There was at once a -Given time, when neither good nor bad had its own Mind, They came to value more Then The more, in A Scent of The Life To Adore. But Neither of Them Wished There Way, Except To Condole one to Pray, For betteR Or for woRse Today. There Came the Value of the columN Spray, It Taint and Brushed The Room Away, With No-One Ever knowing What It WOulD say, UnTill the Drawing was At its last two Straw, And a Good Or a Bad was at the Door. : These Values ..

Are What made Heaven And Earth be At War, Against the Hell inside At eveRy Store, We Phanto'm what We Be. In a`ll Deliberate we' Considered Heaven was for THe you and me, But Ne'ither Had 'A hold On it, But to give Right To-Be the Sold for-IT. For Which we can Not See, Heaven wishes the Best, and Hell is A depth Of Value, Wishing for (me).

The Reality of the Fact is that Earth is the Only place, That has Neither one of Them. It Just Simply Holds GROUNd to which You May See, hOPe AND Be. We CAn Consider Every WAY, But it only Comes to us If We HAVe the Right PAY; - By which we Say It Is fAte Incase, IN Which we All come to A Sudden Race, of WhERe hell speaks of Hell inside, And We WAR -one Another for Heaven's Light. ... So See..

We come IN Value of ThinKS, so that The Lightning will Bring No Fire On Sphinx,..., By Which Is A Dog and Man Inside; Who will Say They R NEIther, Heaven or hell at Might. : The Sole..

RESISTANT.., Is MY Value In Me. And I Hope -we- WISH f-o-r- Peace, for the Earth as Life Has aND Is. 4 Non can Wish but... FOR The Better Things, Or Else we curse The Self in the Same Oh Plight. Of What you wish fFor another One. Is WHaT Heaven Will SEnt on you to you And Down. ...AND Earth will see a thunder Inside, Till You lose No Longer the hEavenly Light

The end of the story is VERY short, In which i Must Say "Let the heavens reign, and The Light be the center Of right"