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MSG Rule:: Avoid plagiarism - Or wrap the source with quotes

Hello everyone,

As years go. Our forum is climbing ladders in the search engines, and google seems to crawling (visiting and scanning) our website more frequently now. Meaning what you are posting here is becoming more and more visible out to the world. 

This is a good news to us all, for we may now be found and help someone out there. I thought I let you know so you realize that your efforts are giving fruits. What you are posting is reaching the world. Most of your new and old threads are well indexed on google now. We can keep this going, it's a team effort, it's the whole MSG community work.

That being said, I'd like us to be more careful about the content we post on MSG, the source of it. For many search engines, especially Google, plagiarism  is a serious crime, and Google penalty on this will affect our ranking. We should not allow plagiarism sabotage our good ranking on the search engine.

That being said, to protect this good reputation on google, Admins and Moderators will become very strict on plagiarism. If you copy someone's content from another website and paste it here, please wrap it in quotes. There is a quote button among the formatting tools of our editor. Please make use of it.
Wherever this is not respected, we will give warnings, or the MSG system will automatically start blocking the member's future posts for admin review, especially if the behavior continues.

This rule will be added to our  help document for future reference. 

Thanks for understanding and thanks for your contribution to the community. 

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As a published writer, I have employed the services of professional editors and proofreaders. They have made the same point to me. Avoidance of plagiarism, whether knowingly or unwittingly committed, is as important on the world wide web as in any other form of information dissemination. 
Therefore I take the liberty of strongly endorsing  Admin's above post. If you have just read it, read it again. You might be saved the embarrassment of embarrassing our Administrators. Or worse, damaging the reputation of our highly regarded Spiritualist website. 
Should our administrators edit/remove a post, do not regard it as an interference with the right to freedom of speech; rather see it as safeguarding MSG's reputation for actively encouraging that freedom whilst, at the same time, discouraging us, the contributing members, from committing the writer's greatest literary sin. Plagiarism.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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