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Jihad versus Crusade: is the world doomed again?

It is becoming almost impossible nowadays to escape the dreadful news frequently broadcasted about this or that latest horrific action of “terrorist” as well as of those claiming to be the "protectors" of people against such threats. This pseudo-war is increasingly getting dirty and has already negatively affected the lives of millions of innocent people who are directly trapped in it, as well as the rest of us who are enduring its shockwaves. One can't help but wonder: what kind of world are we really living in? Could it be the hell that some people have been talking about? How are we to make of all these horrifying event happening around the world in the name of God or some other cause? Are we supposed to simply hope that things will get better by themselves or pray that some divine figure (Jesus, Mary, etc) will come down and fix things for us? Why shouldn't we be allowed to seriously look into these issues that affect our lives and form our own opinion about them? All these questions raise a moral dilemma for all of us and we must know how to interpret them correctly if we wish to be prepared in due time and respond appropriately to whatever situation we may be subjected into. I believe these are times to start speaking out loud and call everything by its name without showing any fear or needing to be politically correct to avoid offending some hyer-sensitivities.

The current trend of world's events is quite a cause for concern, especially because it is taking the shape of religious warfare, and history has taught us how deadly religious wars can be. What we are faced with now is on one hand a groups of mentally deranged killers forming gangs in various parts of the world based on their religious indoctrinations and justifying any horrific deed they commit in the name of their religion. On the other hand, we have a group of globalist elites capitalists who are motivated by their extreme greed and selfishness, and who are prepared to bend every moral rule in the book in order to ensure the perpetuation of their power and privileges, in the process leading entire nations in unnecessary wars in order to fulfill their selfish goals. Since scores of innocent people are falling casualties of the meaningless wars being fought by these two groups for their obscure reasons, this raises the question of how long the world must endure the attrocities perpetrated by these ideologies. The forces of the first group call themselves the Jihadists and they are unequivocally alligned to the paradigm of Islam and use it as their guiding principle. The forces of the second group are more subtle and secretive in their proceedings but they can adequately be called the crusaders for their opportunistical use of the Judaeo-Christian paradigm to fuel their sinister plans. We reserve the right to scrutinize the core ideologies of these two groups (i.e. the Jihadists and the crusaders) and ask ourselves about their agendas and what they all wish to offer to the world.

The Jihadist's "dream"

As previously mentioned, these groups of islamisc persuasions known as the jihadists are involved in an impossibly difficult mission which basically consists of pulling the world backward in time by stoping all progress in it and converting every human being alive on this planet to their exceptionally pathetic and primitive religious ideologies, and they are quite prepared to kill without blinking an eye anyone who refuse to conform to their madness. The abominations and attrocities being perpetrated by these jihadists groups around the world are well known and are more than scandalous to every normal human being. In fact, the morally repulsive actions perpetrated by these groups have already reached a tipping point whereby they no longer even evoke terror in people as their perpetrators would have hoped but rather a general feeling of anger and disgust. These savage “holy warriors” have displayed their inhumanity to the entire world and they have proven that they are unfit to live in a rational and enlightened world. It would be much better for them to be sent back in medieval times when their barbarian mentality could be well tolerated and better accommodated because frankly, nobody needs a bunch of deadly lunatics walking among civilized human beings and causing all kinds of troubles. In fact, they would do everyone a big favour if they could collectively blow themselves into atoms (as this is their preferred method of self-immolation) and leave this “sinful” world for those who wish to build it, so they could go to whatever hellish “paradise” they are being promised.

But the problem of jihadism is not a recent one and it goes much deeper than simple isolated cases of horrors committed by one individual or a group of individuals "misinterpreting" an otherwise "benevolent" religious teaching. Instead, it is at the central of the koranic ideology and is the historical method by which Islam has spread itself in most parts of the world. The fact that the actions of current jihadists seem to have gone out of hand and appear so outrageous to the modern mind does not negate the reality that those people find their inspiration in the core teachings of Islam, regardless of how they interpret such teachings. This is why we need to seriously scrutinize this religion (i.e. Islam) whose endoctrination breeds this king of lethal dementia in people and causes them to act so repulsively, because one can only judge the quality of a tree by the kinds of fruits it produces. So if the "holy warriors" paying allegiance to a particular religion engage in particularly shocking activities, then this must necessarily raise legitimate questions about the religion they believe in and not just the people committing crimes in its name. Any other conclusion is just pure hypocrisy or an a way of avoiding to challenge one's own belief system.

