More about Meditation

In your spiritual life, you are advised to meditate for many reasons.
I believe it is important to keep the reasons why we meditate so that we simply don't do it because we are fans. Or simply because it has become a fashion today. But you make quicker progress when walking the spiritual path fully conscious of what you are doing.

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From Million Ordinary thoughts to No Ordinary thoughts.
There are many levels of states one can reach into meditation. Those levels differentiate one another by the amount of agitation in the mind. That means, those levels go from we having lots of ordinary thoughts, to having less and less of them. You go from Millions to 0 ordinary thoughts. And the highest level of meditation is when your mind has reached 0 ordinary thoughts without force. Now I do mean ORDINARY ones. As spiritual or mystics thoughts made of abstracts things are no ordinary. Thoughts made of symbol images or abstract thinking is another category of thoughts. From this point of view, we may say that you reach the highest level of meditation when you realize no ordinary (earthly) thoughts in the mind. That is the true meaning of silent mind. Otherwise, what did you think a silent mind was. A mind with no thoughts at all? Smile No, there is no human with absolutely no thoughts walking the street. You are doing good when you can reduce the amount of ordinary thoughts you have in an hour or a day.

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A personal Issue in my young age.
I'm a busy thinker by nature. But when I was younger I used to think a lot more and nonstop about anything, mostly about some ordinary things. I almost had no control over my thoughts. I made so much noise in my head to the point where I started talking alone on the street Sad . Actually I thought so loud that you could hear me physically, verbally. Nothing could stop it. That was getting worse. I tried many technique without success, but later got a solution: Since my mind couldn't stop thinking, since it couldn't stop worrying about something, I finally give it something far more spiritual to worry about : spiritual, mystical questions. I ended up with lots of spiritual thoughts in the head. And that was much better. Better to have a mind filled with pure things than impure things. So although I still think a lot, I think a lot more about spiritual questions. In case you haven't noticed, I can write a lot about such questionsTongue Big Grin . Months and years went by, I got the habit of having more spiritual thoughts most of the time. If I'm not thinking about abstract things, then I have nothing to think of it.

Thanks to meditations, a person can guide his thoughts towards a certain type of thoughts. The more thoughts of the kind you have, the more you attract the same kind. That way you are protected against all the other thoughts not similar to what you are now costumed to think of. Next step is to learn how to focus on one particular topic at a time. To focus on only one subject for a certain period of time without interruption. When you reach this point, you would have already moved from having millions thoughts to 1 thought. You may remain in that step as long as you want. Before you know it, you could find yourself with 0 thought during a meditation, but simply meditating on the silence.

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The Goal of Meditation
You may reach the empty mind for some minutes, but it won't be long before you quickly start thinking about something again. Because to think is exactly like to breath. To breath in corresponds to receive a thought, to breath out corresponds to send a thought. That is why the control of breath from exercises like Pranyama is used in spirituality in order to control thoughts. The slower the breathing, the slower the thoughts. And just like you can't stop breathing forever, you can't stop thinking forever. Contrary to what many new age spiritualists think, the ultimate goal of meditation is not to cultivate a mind which never thinks at all. But rather to cultivate a mind which only think spiritual, that means a mind which sees things in a spiritual way, a mind which sees the beautiful side of things, a mind capable of receiving and sending mostly spiritual thoughts around. A mind which easily understands the language of nature, which understands the eternal symbols naturally, a mind filled with intuition.

