Mind silence by rising thoughts vibration

Mind silence by rising thoughts vibration

It is well known among our official scientists that sounds have frequencies. 
For the esoteric or metaphysicians, not only sounds but also everything has a frequency. Because everything vibrates. Each physical thing is made of elements, which are constantly moving. Atoms are always moving, but even inside atoms electrons are moving, and further beyond that, there are emotions energies and thoughts energies particles constantly moving.

Haven't you ever wondered why do your mind (where your thoughts are) is more active than any other parts of yourself? That is simply because thoughts are particles of the mind moving fasts nonstop. The lowest vibrations are found in the 3D ( the physical world), but the more you move up in higher planes of existence like the etheric, emotional and thoughts planes, vibrations gets higher and higher. Understand therefore that it is normal for the mind to be that noisy; so when you are to engage in a meditation, do not fight the mind to stop the thoughts. Doing so would simply mean you have not understood how the laws of vibrations works. Therefore, instead of stopping thoughts, rather rise those thoughts vibrate to their highest speed to the point where there is no more noise in the mind (Silence).

It may seem like silence is the result of stopping thoughts. True but not precisely.  On the contrary, true silence is achieved by making the fastest thoughts in the mind. There are two methodical ways to do this:

1) You simply observe your thoughts. To observe your thoughts is like to put a flash light on something in the dark. It brightens. Doing this to your thoughts increases theirs vibrations. As the brighter something is, the higher the vibration. Also the longer you through light at them (the thoughts), the more they rise and vanishes from the mind. This has been proven an effective method by most meditators. 

2) You cogitate upon a spiritual topic for few minutes until you get to the point where you have so many answers at once coming to you intuitively. So many quick and clear answers about the question will start to pop up in your mind. The clearest answers are proof of the presence of lightened thoughts, proof of the highest thoughts in vibrations. The thought with the highest vibration always appears quick and clear in your mind. So quick and clear that you almost won’t need express it with words (thoughts-words). The thought at its highest speed is what we call an intuition. A thought, which belongs no longer to the mind plane but to the causal plane. 

As you may have already noticed it in normal life, when something runs too fast, it tends to disappear. Same with thoughts. The fastest they run, the more they cannot be heard anymore. What you hear in your mind are proves of low vibration elements in the mind. The highest thoughts cannot be heard, as they vibrate at a higher level than your normal mind can handle. When a thought has surpassed the vibration speed limit of the mind that thought moves, reaches or belongs now to a new plane of existence: The causal plane. 

Everything in the entire universe, visible and invisible is one and the only same element presented differently, that element is commonly called Universal energy in the new age terms. Everything around us is, simply energy presented at different levels. Your chair, your car, the stones, the plants, any apparently solid physical thing is simply the universal energy vibrating at a very low frequency. And your body energies, your emotions, your thoughts are still the universal energies vibrating at a high vibration frequency.

Have you noticed how your vocal physical voice (coming from the mouth) and your thoughts (coming from your mind) have something in common? They both can be noticed as sounds. True, because they are both the same element vibrating at different frequencies. The vocal sound is the lowest frequency of your thoughts sound. Your thoughts is the highest frequency of the vocal sound. Beyond thoughts vibrations limits, thoughts becomes intuitions, which is the higher frequency of the thought. If you know that sounds can vibrate high enough to become light of colors. In the same way thoughts can vibrate high enough into intuition

Here is how the same energy is positioned in the scale. 
On the left are the lowest vibration of an element. On the right are the highest vibration of the same element.

Physical/etheric energy  < Atmic energy
Emotion energy < boudic energy
Thought energy < causal energy

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Your signature line invites us to 'join you in this trip.'
I want to look inside your head - but that would be spiritual trespass - not allowed.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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