What can be said from any objective observation is that all true fundamentalist Muslims are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Their collective mental illness makes them obsessed with suicide, which they choose to refer to as "martyrdom". "We love death more than you love life," they yell to their western counterparts. This pathological statement is understandable if only one considers all the psychological factors involved in the thinking of the people pronouncing it. Given that the lives of these people are so lacking in pleasure (but are filled with countless restrictions, prohibitions, and regulations), their love of death is not surprising at all. This is why it can be said that any truly endoctrinated muslim is a potential suicide candidate irrespective of his/her race, culture or country of origin. It is not death that these "martyrs" are unafraid of, but rather they are bored by the meaningless monotonous lives they have been subjected to live ever since their infancy. Despite all arguments advanced by muslim, this death-loving mindset is actually a central tenet of islamic ideology, and this has been so since the onset of that religion. This is why Islam can adequately be described as an anti-life ideology, a form of medieval death cult that has managed to survive to this days thanks to its brute force methods directed against all its oponents and detractors. Islam offers an archaic paradigm which is incompatible with modern life, hence it makes its most faithful adherents very unfit and maladjusted in a civilized world. Moreover, this religion provides a plateform of justification for human oppression and primitiveness, and allow these to be propagated and perpetuated at all cost. This makes Islam a laughable religious paradigm in any social environment inhabited by rational and free thinking people, which is why this religion is so adamant about modernity and why it is so fiercely opposed to any intellectual enlightenment.

The crusaders' “Solutions”

Now concerning the other group we have identified as the force of crusade, it is a lot more intricate to discern their agendas because they act secretly and through their many proxies. These are people who are very resourceful, well educated, smartly dressed, and who, unlike the former, work with modernity in order to achieve their ends. Because these forces dominate the political landscape in most parts of the world, they have adopted a more convenient name called the “international community” (aka the Anglo-American-Zionist-Wall street Empire together with their allies and supporters). These crusading forces desperately wish to spread their imperialistic fingers far and wide, and they will use ANY mean to achieve that end, up to (and including) orchestrating deadly wars that take out countless lives, only so they will later be invited as "saviours" and “peace keepers” (you can call it UN, NATO, or whatever.) to come and solve the very problem they themselves have created in the first place. At this point in time, these imperialistic forces seems very delighted to use the maniac jihadists as useful villains who unknowingly help them achieve their agenda by among other things, creating numerous failed states in many parts of the world, therefore setting up conditions in which the imperialistic interventions of the crusaders will be perceived as something noble, legitimate, and even desirable. There are actually many credible evidences and leaked information suggesting that the secret agencies of the crusading nations are the ones who are secretly founding and arming the very jihadists that their official leaders are pubicly declaring to fight. It actually seems more likely to an attentive observer that this whole deadly mess being caused around the world could simply be a grotesque form of power play orchestrated by some anonymous individuals living in luxurious fortresses and driving in bullet proof limousines.

The western world claims to be the champion of freedom and peace and yet, as more and more emerging reports reveal, it appears that behind the scenes the true rulers of these nations are actually dedicated to the opposite ends of their official claims. This is a world (the west) that is busy creating all kinds of institutions and technologies of control to increasingly strip people of every shred of freedom and privacy they once had, all in the name of the so-called "national security". The cabale of ruthless imperialist currently running most of the western countries have constructed an entire system of psychopathic values designed to enrich themselves beyond measure and to allow them (and their offspring) to outrageously reap disproportionate rewards behind other people's works, while sentencing the rest of humanity to soul-destroying and meaningless lives. Their ultimate goal is to create an entire world system made at their own image, a world in which only a select few privileged groups of family will rule and will be obediently served by hordes of fearful masses of slaves who will have no alternative option whatsoever at that point. And in order to consolidate their power and better control the masses, they resort in known tactics of constant tension, which consists of frequently using phony emergency threats such as "terrorism" as a mean to keep their population in a permanent state of panic and psychosis, for it is a admitted fact that a frightened people are easy to control and cannot even contemplate the possibility of overthrowing their oppressors, because they wrongly view them as their "protectors".