The aim of meditation is to free us from ordinary thoughts, as those latter belongs to the lower self. When those ordinary thoughts are gone, we left with extra ordinary thoughts. We are simply trying to reduce ordinary thoughts in order to increase extra ordinary thoughts. But it is wrong to say that we are trying to get rid of all thoughts. Why would you want to remove spiritual thoughts anyway?
If the aim for meditation is to have no thoughts at all, to have an absolute empty mind, then will we be any different from the stones, or the minerals? Those beings do not think at all. Their mind is not developed enough to think like we can. Fortunately we humans have reached the stage of a being which can make use of thoughts. From this stage, we are asked to prove that we are not controlled by thoughts but that we the ones controlling the thoughts. We should prove that we don't just think randomly, in an automatic way, mechanically, and about anything. But we must prove that we can stop thinking when we want, and restart when we want. But and above all, entertain pure thoughts for long hours, for months, and even years. That is the mastery over thoughts. That is what meditations should contribute too.

Now, does it seem right to say that God thinks? No. Why would he/she (it) need to think. To find an answer? or to solve a problem? It doesn't make sense, does it? I'd be first to stop believing in God if God thinks. Smile . But yet again, if we believe that God doesn't think, then how does he differ from the minerals which also don't think? Haaa! they differ from the fact that God doesn't need to think, while the minerals are incapable of thinking. Since he is everything and knows everything, he doesn't need to think. The moment he thinks he becomes human, the moment he struggles to think he becomes an animal, the moment he is unable of thinking he becomes a vegetable or stone.

Intellectual and intuitive thinking
Understand that the reason why I'm saying God doesn't think is because his thinking can't be compared with our human thinking. So the verb "To think" like we use it here on earth, doesn't apply for God. However the word "Intuition" is the closest we can get for God.
Our thinking process is in fact a complex copy of the way God thinks. We are mostly intellectual oriented, that means we gather information and process them, that how we generates thoughts. While intuition thinking doesn't need information, since it simply is that information. When the spiritual texts say that we are images of God, that should be understood in the way that we have a spiritual nature within (our higher self) which looks like God. Therefore which thinks like God. Intuitively. But still, intuition has its own levels too, which I may write about in a future article if you will.

Human is a being which has reached the stage of evolution allowing him to access 2 sorts of minds: The lower mind (lower mental body) and the higher mind (the causal body or higher mental body). We have a mind which thinks Ordinary, and other mind which thinks extra ordinary. A mind which thinks intellectually, and other mind which thinks intuitively. The ordinary mind is where we all start in our spiritual path, then we move slowly (or quickly for some people) towards the Extra-ordinary mind. But note that even when we get to experience the extra-ordinary mind, the ordinary mind doesn't vanish. You still find yourself switching between to the Ordinary mind for you need to solve certain issues of your ordinary life. For example, say you have reach the Extra-ordinary mind right now, that's great! but in that state, there is no ordinary thoughts in your head. You have no conscious of intellectual knowledge right now, there are no thoughts in forms of words in your head, but rather symbols, abstractions, all you know is that you understand. This understanding is nothing like anything you can share to someone. Well, now say you must explain those things to someone, how will you be able do that without the help of the Ordinary mind? Smile. Only your ordinary mind posses the words, the images you need to use to express yourself in the physical world.

Ordinary mind used this way gets better and better, it purifies itself that way, since from now on, what it thinks of is according to the Divine world, according to the Extra ordinary mind. That's is good way of purifying the mind. By thinking about the things of above, by thinking about those abstract, symbolic things which ordinary people don't usually think of. In order words, you can perfectly purify your mind by simply thinking extra-ordinarily more often.

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A possible way to measure ones spiritual level is by checking ones purity.
There are no measurement tools to measure our level of spirituality. All we have to check, is the level of our purity. How much pure you are is how much time you live with pure extra ordinary thoughts. And none of that purity is stable in you until it has settled in your psychic heart ( your astral body, I mean your feeling and desires). So once you start to notice your desires naturally getting pure, then you may say to have become pure. In order to say pure, the mind must frequently entertain extra-Ordinary thoughts. The heart (the desires) should come to desire Extra-Ordinary things, love all the abstract things like love, harmony, peace etc. Then the physical body (and the will) will automatically follow. This latter will naturally and easily do acts of love, harmony, peace, honesty...

