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Is Psychiatry a Scientific Fraud?

I am sure we have all become too acquainted with the “mental illness” campaigns in the media, and the unequivocal recommendations of paying visits to psychiatrists. But very few people ask themselves the question of knowing who really are psychiatrists, what do they really do, and if they actually give any real and lasting solution to the problems of their patients.

You might also find the following youtube video interesting as it exposes certain uncomfortable truths about modern psychiatrists.

Basically, psychiatrists only toy with their patient’s mind with subliminal messages. The patient may even think of himself/herself as healed while actually nothing has been done to cause such a healing.

What often revolts me is the ridiculously large amount of money that is involved in the psychiatrist industry, from multiple consultations to harmful medical prescriptions (drugs) the cost is really exorbitant. It basically seems like psychiatrists play a vital role in promoting the legal drug dealers we call pharmacists. Smile No wonder why psychiatrists are always richer than normal doctors while they actually do nothing of tangible benefit to their patients. After all, in the drug business the game is always the same: maximum profit for minimum effort. Confused

So the next time you decides to pay visit to a “mind doctor” (as one may call psychiatrists), you may first want to consider if you are really willing to waste your money on such a huge medical scheme called psychiatry! Confused
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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Mdr, that’s sad and funny! Psychiatry is then a guessing game! They ask few questions then they guess what mental illness the patient has Smile

They give the patient an illness the patient may not have then Smile , kind of like:
Psychiatrist : Krya, I think you are suffering from a sleep terror maniac disorder, and communication disorder .
Krya : Ok doctor, whatever illness you wanna give me, but how much will it cost?
Psychiatrist : It’s gone be $700.
Krya : Can you maybe give me a less expensive illness, so I can pay less?
Psychiatrist : Ok you are suffering from a money mental disorder, that’s free illness
Krya: Thank you doctor. But here’s a tip, to keep the drug dealing business alive.

unbelievable! really, is it difficult to say: "I don't know what your mental illness is?"
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You get that right krya. Psychiatry is not really a healing industry, but a mental manipulation business! Smile It causes more harm than good, and most notably, it rob people with a significant part of their financial resources. Those psychiatrists are thoroughly trained to manipulate the human mind and orient it toward a certain direction, because anyway, most people's minds work like computer programs whose reaction can be predicted and influenced to produce a particular result.

This is why psychiatrists get it so easy with most of their patients who come to them in a state of instability, therefore, more vulnerable and suggestible than they woul otherwise have been. You often see people spending the rest of their lives in a psychiatric institution allegedly being treated for mental problems. But what kind of treatment can take a whole lifetime without any healing to occur? Is there any worth to it? Can that really be called treatment? LOL. It is such a pity that some people take psychiatric help seriously.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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