Where should we stand?

So this is the world we are living in now and the following are the choices we are ultimately being proposed: a totalitarian global empire run by a greedy, selfish elite groups and their accomplices for their own self-interests, or a world ruled by primitive-minded khalifah brandishing their shariah laws (enforced by countless moral polices) and threatening a ruthless death to anyone not complying with such retarded laws. Does any of these two false options offer a viable choice for a better world? Don't we deserve a better future than what the pushers of these nauseating paradigms are proposing us? One thing we can be sure of is that neither of these forces has anything valuable to offer to the world or can help mankind transcend its animalistic inclinations, which is precisely the goal we should all be aspiring to achieve as a world's community. Despite the distructive nature of the pseudo-opposition between these two forces, they cannot fool rational free thinking people about their alleged merits because all of them represent the same idea viewed in different angles: a world of total tyrany in which masses of people are being held hostages of a few privileged elites and are ultimately reduced in a state of permanent slavery.

This is why under any circumstances should peace loving people of this world be made to take part in this killing frenzy taking part between these two forces or support in any way their bellicose efforts (either financially, mentally or emotionally). Let these two forces causing hatred, division and destruction expose all their vileness to the entire world so they can discredit themselves in the eyes of all rational and lovers of truth and freedom. It is even possible that they are unknowingly digging their own graves, so that in a hundred years from now nobody will even know what these sick ideologies consisted of, the same way that nowadays most people don't know that there once existed in this world a horrible torture system called the inquisition. But in the mean time, in order to resist the influences of these two toxic forces and retain our neutrality, we must equip ourselves with the protective power of knowledge and learn how not to be manipulated by an irrational fear of death (because this is their only leverage for controlling people). We should leave (or control) our fear of death not in a suicidal way but in a healthy way that is based on a understanding of the true nature of death itself as a simple change of state of existence.


All these forces of control always use religions in order to inculcate their followers and push whatever agendas they have. As history reveals, Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) have particularly been used as weapon of mass destruction in this world and have never ceased to cause divisions and separations among people and lead them in unnecessary deadly conflicts. Anyone capable of rational analysis would conclude that these religions have had nothing but malign consequences for humanity. The deity that is described in the Old Testament and the Koran is a deranged and psychotic tyrant wallowing in human misery and inflicting as much pain as he can contrive. Anyone who is on his knees in terror of such a God proves that he has zero understanding of God, because any deity who inspires fear and terror is not (and cannot be) the true God at all. God is not some sick psychopath commanding people to bow down to him and be perpetually terrified of him. He doesn’t order fathers to kill their children as Jehovah/Allah ordered Abraham to commit a human sacrifice of his own son in order to prove that he fears him. Everyone who obediently serve and bows to such a monstrous divinity should consider the uncomfortable thought that he or she may unknowingly be worshipping the devil himself! Undecided

The root cause behind this mess we are currently experiencing in this world is due to the fact that the world is still being influenced by fanatics religious leaders who terrify the superstitious masses with ludicrous tales of eternal hellfire if they disobey whatever directives they are commanded to execute. Much of the trouble in this world stems from societies that fully endorse these inflexible and irrational religious ideologies and who try to shove these ideologies down other people's throats. These societies (mostly the Islamic societies and the orthodox Jewish communities) are always ruled by grim, hateful bearded old men in weird hairstyles, ill-fitting clothing, and who project an apearance of pseudo-piety to the outside world. These societies are full of bitterness, are terrified of change and are suspicious of outside ideas and influences. They're wedded to tradition and always look to the past for inspiration as if the passage of time never takes place in them. Each passing year make them more and more obsolete and they can never catch up. Islam is an exceptionally toxic ideology in this regard because its brainwashing methods are terrifyingly efficient and lethal. While there are many repelling and violent people who happen to be Christians, and who use Christianity to promote violence for their own ambitions, Christian teaching in its principle largely promotes peace and has had a vast positive impact on many societies in terms of social cohesion and charitable supports. On the other hand, although there are many decent individuals who are muslims, unfortunately the doctrine of Islam itself actively promotes violence, intolerance, extreme misogyny, the killing of homosexuals, slavery, torture, tyrannical forms of government, legalized polygamy, and even a social tolerance of paedophilia (and many similar remarks can be said about orthodox Jewish communities). For instance, could any society that strictly enforce such rigid value systems (like the Taliban style society and many others) really hope to produce psychologically healthy and stable individuals who can contribute for the progress of the world? Go figure.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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It appears as if this post has specifically came on point with the particularly shocking news that occurred in Paris (France) and which caused the killings of many victims who stood for the ideal of human's rights of expression and free speech.