It all starts from thoughts
If you want my point of view about where to start to maintain a good evolution. I say, start from the top and make your way to the ground. Start from the mind, then your heart will be influenced to love the pure things you are thinking of. Strengthen those desires and your will, your physical body will easily do actions of purity.

It is possible to have a dirty physical body and still make spiritual progress, while it is impossible to make a spiritual progress with a dirty mind. The heart is in the middle of your mind (thoughts) and physical body (will). The heart is not capable of purifying itself, but through the influence of the mind or will. That's why you don't have to do anything for your heart. just focus on developing (purifying) your mind (thoughts) or Will (Etheric body/physical body), your heart will be get pure thanks to the influence of the mind or will.Your thoughts are the key. Reason why we are strongly advised to learn meditation by spiritual masters. Through thoughts we can open the gate of heaven. Though the mind door, we can receive the light. The increased light will provoke fire in the heart, The increased heat will transform the Etheric body (the will) and the physical body.

Some great spiritual beings started with developing the heart. This is mostly the religious way. This is no bad to go that road. You become good, but just too good to be taken advantages of. Someone who only works on first purifying his heart alone, will not be stable in spirituality, he/she won't be able to maintain his/her heart purity for very long time. You probably will find this a bit hard to swallow Confused , I know. But tell me, how will you be able to maintain your heart purity if you have no wisdom on how to stay pure. The purity of the heart is like a clean white shirt. If you want to keep it clean and white, you'd better learn how to avoid dirt while walking the street, meeting people, playing with kids. All those strategy of how to avoid impurity (or keeping purity) is what we call wisdom, which comes from the intuitive mind. Your mind, your thoughts influences your heart like the air in the atmosphere influences the water of the ocean/river... If there is too much dark wind (too many dirty thoughts), the water are troubled (the feelings/emotions are troubled).

What we focus on and how long, makes the whole difference.
See, it can happen to have had a dirty thought during the day or during meditation, but if you didn't focus on the thought for long, don't be worried. It fine Wink As long as you don't focus on a thought, you are safe from being influenced by it. Your heart will not be influenced and neither will be your will. However if you focus for a certain time on a thought, everything you are made of will react to that thought (influence positively or negatively depending on the quality of the thought you are focusing on).

The attitude to have towards thoughts during the day is not focus on them. There are thousands of ordinary thoughts coming and going in our head during the day. Should you wish to keep your purity of mind, simply watch them coming and going without stopping on any of them, without focusing on any of them. Remember, as long as you don't focus on any of those thoughts, it will be as if you didn't have them. But in order to be able to let those thoughts pass without encouraging them, you must be vigilant to see them. Vigilance is important here, if you are not used to watching the thoughts coming and going in your head, you won't be able to let them go, you will end up focusing on them without knowing it, you will identity with them. So watch out! Rolleyes

Why during meditation sessions do you think you are asked to focus of nothing else but the object of meditation, the meditation teacher will even tell you to quickly get back to the object of your meditation if you get lost during your meditation. He doesn't want you to focus on anything but on the spiritual things. The change happens during the focus. What you focus on, is what you become. I'm lucky to witness the beauty of the change of mind during concentration (focus), then maybe there is nobody more convinced about the power focus than I'am Smile . Beautiful, is all to describe. The beauty is that the mind, our thoughts take the shape and colors of what we focus on. It is all that is to know in order to transform your mind.

That means, if you focus on something very pure, your mind takes the shapes and colors of it. Is there any thing you may use as an image of perfection to focus on? Well, I've personally looked around and could find nothing but the sun. Is there anything lighter, brighter, warmer, symbolic, beautiful, bigger, (name it all), than the sun? I doubt it. Then for those who would want to have a mind as pure, as brighter, as warmer, as intelligent, as bigger, as spiritual as the sun, focus on the sun during meditation. But of course, you may choose to focus on many other things you know are pure. For example, you may focus on the pentagram, on the OM, on spiritual masters images, on beautiful paintings, on beautiful calm musics even. Whatever is pure and spiritual.

