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Over the years life changes, as does our experiences; this is a transcript of a session my wife Diana and I held on behalf of someone who had sought our help.

Prior to starting the session Diana was experiencing freezing cold in her feet, ankles and legs, that seems to go all the way up the body.

Di: "The left side of the body feels different than the right side. Just below the ribs, there feels as though there has been an intrusion, I would classify this as an undesirable alien influence. I feel that quite strongly and I feel that it has affected my health to this point. It goes down to the female organs, right through the whole of the internal body. I'm sensing that something has been done to remove this, but there is some residual energy still there that needs to be removed today. And after this has been done, there will be a return to vibrant good health."

Dk: How does the right side of your body feel at this time?
Di: It feels normal- even the left side of my face doesn't feel quite right. I think it is all connected with the same thing. This is really stopping me from talking to her.
Dk: After I directed Diana to put up more protection and used some other methods to contain the unwanted energy, she was able to carry on.
Di: That makes it more bearable for now.
Dk: At this point we were able to make connection with the client and gain permission to go ahead with the session.
Di: The tip of the right toe, it feels like something is burring right into the big toe, I think something had entered at some time or other.

Dk: Focus on that feeling in the tip of the big toe, going back to the very first time you felt that feeling.
Di: I'm not feeling it at this moment, I'm sensing that when it went in it wasn't felt. It's like her big toe just went tight. This might sound funny but it looks like a character of a skeleton, someone that is very thin, it makes me feel quite nauseous.
Dk: Look around and tell me what's happening, look around at that thin character.
Di: I don't want to look around, I don't like what is there and I don't like the look of them.
Dk: How old are you in this feeling?
Di: Four years old, so scared, I pop out of my body. I can see a bunch of people, but they're different people and they have a lot of interest in me. That's me down there and this is me up here.

Dk: What kind of interest do they have in you?
Di: It scares me, but I don't think they intend to scare. I like to think they don't intend to be scary but they are scary looking. Never seen anything like them before.
Dk:, What are they doing now?
Di: It looks like they are putting something in my big toe.
Dk: I want you to mentally ask them why they are doing that!
Di: It's so they can keep watch on me. So they know where I am. I don't like that.
Dk: I want you to bring one of them up in front of you and demand that they tell you why they are doing this! What's their purpose?
Di: They want me to help them, by giving them information.

Dk: What kind of information could you give them?
Di: Human information, people information.
Dk: They don't need your body for that.
Di: They say it is like putting a bandage on, it won't hurt. It gives them more accurate information. They don't have the emotions that we have. I'm feeling cold, they make me feel cold. I've never seen a snake before but they remind me of what has been said about snakes, cold blooded, but I don't know what that means.
Dk: This means that they react with no emotional response, they do things without feelings. Now that you are in contact with them, I want you to tell them that they are interfering with your free will. And ask them if they have your permission to do this?
Di: They are just looking at each other, nobody says yes. They don't say anything.

Dk: That is because if they were to respond with an answer, they'd be admitting it.
Di: Yes, they would. Ah, it makes me feel so sick. I feel I'm going to be sick.
Dk: Everything is going to be OK! Detach yourself from that feeling, this is just a remembrance, you are out of your body observing this. Those beings that are responsible for placing that object in your big toe- I'm telling them at this time that they are to take it out, NOW! It doesn't belong to you.
Di: They want to know who you are, that you can tell them what they can do?
Dk: I'm nobody- but you are interfering with another's free will and you are not entitled to do it. Therefore, if you wish to have, let's call it 'Universal Energy' to step in and place you in a place where someone is interfering with your freewill, then I'll ask on your behalf that it be done. Would you like that?
Di: AHHHH! I sort of have a feeling here that they think you don't know what you are up against! I have a feeling of 'be careful of what you say' to them. They are taken aback, you speaking to them like that. It's like the little tiny terrier getting angry with this large dog. I can feel them stepping back. I think they have listened to what you have said. I got the feeling that they wanted to reach out and hit out at you, but for some reason that wasn't what they would do, they just listened instead.