I'm very sad aboutd this barbarous actions and I hope that the sacrifices of these victims will not go in vain....
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It is so frequent that many terorists use the name of Allha to kill.

That is so wrong.
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Indeed the recent tragic news about the killings in Paris was very hard to follow. Imagine the frightful thought of a bunch of killers running around a big city like Paris in a killing spree like rabbit dogs and shooting at anything that moves in their sight! Huh
And the fact that all this deadly madness is being committed in the name of God is what adds salt to the wound. I somehow got an intuitive feeling that something like that was going to happen very soon. Once you become very observant of the world’s events, it can be very easy to predict some outcomes based on certain trends.

But what must be stressed is that this troubling killings of Paris was no more tragic than any of the other outrageous killings currently being perpetrated by deranged religious fanatics in places like Nigeria, Mali, Lybia, Syria, Irak, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc and which leave trails of deaths, destructions and grief behind.

The spectacular mass demonstration that happened in France and in some other parts of the world this past Sunday could have been a resounding success and a much elegant show of people’s power if it wasn’t tarnished by the sight of a small elite group made up of half a hundred despots, tyrants and neocons who invited themselves from all around the world in order to come and recuperate the event and use it for their own selfish purposes. Seeing a bunch of falcons in smart suits, walking in front of millions of people while holding hands with each others in a way that subliminally convey the following message: “we are your protectors and your only hope against these dangerous barbarians, so you must stand behind us and follow our without questions” was the most unsettling part of that demonstration to me because it somehow defeated the purpose of that protest and undermined its awakening power.


The fact is that most of those folks who posed as saviours of the world are actually the anathema of true freedom and emancipation of mankind, and they represent a far more sinister threat to the future of this world than anything that the mad killers of Allah with their Kalashnikovs or their kamikaze belts can ever do. It now becomes clear that the world is slowly being cornered by two obscurantist ideologies (i.e. the Islamic barbarism and globalist imperialism), waging phoney wars with each other and taking people as their hostage, all the while making scores of innocent deaths. All attentive followers of world’s events are well acquainted with the fact that each time the dark activities of one of the imperialistic forces are put on the spotlight, they secretly engineer some tragic event somewhere around the world in order to deflect people’s attention and diffuse the energy of their rightful anger.

For instance, consider how, just as the Zionist state of Israel began to lose grounds diplomatically in the international opinion (notably in France), and as it began to contemplate the future eventuality of having its Tsahal officers dragged in international criminal courts where they would be convicted for their proven war crimes, suddenly something happens to save the face of Netanyahu and his cohort of hardliners in Tel Aviv, so that they now appear as the “saviours” and the “protectors” of the Jewish people, urging them to return to the “holy land” where they will allegedly be well looked after and shielded from prejudices and attacks. These psychopaths are prepared to make any sacrifice (including the loss of some of their own citizens) for the sake of improving their image in the public opinion. It now becomes apparent that the holocaust of the Jewish people will never end as long as they continue to elect such sick minded individuals as their leaders.

Similarly, it always come as strangely “coincidental” that each time people are made aware of some kind the dark activities of imperialistic states (such as the revelations about CIA tortures, or the massive NSA spying technologies) and that more and more people around the world begin to have legitimate debate and concerns about these issues, some ugly “terrorist” attack must happens in America or elsewhere to justify the existence of these dark activities. Everything is being done in order to legitimize the idea of people’s submission to state’s surveillance into their private lives, and to justify the robbing of taxpayer’s money by allocating colossal amount of money in national budgets for “preventative wars” and phony “national security” threats.

