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Make this Thread Sticky

Hi Admin,

I can see this new feature on my threads. " Make this thread sticky"

I thought to give it a try, just to know how it works. 

Could you please tell more about it and how to undo it as I am unable to find an 'undo'/cancel or delete option?

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Hi Anushri

Thanks for taking interest in the new feature. 
I actually intend to write a proper thread to explain how it works. 
Essentially, this feature is to allow you give emphasis on the thread if you consider your thread to be an important message, or knowledge. 

By clicking on the "Make this thread sticky", you are asking MSG to take your thread very seriously because it contains very interesting knowledge. We've programmed the forum to display such threads in the header of the home page, to make it more visible to members. In addition to displaying the thread in the home page header, we also make it sticky in the list of threads in a particular forum it belongs to. In other words, it will be listed among the important threads. 

However the thread will be sticky for only a limited time ( 7 days max ), then it becomes a normal thread again and is automatically removed from the top header on the home page. 

Please note that there is still work to be done in this feature, so bear with us while we bring it to its maturity. We will give you options to manually undo/cancel as well. 

Thank you again.
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Awesome Admin
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Thanks alot for the information. I had guessed so .However, the thread I actually intended to stick on the header is not being displayed and some other thread popped up and that's why I asked for the delete option.
But, as you have already informed that this feature is still being worked upon, I look forward to its improved form. 
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Hi Admin,

Any update on this feature?

I still cannot see any undo/cancel button. All I can see is my age old post on the header of the homepage, that I never intended it to be there. I thought it would be gone after 7 days. But, it is still displaying on the home page.

Members must have been bored seeing that. Please let me know how to remove it.

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hahahaha..  BIGsmile 
Quote:Members must be bored seeing it now

Hello Anushri, thanks for reminding about it. 
The last time I checked, Admin was still busy amending the feature, but it's been months, so I will get some update from him when he is back from his holidays. 

In the meantime, I think I have a temporally solution to clear old sticky threads. Will clear them now.
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Thank you Krya. _/\_

It's nice to see your response after a long time.
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