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Hello everyone , 
I wish to share with you all my present experience with a person . I met  a person  one and half months back , and from the very first moment I connected with the person.  I felt a definite pull towards this person and  our interaction was pretty good too.  And after the moment I met him , he is there in my mind 24×7.  At first I  tried brushing it off as a simple infatuation , but when it became too much for me to bear I sought help from an experienced  psychic . 
She told me that  I have past life connection with that person and he left me in my previous lifetime , and he will do the same in this lifetime too. I was literally shocked because- 1.what I felt towards him was pure connection . If it's a karmic bond , should I not feel hatred towards him for all the pain he caused me in my past life ?
2. If he hurt me in the past life , why would the same thing happen to me this life too ? 
My reader  told me to stay away from him  ( basically told me to run away )   . Is it possible to avoid karmic bond ? Because something within me is repeatedly telling me that it's not over between us.  And strangely I don't feel any kind of negative emotions against the person even if I am told that he hurt me before  and he will hurt me in future too . 
 I request you to please give valuable insight about this matter  based on your experiences and  guide me about how to proceed with this connection.
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Hello Anamika S,

Relationships are a powerful and have the ability to change our lives in an instant. You said that you felt a definite pull towards the person and that they were on your mind often. You also mentioned a pure connection with him. These things are the truth of how you feel and they are the clues to discovering the solution.

I must advise caution. I am open to all esoteric and spiritual philosophies and practices. But sometimes with a psychic, they may tell you things that you want to hear or that seem likely. In all cases, in my life, I have found that all of the most important answers in life can be found and understood within ourselves. Within our own spiritual bodies there are chakras, infinite love, and a connection to the entire universe. Now that you know my feelings, I leave the rest to you on this matter, regarding what happened with the psychic.

My advice to you is that you must search inside your self for the answer. It is never good to dwell on a thought or person too much. You can enter obsession or, as you mentioned, infatuation. Why do you think so much about this person, do you imagine he can fulfill your desires? Do you imagine him as something that he may not be? Do you use him as an escape or possible solution to something else within? These answers can be found within yourself.

As for the connection to karma and past-life. It is very good to be aware that this may be the case, but again do not dwell on it. Keep it in the back of your mind for now and live in the present moment if your with this person. Do what feels natural and what feels right. If you are over-thinking and trying to make connections that may not exist, you are not relaxed and not thinking clearly. Keep a Clear, calm, mind when you are with this person and do what feels right in your heart. Trust in yourself and your inner spirit!

Hope this helps!
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Its A Soul Tie, That never had an bad event as Such as told by your PSychic, She or He simply Mistook The Event of Another one, And So Long As U Ward it off; And Keep A Clear Mind, it All Fares Well. The Trouble Tho Now is, The Jinx And Sentence of Your Psychic - in The World. Even i Have Trouble Typing What i INtent to Say With here PronouncAtion in Mind.
Her or His Jinx is One You Claimed into And took For A CertAin Ride. So Brush it off So You Can Experience It (the Relationship) in This Lifetime; The PRoblem is, Her or His Jinx Reaks into the Relationship, Since u r Forced to believe it more -or more or less in further time: Since you Aquired it of the Psyichic. So Dont Sway on What You feel. Look For the Evil That the Psychic Took into Your Account, and Live life as seeming Pleasantly able to Do. Soul Ties Are Not Karmic Bond's. They are in the Lifetime Presently Made and Established. Even if the Soul Tie is bend on a Cosmic Karmic Bond, It Can be Severed By Simply Praying the OM.

"I Fear that the Common Ignorance of the Common Karma Makes People's Future Worse then Better. -Minart Youn"

You Should See if Your' Willing, and If So; Nothing Can Stand in the Midst of a Bond that is Willing to Go Through Hoops of Tries.

