Morning Lucid Dreams Technique

I thought I could share this method.
This is a method I've used for few years for provoking lucid dreams.
I cannot promise this will work on everybody, because we are all different. Those who don't have strong legs should try basketball or tennis, those with weak arms should try a different sport :Smile , there are many methods (sports), try some of them and stick with the one witch works for you. 

We've already discussed about lucid dreams few times in the forum. But because I like exploring the same things, prepare to be bored with me sharing the same kind of topics.
I've often referred to lucid dreams as a playground, a free zone to exercises our virtues. A person who is lacking courage in the real world (physical world), can during lucid dreams, train to for courage by exposing himself to dangerous situation and making an effort to be fearless. In lucid dreams nothing real happens to you, it is like Vegas, " what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas "  Smile , but you bring back with you the experience. If you are learning something at school, university or even in an esoteric school, you can go into lucid dreams every now and then to practice what you learn. So while other students are sleeping and waiting to waking to continue the studies, you however continue your studies in the lucid dream. You can practice your language studies for example. You can practice your public speech skill... I personally also use lucid dreams to practice astral projection. When I need to astral project to go help someone or to do something I've not done yet, I would first go into a lucid dream to simulate the experience, I would try to do it in the lucid dream than when I'm comfortable enough, I would apply the skill in the actual astral realm ( which is not Vegas Smile )  

Like I said, methods to get into lucid dreams are many. You may get there unwillingly or willingly. To get into lucid dream willingly, I've practiced in the morning. I would wake up one hour earlier than usual, meditate or read a spiritual book or maybe drink a glass of hot water. I stay awake for about 15 to 30 min , then I go back to bed. With experience, you won't have to wait for 15min passed before you can go back to bed, you will simply wake up one hour earlier and close your eyes again. With the purpose to enter the lucid dream, I would close my eyes and wait for the first automatic dream images to come to my head. That is the most important moment. When you can see those early dream images, try and focus on the image and don't let it pass. Try to stay on that image for a long as you can, if it passes, then wait for the next one and catch that one. Focus on it. All you have to do here is to try and make that image as clear as possible. It's easy, just try and see the shape and color of the image. Say you have an image of a bird in front of you, then just try to stare at it, try and find out or to see clearly what the color of that bird really is, is it far from you, can you get closer to see clearly? Can you see its eyes, what color are they? What about its neck? what about its legs, what shapes are they?

[Image: annas-hummingbird.jpg?w=1024&h=683]

Then when the image is clear enough, that means your right brain is fully active, you are in the dream. Now to stay lucid, you must bring a bit of the left brain with you (meaning a bit of reasoning, thinking with words). To do so, you must speak mentally. Explain in words what you are seeing and what you are doing. For example, after the image is clear enough, start using words to describe what you are seeing and doing: "I'm looking at the bird clearly, Now I'm going left and I'm walking towards those people to see clearly what they are doing and saying", at this point you are already in the dream and fully conscious of yourself. Now look at yourself, you can see your feet and your hands and the cloths you are wearing. It's okay, you can be amazed "It's amazing I'm in the dream!" To be amazed won't stop the dream. :Smile . You can now decide to experience whatever you want, everything you need is available in that state of mind, you are exploring your subconsciousness. But remember, if you want to keep the awareness throughout the whole dream, you need to reason from time to time, always bring a bit of your left brain to the party. So from time to time, say something, keep thinking loud in the dream. 

Most people's lucid dreams usually ends up like all normal dreams, meaning they become unconscious, as they loose focus. But for an experienced person, when the lucid dream is ending, you feel it from the dream. From the dream, inside the dream you will sense that you are starting to loose focus, and sometimes you feel as it something is trying to pull you out of the dream. At that moment if you let go, you will naturally open your eyes in your physical bed. And that is the end of the dream. 

Love and light.