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Is Wisdom the CuRe?

7 World helpers group 7

You may gain much knowledge and wisdom if your are connected to the universe and at higher level of being. but wisdom is lost and becomes only knowledge if you lose this universal connection. For wisdom is simply knowing when to use, show, or say the knowledge you have been entrusted with. If you are not connected, you will be unable to know when the right moment is to use your wisdom in life and, therefore, you rely on using knowledge based only on what you can comprehend from your physical point of view. It ceases to be wisdom. 

When we reach the point that wisdom becomes only knowledge than we are simply scholars or record keepers of an esoteric art. We cannot produce our own art. We simply know the art others have produced, conversate about it, and marvel in its beauty. 

In youtube, and in many places in the internet, There are many spiritual teachers who give the knowledge and (in some instance) wisdom they have learned to the public for the purpose of opening the eyes and mind, answering the questions, and aiding the spiritual journey of their viewers. This is a great thing of course. MSG and esoteric bootcamp are good examples of good sources of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. It could be said that with the internet alone, you could find any holy book or text, all accounts of past and present spiritual beings, OBE experiences, drug induced spiritual experiences, Spirituality of all kinds, chants, I could go on but I think the point is understood. This being said... why then, if all of these things are readily available, are majority of humans in the world, struggling, suffering, confused, depressed and inflicted with other maladies. Why is the Earth injured by the human hand, and the focus of the minds eye plagued with distraction. 

The truth is simple. There is simply too much knowledge and information. There is too much noise. There is too much confusion. What the world needs is wisdom. It needs the influential people of the age to be wise. Human kind needs to see wise actions and wise words. Power, temptations, and greed has corrupted the hearts and mind of most athletes, politicians, royal families, actors, journalists, and musicians. Many view wisdom in association to an individuals wealth, power, and success.

In order to change this world, towards a more harmonious state of being, the spiritual community is tasked with providing both knowledge and wisdom. As of late, I have been thinking that much more knowledge is given than wisdom. Wisdom can only be discovered by an individual through dedication and practice. It can not be learned from a video or internet posting. The source of spreading wisdom lies in the spirit. It lies in hope, inspiration, determination, purpose, love, and understanding truth. These qualities are spread less by words but by actions and by living your life as an example. 

At some point the spiritual community will need to rise and take their place in the worlds society. This is not the natural tendency of spiritual individuals. In fact, it is a guaranteed path of conflict . But the society of humans needs the influence of wise beings in important places and societal positions. We must show wisdom. Along this path, a spiritual individual must temporarily sacrifice their own spiritual needs such as a peaceful environment, nature immersion, and relationships (among other things). It is often with a heavy heart I talk about this topic. There are very few people who think in this manner. And often it is met with resistance. There are very few people who naturally put the needs of the world, humans, and earth above themselves. Even among spiritual individuals. 

Everyone has a different purpose or path of life. And some are not suited to walk this path introduced above. I often think this is a path suited for the younger to middle aged person (there are always exceptions). An individuals purpose is different at each point in life and can change like the wind. But again I call all who read this to think of their place in the universe and of their current purpose. For living with purpose and connectedness to the universe will lead you down the path you are meant to walk. That is what we all must do. 

Every human, animal, and plant are one.  The Earth and humans and animals can be in harmony. Maybe it once was achieved in a forgotten past. maybe it will pass again in the future. 

7 World helpers group 7 
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Question is not, Will it happen, or is the EArth Worthy of the Wisdom of Above, But Whether the World is IN need Desperate to Come to the Conclusion of What it needs to do Bend down on Its Legs and Knees come to shatter the HAlt they've Put themselves into the Determined whether Hope is an Inedible Value Mankind Wishes to See or Not..