Dk: It sounds like they have a little bit of emotion.
Di: Yes, it's like we all have that sense of self-preservation instinct. But they are prepared to back off.
Dk: The reason I said what I said, the way I said it, so dramatically, 'how would you like it if you were interfered with, if someone was placing something within you?'
Di: They can understand that, that would not be allowed.
Dk: I'm asking at this time that you remove the article that you placed there. You can take it back. You can learn about the human experience like everyone else, through the human body.
Di: That is why they did this, so they wouldn't have to go through the physical experience.

Dk: That's like cheating on exams, isn't it?
Di: Ha... ha... ha... That's me laughing- it's not them. The four year old doesn't see them as such a threat now, but, it would be best if she stuck to her resolve, as to the implant. It would be much better for them if she liked them.
Dk: There is no animosity here, however, you decided to use a four year old, if she was older and wiser, you would not have had the opportunity to do what you did. Is that correct?
Di: That is correct.
Dk: Therefore you haven't given her the opportunity to grow into adulthood, to be able to make a decision to allow this or not. You just made the decision for her.
Di: She did have decisions.

Dk: So, she asked for this intrusion?
Di: The decisions we are talking about are her life experiences. She has chosen those as well. We have merely been monitoring her.
Dk: You say that you have only been monitoring her, has that not had an effect on her physical being?
Di: It was not intended that it should.
Dk: You have learnt another lesson, haven't you?
Di: We have made another observation.
Dk: Now that you have a different perception of this, are you going to comply with her wishes and remove that article?
Di: If she really wishes us to remove it, we will.

Dk: I asked the client if she wanted it removed and the response was a definite 'yes.'
Di: It will be pulled out.
Dk: Diana suggested that I thank them for complying with the request, which I did.
Di: It's done in a way that they understand, similar to one of our scientists implanting electrodes and other things into animals to determine this, that or the other. It is almost like because we are a different species, we are fair game.
Dk: I understand that.
Di: They say they are only interested in the scientific perspective.
Dk: You are also aware of all the entities out there interfering with a person's free will, making it difficult for them to move ahead in life. Being manipulated and controlled by different forms of energy.
Di: We have observed this.
Dk: Is there anything else in her physical body that belongs to you?                                            Di: There is.

Dk: I'd like you to remove everything that belongs to you. All of it, so she can start with a clean slate.
Di: Very well.
Dk: Let me know when you have done that.
Di: They have done it because I'm feeling something on the lefthand side of my body that was inserted. I feel that it has been removed. The effects of it were still being felt.
Dk: That energy that we had contained, prior to doing this session, does that belong to you?
Di: Yes.
Dk: I would like you to take it with you.
Di: They want you to free it first.
Dk: This was done and I asked them to leave.
Di: Ah... ha... (Diana laughing) There is one of them asking if you would assist them in a physical way. In other words, they're offering you what they had in her or something similar.
Dk: If you can spell, that's capital 'N' and a capital 'O'. NO!

Di: They don't understand your humour Derek. Ah... ha... (still laughing) OK, the others have gone, but there is one here that is still looking in our direction, sort of eyeing us up as suitable candidates. There is another one there deciding that they prefer someone younger, the younger the subject is, the less the other emotions are interfered with. In other words, we are a bit too old for them.
Dk: At this point I called upon some assistance on the other side, to motivate them to go.
Di: Ha.. (Diana laughing) He says no threat is necessary. I'm picking up here, even though he isn't voicing it, that they are still going to be observing from a distance, but they won't be invading the person's physical body. It's because for some reason, they are supposed to do this. They have superiors, if you want to call them that and they are stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment and the only way around this is to observe from a distance.
Dk: Is MARS, close enough?
Di: (Diana laughing) It's just that they don't appreciate your sense of humour but he turned around, indicating that he is leaving. He got your drift for sure. It's like letting you know that they have the final word.
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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Informative and confirmatory. Thank you Derek.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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