Family and cultural, society in general had it’s bankable level of what was acceptable or not. Manipulation and control became a useful tool to fuel the ruling classes. Now, we can look to the wonderful institutions religions created for the masses who are looking for salvation. Why not look for ‘the Kingdom of God within to find our own truths; it’s an endless road looking outside of ourselves and following others dictates blindly.

If everything both physical and non-physical exists within God, how can anything be outside of God? 

In my understanding, I view God is consciousness, and everything created has a form of consciousness to varying degrees within them, minerals, plants, trees, animals and etc. Without consciousness, there would be nothing to be consciousness of.

If God exists, why is man faced with many trials, misfortunes and miseries?’

An acceptable truth for me… God is experiencing himself/herself/itself through his conscious creations. Man received a pliable form of consciousness where he could created whatever his demands/desires were. What a prize!!! He became the fox that looked over the chicken coop only he doesn’t realize it. In order to be outside of self and not interfere in any way with the human conscious created reality, God gave Man and ‘ego’ and a ‘veil of non-remembrance’ thus creating a separation from ‘Source’ and within that feeling of separation there is a remembrance of once being with ‘Source’ and it is man’s pursuit for meaning of that separation. Does this line have any meaning for anyone reading this:

In the beginning, I was with God and thou know-es this.’

Our ‘trials, misfortunes and miseries’ are our own creationGod’s creation if he is experiencing himself/herself/itself through his conscious creations. The soul has chosen certain lessons and it is through our experiences those lessons are learn t and sometimes it may take several lifetimes to fully complete the lesson. In this duality reality each experience has it’s opposing lesson. My post on Choosing Lessons to learn the two opposites of the scale illustrates the choosing two different lifetimes to learn the two opposite ends of the scale; the ‘grace and beauty’ and the ‘stunted and awkward.’

If God exists, why is man faced with many trials, misfortunes and miseries?’

We ask these question of ourselves and of others in order to help formalize ourselves, whether our personal truths we once held still have validity and we might want to reconsider them. What was once a truth for us may no longer be a truth now.
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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