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Yes, the jolts, tremors, shaking, vibrations , feeling of electric currents are normal and happen due to energy surge.Your kundalini is awakening. But, one needs to relax and let it flow as it is very powerful. Maintain the calmness and do not allow it to overpower you. Tame it.
One can transfer the healing energy to others but ONLY when he/she himself/herself has achieved the balance and know what and how to do it. It comes with practice. Energies do not go with intention; they demand awareness. Sometimes intentions are good but the result is undesirable or disastrous.

Let me tell you an example:

Once there was a man with a certain type of illness. His family members took him to a doctor who was considered good and experienced. The doctor prescribed some medicines and diet. The family members followed the doctor's instructions religiously. But, instead of getting better the man's condition became worse and ultimately he died. Later, it came to light that the man was allergic to sulphur and his diet and medicines contained good amount of sulphur. The same diet and meds could have worked well for another person with no sulphur allergy. So, The intentions of the doctor and the family members were good but, because of unawareness, the result was not good.

Energies do not have a beginning or an end; they are transformed from one form to another. They keep fusing to form the creation as per the demands and needs. So every effect becomes a cause for another effect and it goes on like a loop. Even our most trivial actions can produce big effects.
So stay aware before you act!
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Thank you Anushri

Moon Bear learn me to ground my self, i thought that would help, and it did... but the energy increased lol, specially my feet vibrate a lot. i try not to block the energy but let it come in and go out at my feet and root chakra.

i practice surrender and letting go off my lower self or ego.

the idea for me is to come more inline with God .

i understand what you want to say about intentions and how if a am unaware that it can do more harm, think there is a saying
( the road to hell is sown with good intentions) i understand that my perception can be wrong.

is there any practice or advice that you can shear with me how to be more aware of become more aware?

thank you for your kindness and teaching
Light, Life and Love
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I would suggest you to have patience and focus more on Pranayama because it helps to clean and purify the body and the mind from within . Pranayama is done before meditation as it helps to build concentration and prepares a person to hold the upcoming energies. Pranayama helps a person to understand his body and its needs which is very IMPORTANT in spiritual practices . Once the body is ready, it makes its own way. Meditation is a great responsibility because it deals not only with your body but also with your surrounding. Once you are ready for further advancements, you will come to know about it. Hope that helps.
Wish you success!
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