Where is God in all this?
During meditation, we are not talking to God. people choose to stay silent, thinking of almost nothing. And that can make the religious people think: Where is God in all this? Big Grin . Well you may be assured that we do get in touch with God during meditation just like we do during a prayer. I would even dare say that meditation is a higher form of prayer. Without knowing it, the religious person also gets into a meditation state during a strongly focused prayer. To pray is to talk to God, while to Meditate can be said to listen to God..
We are all sons and daughters of God. We all are allowed to communicate with our parents (God). God has no problem talking to us. As in fact he does that every seconds of our life, and even after death. The problem is we don't have the means to properly receive his messages. Don't have the organs to hear, see or feel him. So God continuous to send us his blessing secretly and we receive them unconsciously. To be able to hear, see or feel God, one needs to develop his spiritual senses. His spiritual organs of senses. his spiritual hears, eyes and mouth. Purify your mind to hear God, Purify your heart to see God, and purify your will to feel God. God sounds like silence, looks like beauty, and feels like a force. You may get to know God better through meditation.

The highest level of meditation
The moment you come to have no more thoughts in mind during meditation, starts a whole new experience. As this is when you start to truly see yourself as simple and pure consciousness. From here you start to understand what the physical eye symbolizes truly. From here you start to understand the concept of the time and eternity. From here you will discover everything which looks like you in the universe as you will connect to them all. From here you will happen to understand everything about life at once without the possibility of all converting into concrete pictures or words. This is from where you finally realize you are 2 natures, as you will witness in a more convincing way the presence of the higher nature, then concepts like supra consciousness, consciousness and subconsciousness becomes clear to you at that moment. This is when you will witness your lower nature surrounding you, you will hear, see, feel it with your spiritual senses breathing, mourning, dreaming..., you may depending on your level witness the different atoms of your invisible bodies flowing around you. This is the moment when music takes another meaning in your life, as it will seem like everything you experience at that time is musical.

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The Voice of God
It is said in the spiritual and esoteric texts, that if you can become silent during a meditation (absolutely no ordinary thoughts), you may hear the voice of God. The voice of God is not made of words, do not expect some old wise man voices coming in your head. That voice of God is nothing but inner silence. Yes, a silence filled with intuition. To listen to the voice of God, is to listen to the inner silence. But don't rush to the silence just yet if you've just started. Rather go slowly and surely towards it. Don't move from million thoughts to no thoughts. first manage to be able to focus on 1 thought for at least 30 mins, then you may try to listen to the silence. Don't make the same mistake like others, don't focus on the NOTHING to try and STOP thoughts too, it is impossible and a waste of energy., but rather focus on the SILENCE. Always remember that the mind needs and wants to focus on something always, if you can try to prevent it from doing so, but you will quickly learn that you will be hurting yourself, and you will be going nowhere near spiritual. Instead of wrestling with your mind, tell your mind this : "Since you want to focus on something, I've got something for you. Focus on the silence" And the best way to focus on the silence is by listening to it. Listen how quiet it is become inside you, open your inner hears wide, do as if you were trying to catch a noise in that silence. Silence to that peace in the mind, and wait to see if there is any voice thought or image.

Let yourself be educated by God through meditation before you start opening your mouth. You may only learn better by being receptive to God. You don't need to ask, God knows what you want. Go towards him with in a respectful attitude, knowing he is not far from you, because he is within you. Seat in the conform of your inner temple (your body), Close your eyes so you can forget about the external world and pay more attention to the spiritual world. The spiritual world is right there within you, when you close your eyes. All the spiritual beings are right there in between your personal thoughts and desires. The spiritual world is talking to you, but you can't hear it because you make so much noise with your inner mouth (your mind). Shut up a little and you will hear the spiritual beings. Shut up a little more and you will hear the voice of God.

Love and light.