The Aurora Found the Indigenous people of the NatiVe AmerICas in There Time Of SpirItual AwaKening in A Distant Apprehended Form Of SPirit And SpIrItuALity in There NAtIVe AMeRIcAn Form Around 15,000 years ago, In Which From the Aurora in the NorTh Withing the AlasKan NatIves, Found Clue's of There CulTurAL BacKGrOund in SPiritUal BelIeves of the SPirits They Hail To SigNal With There BlANket to Rise In the Day What SeemIng is of AuRoRic Form, The SPirIts of GREatEr ABOVe. 
Among the PeoPle Who RevEre The HeAvEnly Sky EnLil, Enki Would become PromANent in that he SubMits others To thE Earth, GrAVity Firmament Sky/Ground.
The Aurora Was Created Through SolareBurst IntErActing With the ELecTROMaGNetic FiEld, in the Sense, it overlays On a MappEd Field the Atmosphere of the Northern and Southern Pole, in a Spectacular Visual Field and PErhaps a Vibe Field Perception w/ it. Perhaps Before the Beginning, The Earth Alike the Stellar Were in A Cloud of sky/Mist Enveloped in it in Alike the AfterGlow InFlation. 
the Natural Intoxicants at that time via pipe and Congestened Herbs and Plants, Caused them to Engage in a Stronger Feel of Acceptability Of all Spiritual Fields Mostly by Sunbursts Gamma and X-rays that came in Visual Form to the Auroric Cycle in the Northern and Southern Pole In Stead. With, The Alternative World, Therewith Come to there Spiritual Endeavour as Native American's Spiritual Conquest of there own.
the Alternative world Earth Was in that Midst in it alike, Where That Mist Rose to the Sky Upward, being A FirmaMent of Sky In itSelf. 
When ElOHim Said "LIGhT" the Alternative world Earth Was in that Midst in it alike, he echoed it into ExIstence. Ohr "אור" ∞ OF That Which Now Whether It Could Be Walked Around on, Or Was Not Dense EnOugh is GivEn tO Much SPeCuLations But the Fact is tHat Dar/knEss Was Upon tHe Face of The Deep, And ELOhim Said "LIgHT" And ThEre WaS LIGHt. 
At The Age OF Light At the UniverSes Creation, All Light Was Seen To It's Primary Ordeal, And Then Paused into the Dark Ages Wherein No Light Was Visible Up Until at It's Age All Gases GAthered Into a Spot In Compression Due to There OWn Gravity and Produced a Helium Hydrogen Star at High Temperature at there Density at Compression. A FirSt Star Which Was the RippLing Effect Of the Echo Of the Existence of Light, By God's OWn Command" Vayah yiAOhr ויְהִי אוֹר -ELOhIm
the Mist, As it Flows into FrOm the Ground UPwArd, into the StellAr from the Troposphere ToWards the ExoSpHere. tHey Settle in the Mist As it Was By DenSity of LiQuid VapOur that ConTained What then Is the EloHIMאֱלֹהִיםOhrאוֹר, The Light of God, if Light is seen by the Heat that Bounced DowNWard With SunBurSt And Light in the Position of the ConCeptivBle AbSorption of Heat in Quasar's Strongly And Visible in the Atmosphere OF SunBursts Energy Making itself into the Lightwave of the Spectrum, How will by SunRay over the Cold of the MountAin High UpWard SphEreS that Show in the ALignMent of Click into PoSitIon of thE AtMosPhere. 
it Be Detained if The Eminence IS OF/ LiGHt It'SElf. 
Upon the HaBitatAble Zone For Life to FLourish. the AtmoSphere Did the MAker MAke Pertain Partake the SHhAkANIah Into The Existence is ConStricted in the Zone, Wherein Out of HIsit's Own CReaTIOnScape of BEIngs. From -- Post1st Post InterJection (ViSual) Life'Forms OTherwise Known as Stellars, OF Stars That Breath EnviroMent Atmosphere and Circling there Environment. If the Place it is Set Upon, is Set in the Place For Heat And Cold to BriCkle The AtmoSphere As We Know it, By its AttrIbutes to Constell itSelf in the DominAnce For it to Be As EvoLving As Thick As Was Needed For Life to Be AbStained from ConStricKtion. THe Sum of the Point it is Set on Gives the VaPeriZation of WatEr to Mist in the AtMosPhere For Proper HaBitAtAble ConSumptIon foR the Earth to SuBsTAin Life, ThereFore; Is Life BlessEd With Life CommOtion HABitAtAble in It Self. 
Life'Forms OTherwise Known as Stellars, OF Stars That Breathe EnviroMent Atmospher and Circling there Environment. If Stones Are Alive By Molecules of Matter Speaking Each To There Setting of Positioning in there Own Rights BEfore therE Maker, Who is Maker of All Human/Mankind. CAn A RuBble of Stones Speak? Does A Rock Feel Hurt IF Hurled Into a ChiPoff of theRe PrEVIOus CoMPositiOn? If ThESe ROcKs WouLd CRY Out, 
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WOuld They SPEak As To What There Life'Form of Being MAtter Matters'? SOLid Matters Are SeemIngLy Not As PrOmInEnt as Gas Like Matter, Like Mists and FormAtIoNs OF Mountain Rocks. But How Did The ANCient See IT, If Not All Being REVEred in TheMSelves. -- Zen 禪, But It Takes a LifeForm to AKNoLedge a PRImItive Lifeform or MAtter Like a Rock to HAve MEaning. Through WhO'm They Are ObJects AS All Form OF Matter Is OBJects to the Maker, ExCept UnLess MaKind Makes it Matter worTh Matter. REVEred Were the NaTure OF Things In AnCient of Times. OF Which IN MOdErn Times, EVIROMentaList, MAke MAtter OF NaTure of IT ITself Once AGain, In A DiffErEnt Does of ReVerEnce /WorShIp - A NeEd to PrESerVE IT BeFore ExStInCTIon or DAMaGed Hole, Like The AtMosPHere, 

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Or the Land, or the Rocks of ANCIent CaVes. - ReReDition OurSelves into What Once Was ReVeRed With WorsHip into the Act Of AcTIVIst What ReVerEnce was Once In Worship, CAre.