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Insight about meditation :: The mind is just another vehicle of consciousness

Insight about meditation
The mind is just another vehicle of consciousness

Just like your physical body, the mind is just another vehicle of your consciousness. It is your machine, it's the instrument which you as the consciousness use to make thoughts.
Because you are not the mind, because it’s just a vehicle, you can therefore live without the mind, without thoughts. If your physical body and your mind had to disappear, you would still continue to exist because you are a consciousness, and that is the only thing, which never dies. Your consciousness is the only immortal thing about you.

Just like you put your physical body at rest at night to sleep. It’s wise to also  put your mind at rest. And that is called meditation. Putting your mind at rest feels like getting out of a vehicle after a very long journey drive.  You may also picture your mind as a cloth. You can’t keep wearing a cloth forever without taking the time to remove it to wash it and maybe to iron it, you put that cloth at rest. Then when you wear it again, it will feel and look good. Same with your mind. People, who are used to resting their mind feel and look good, they feel refreshed and clean (pure).

[Image: event_482437511.jpeg]

You wonder where your unhappiness comes from?  It comes from inside, not from the outside. It may look like it’s people and situations around you which make you angry, sad, miserable … but it’s not so. Otherwise how would you explain that some people commit suicide for the same situation where you would have just laughed. Yes, you may put many people in a dark room, and not all of them will panic, not all will cry. Why? Because we don’t all handle the mind the same way.

Remember, a busy mind can get so out of control that it can drive you instead of you driving it, it will drive you visit your worries and your anxieties. And in the end you end up having an impurity and weak mind. And that kind of mind is the root source of unhappiness, that kind of mind likes like an unclean worn out  inner cloth which needs to be put at rest for a moment.

We have a chance to purify our mind on each moment we meditate. Meditation is that moment you have in the day to let go of all your bad emotions and thoughts. A good meditation makes your mind clear of worries, anxieties, sorrows. When meditation is become an habit, your inner glasses become so clear that you now see (distinguish) wrong from right, your intuition increases, and your inner skin becomes so clean that you can now feel great joy again when you look or hear beauty.

Don’t believe me, verify for yourself by meditating regularly.

Have a good meditation.

Love and light
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Hi Smile If I can, I would like to add something to this statement Smile.
We are the soul who is temporarily in this body. The body is a spacesuit and the mind is its interface, software that in course of time, progress and experience is updated, of course, not always correctly. Our beliefs and opinions on various topics, programs coming from our family or the country in which we are born are part of our identity in the dimension of the Earth reality. The state of correct meditation is also the state of discipline and successive pursuit in training your body and mind to listen to your souls . Tai chi, sword training or other sports can be a meditation in motion when our mind is in a state of concentration and thus relaxes from analysis and is set to feel and focus.
Meditation gives us the chance to look at our life from the side, the position of the observer of this suit and his equipment. And this experience gives us the opportunity to look at our life and body from the level of higher consciousness (soul). We can not find this state in the physical world or buy it. We can experience and experience it with our own work and only then will we really understand it Smile. I greet warmth from Poland
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