The fact that this “Je suis Charlie” demonstration failed to capitalize on the unique opportunity it had of gathering such a massive worldwide support and a large media coverage it received internationally, to raise a powerful voice denouncing and vilifying ALL war mongering individuals and forces was somehow regrettable. This missed opportunity had the potential to shake the world and help to awaken the consciousness of large numbers of people who are still indifferent about our collective future, despite the fact that they will very soon have to directly experience the frightening things they are only watching or hearing from afar up to now. We may even wonder whether the majority of these millions of demonstrators who proudly filled the streets of France's cities and elsewhere understood at all why they were demonstrating for, or whether they were simply showing up for the thrilling opportunity it offered them of taking more selfies to post on their twitter accounts and facebook walls! Confused

Nonetheless, what is very encouraging sign about all this is the fact that we are now seeing more and more decent people of Islamic confession who are now pubicly speaking out and condemning these odious crimes committed in their names. This is a good start which gives us something to chew on while waiting for all the unsorted details about Islam to be openly discussed and addressed. It can only be hoped that as more and more attrocious crimes continue to be committed in the name of Allah, all muslim dotted with free minds and fully functioning consciences will increasingly feel compelled to acknowledge the fact that it is not only the individual radical members or groups of their religion who are to blame for these crimes, but that the very tenets of their religion (as written down by its very dear prophet in the “sacred” Koran) should also be reviewed and carefully scrutinized for its ambiguities and inconsistencies. It is my hope that all peace-loving muslims will finally stop hiding behind the wall of denialism, but that they will gather the courage to confront reality and look at themselves in the mirror in order to have some serious self introspection about their faith.

It should be clear now that the ideology of Islam is incompatible with the modern world (defined by freedom of speech and the rejection of obsoletes rules and superstitious customs). Whereas all other religions seem to have readjusted most of their teachings in order to adapted to the modern realities as bad as they can, Islam remained unchanged and stuck in the past. It is not being alarmist or prejudicial to say that the indoctrination of Islamism is a major stumbling block as far as uplifting mankind's intellectual and spiritual potential is concerned. This religion (and its various offshoots) provides a fertile ground in which even the most unimaginably shocking idea can grow and prosper. No wonder why all the disturbing forces bent on destabilising the world and terrorizing its population feel inspired to use the Islamic platform in order to accomplish their repulsive ends.

I am aware that these kinds of opinions are conveniently accused of being “Islamophobic” (whatever that mean); but I prefer to call it “Islamocritic”. As far as my reading of these events is concerned, it all comes down to the simple facts being observed: we do not see fanatics of others religions (be it Buddhists, Hinduists, Christians, etc.) raiding and killing people because their prophet has been “insulted” for being caricatured, so something must be odd about the suicide battalions of Islam. If the prophets or founders of all other ancient religions (such as Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, etc.) have been sculpted, painted, caricatured, and their teachings have even been openly vilified by their detractors during their lives and afterward, then why should a simple drawing of Mohammed raise such a huge wave of hysteric protests in so many muslims around the world (and murderous thoughts in some of them) if they are sincere in their frequent claims about the “tolerant” and “open” nature of Islam? What was so special about that medieval prophet in the Arabic desert that nobody can be allowed to criticize his claims, and that any artistic representation of him should be considered as an intolerable blasphemy guilty of death penalty?


I believe that if an argument is that the truth should be able to speak for itself and hold its ground without being frightened by challenges or criticisms. It is only teachings or the narratives that are based on lies or deceptions which need to be constantly enforced by strict and rigid legislations in order to be protected from being publicly debunked. As far as the "spirit of Charlie" is concerned, although it missed its main goal, but it nonetheless achieved the essential: that it is now time for people to allow themselves to speak their minds freely without having to wait for the permission from Churches, the Pope, the governments, or any other person or institution allegedly dotted with "divine" authority. It is time to start having personal opinions about critical issues and think as an independent individual, without always letting outside agencies to think for you. Also, everything must be openly discussed, tossed, criticized and even mocked if necessary. No taboo subjects should be allowed to exist in a free world. Those who do not want this state of freedom of expression could go to hell, heaven, paradise, or whatever other place of their choosing (where seventy virgins will allegedly welcome them and indulge them with endless orgies for the sexually frustrated lives they had on earth).

[Image: 11rqahe.jpg]

Not only is it desirable for the world to move forward and to build a better tomorrow, but it is inevitable. All those who are psychologically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually unfit for the upcoming golden future will activate into a self-destruction mode of one way or another. The Darwinian law of natural selection shall apply once more...
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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