Not all Psychic's have Good Hearts of Intention's. You Should Watch of Whom You Call and of Whom you'd Believe. The Reason Why You Feel Such Strong about This Person is of an Twin Flame Experience, Both Complete in their Way before Each Other; Hence Why Their is Resistence and Yet a Common Bond; That Resistence is of a Lifetime Walk Coming to it's Conclusion From the Basics back to Where You @. It is Good IF You'd Take Simple Steps and Feel Each other's Life's Essence out, By Taping into each other's Vibes Rationally. This Will Help Keeping the Mind Cool.  Eventually You Will See The True Reality Behind the Curtains of the Psychic's Reading; What Cosmic Bond of Karma he or She Meant to See. But Life is a Journey, Not a Destination. You Should Experience the Up of Downs if their be any Regardless of What a Reader Spoke into your Life, So "Selah Vie" And Let the Best Yet to Come. If You Believe in that, Then No Amount of Reading Will Cause Karma to Go Down. Even if You Experience the Karmic Bond in a Slight Manner to Make Good on What was Intented Eons Ago, You Can Settle it down into a Lesser Manner. Remember All Must Walk their way WITH; and WITHOUt Karma. I Could have Written a Text That Would Ease All Your Doubts, But This is Not What Life is About. The Experience You Put-In IS the Experience You Get Out, And With a Twin Flame Twist, Don't Let it Burn Out, if You Already are Presented With it. Take A Chance and Know that the Gods, are Merciful; Compassionate. "ALLAH'hu Akbar" - (GOD is Greater)

I Think This Text IS Sufficed. Go w/ G D
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Dear Anamika,

I can understand what you are going through at the moment. I have stopped being eloquent and expressive these days because I enjoy the peace and the feelings . I am writing this post after a long time because I can resonate with what you have written. My post is not intended to deter you from listening to your heart. Only you can decide what is best for you. Consider this as just one of the experiences of one of the individuals.

I think sometimes, some people are destined to meet each other to learn some lessons or fulfil their karmic duties to find their Ultimate purpose. These are called Karmic partners.
I was in a similar situation 11 years ago, but I did not consult any psychic. I fell in love with a person, but something inside me kept warning me. Since I was not aware or awake at that time, I just ignored my intuitions. Got married, life changed from the second day of the marriage. He was not the same person I had known before marriage. My life became tough, I was caged. There was a conditioned Love in the relationship, along with fear and compromises. I always cursed my life for falling for such a man until I got into spiritual practices. The spiritual journey began in 2015, after 4 years of marriage. Something was within me that kept me going. Because of him, I began distancing from people who were very important to me, which resulted in seclusion. But, this resulted in me spending time with myself. The harsher he got with me, the more I delved within until something sparked within me. I began trusting myself more. I began becoming fearless and taking my power and trust back from him. He tried all means but could not control me anymore. In fact, his spiritual part began reviving. For the first time, I learned what being free means...what being with self means. Everything was falling in place and then I realized we were destined to meet. Once his role in my life or my role in his life is over, we will separate because he is my Karmic partner, not my SOUL mate.. The entire journey so far was not easy but it was very rewarding. I found MYself! I found LOVE within. 

Everybody will view my experience according to her/his perception. But, it does not matter. What matters the most is what I feel about this relationship and how I percieved it. To me, this relationship awakened me , otherwise I would have remained a FOLLOWER of a particular group,ideology, belief system, social conditioning,someone else's belief or thinking etc. I could not have found my strength. But, now I am a creator of my own life. According to my experience, we should learn to follow our heart, abandon the fear of the unknown and enjoy what life brings. We have the power to design our life the way we want. Everyone who comes into our lives, teaches us something. Some people come to awaken us, some come to support in this awakening process, some lead us to entirely new dimensions. Anything that contributes to a positive growth and lead us to the ultimate Truth, is good. I would suggest don't let others inculcate fear in your mind. Sometimes Fear blocks the most beautiful gifts of life. Look for a relationship in which you feel safe, loved, respected, are encouraged to pursue your individual goals, have individual space, are open to each other, contribute to the mutual growth, have no fear to be your authentic self and there are no expectations..where there is just Unconditional Love! Too good to be true, isn't it? But, it is possible. Smile
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