I consider The Test of me Seem someone not to appraise of me; Neither consenting neither DepeNDIN,
because the reality is; the Depth of it is to harsh to bear.

As a reality it is stacked upon columns that hold (harbor) the consumption of one's life, in the Reality which one faces theirin; as a sole formation of that which our daily lives hold to capture. The catch for the people is good; but the Testator of that matter, is crushed in the foundation of his establishments he has set himself for too long in the consideration of what all good's and what's all proper for himself.

I have seen this harshness of the Test in me, Wherein their is Only Hardships in the Term's of Dukhah (दुःख SufFERing) Comes in Place to the Liberator at all Given times till Medinah The spiritual Place of Comfort is permitted. 

To some, This knowledge is not given, of how many suffer for another one's sake without Decisions they can not make. But like a Sheep, lead to the Slaughter.

Did The Anointing Ever Consider what cause it ought to do? Or did it simple walk the path as the spirit directed of the Society of the World? Impended he released the decisions of what he ought to to by his Father, But how many have done what their father consented; How Many have sacrificed for the Ultimate Cause? And Whereas i say Life is that Ultimate, Can their be something that is greater beyond the death of a simply matter. Some Die Without knowing Why, Without Feeling the Pain of Recompense or Responsibilities. But as for them who do, They are the One Whom toughness has touched. To See the Reality for Which it is, As a Norm to This For the Introductory of my Second Phase in Life as the Test of Me has weaned. I've Come to a place where i've seen past; BEYOND the candid illusions the World in the Life in the World has placed upon me, And it's a horror some Thing to Think People Can Do Such horrocious Things to Each other and Play Gimmicks to Conduct Confuse to Another One's Life, It is a Reality Which we Face in This World, Where Character meets Virtue and Virtue meets Characteristics. In Which in No Depth; People Play Schemes in the Sense of War Wherein a People Divided against itself Will Fall Not Stand.

The Trouble of Seen Such Horrosome Things, is wherein the Prophets Cried of Ancient time's. Who knew the Reality all to Well in their Establishment of Reality in Theirin time. At that time it was under the Thresh of Virtue, Under Holistic Tradition's; But was we Face the 21'st Century, We Come under Decisions Where all is but a Matter Game; Where no Law abides. But People With Wicked Decisions Attack at all good's the Battle of Good and Bad, EVIl. This is the Test of Me; Wherein i am Placed in a Setting to see the Most horrocious Things, Human's Can Do to one Another. Pain is Disregarded Through the Numbness of it; as a Virtue by Holiness Ascended in the Primary Esstance, Stance of it. But as said, Pain still Perceived as an 11 Floor Building, Requires a 2nd floor to be intact to stand; So Does Pain in the Lower Regions even tho not Vacated on; Still Comes to Haunt the Whole Build. This for is the Sense in the Depression of Meaning; When it is on a different light level in being. I have Fought it; But Fighting Goes Only that far if you Fight the System That is established.

AS an Introduction i use this Platform to Make People Realize; that unless you Sense out What you Wish to be Implemented upon, You will Cause havoc to the World and Ultimately to Yourself, As the World will Seek it's Freedom, it will heal itself by what it must have. And sometimes whose who come under dominion are them who have wrong. Sometimes who have not, because the sacrifice Goes that far in taking whatsoever the World needs to make it whole in this Battle Between Heaven and Hell. I Have Confounded, and Theirfore must Repay it say's. But Where were the Helper's, the Healers The Comforters of the World that Sensed the Good? Asleep Wishing for themselves only to be well. I Know, the Battle Can and is to be Hard; And i wont even rebuttal it; it is a simple Responds to the Conclusion that it hasn't been easy As the World is Turning. Unintending to go into a downright spiral of whatsoever this Text of post has come to, i will Reply with a Song, that might make things more clearer.