It is not wisdom that is in need of But CAre and Dedication, The Hope that Perceives the Knowledge of Care is to Find Wisdom OF hope Dedicated and Care into the Middle of the Midst in there Wish for a Better thing in the World that All to Far not Many are Capable to Dedicate themselves into By Sheer Derision of knowing that the World Will Boil it's Down to the Ground and Bash the Head of it's knower not of Wisdom ITself that is from Above, but the Seen Healed that is the Heart that Comes in the Phantom of the Knowledge that Gives Hope in the Stance of the Newness of Lifes, the Midst of Dedication of Care in the SCenT. of.... ....HOpe

Little to Say... IS the World Worthy

With All That I've Said already, and Done.. Should the World Gain Ground on Giving Me Hard Times. For the Purpose of me Giving it What it needs to Heal and I Myself come into the Place of a Tough Time, to Make it a Better Place Othersides then the One I Need for Myself and I In Co for mineSelf... IT is a Real Question, Because The Intent to Which i Deem the World is in Need of Comes at a Heavy Price (i'm Speaking of the Earth, - not the World), I OR Non IS to Be Willing to Pay for the World that HAs Deemed Itself to be of Such a Way of Caliber to Be. That i But See Darkness in the Midst of Its Glimmer to Be more of Nothing Worth Taking Care of Since the Next Person in Line is Unwilling To Take Care OF his Or Her Fair Share in Doing What i Necessary to Do for the World to BE a Better Place to Be in On To Begin With Afterall, That the Times' I've Dealt With in Doing Good for the World Was Counted As Nothing More then Nothing to Them, Who Ceased to Assist themselves to Take The Account of My Dealings into there Heart as there Own Evidence of What they Have Done Without a GLimmer of Whole into the Scent of What i Was Done for Sweet Smelling unto My Scent of Whole into My Being... Little to Say.. the World Took and Did not Give Regards How Hard it was to Give.

So What is the Point then to Give Once Again, If this IS the World as They Have Dealt With Deal with.?

These words are Not Hard to Perceive, But The Wish For Many is not to Perceive the ,.. Sinced the Toll Has Kept them From Haltering themselves from Failures they have kept in the Midst of there Sun in that Play, They Call it life With THerE Wisdom, but The World HasOne kiNd of WisDom, And tHe SpiRitual, Another.

So is Wisdom tHe CuRE?

WisDom And All THings Are, But Not of THe EARThly, But of THe SpIrItually, THat WHich CoMeS FroM ABOve. I RecKon, ThaT not Many Know They On THe CArNal EarThly SidE of WiSdom, RaTHer then THe HeAvenly, Which Holds CaPTive Not, MANY Who tHey Profess to LiberTIvE With, But TruEly IntEnd to Set Free. ANd ThIs is Why WISdOm CarNally; EaRthLy is Not thE AnSwer But the Truth THat is Spoken of In SpirIt, THat HolDs No Bind On EVerYoNe EvEryBody At All. WISDOM fROM ABove, Sets PeOple FREE. SInce WHere THe SPirIt is;.. THereTHerE IS LIBerty. EARthly WiSdOm, COLLECTS, RECOLLects ItSelf FirSt. HeAvENLy DoesN't; It PutS FortH TRuth, WitHout UpBraideth NOT. So Is THE QueStion RIght, But the COncLuSiON Wrong. HeAveN is in THE HeArts of Mæn. It NEEDS to Be PUrifIed 7 Times, For PerFection ThrOugh hOlIC Fire (def. for ). THis REQuires KNOWLedge, Not Mind But Heart. THis is WiSdom VS TRuth, Heart over Mind,; THis anomaly is Truth, tHat Heaven Produces Purity, And Out of THat Comes Wisdom, Unearthly. Differentiating Earth And Carnal From HeaVenly & ABove is What Will Change. But War Will Proceed ESpecially From. Since. SO One Must UnearTH it PerSonally, Else is it NO AVail. Grow (in the Monostary of Truth & Pre)vail THen Will Wisdom Above Come to You After 7 Timez. Death is Also A Cause For CuRe - But Till FurtHer/Another Times.... ..
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