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Mother Father Creator Knows What is Best For All

Be careful what you ask for, as you may get it.

When in,my early teens I began to give God a description of the person I wanted to share my life with.
This description took about 20 minutes of my daily prayer.
12 years later I got what I thought I wanted. This person turned out to be a horrible cheat and completely dishonest.
My prayer changed from a description of who I thought I wanted to a very short part of my prayer.
....Please send me someone to love only me....
Remembering my height which is tall for a woman, I added.....also if possible taller than me...
My future husband showed up in 2 weeks. He is 7" taller than meSmile

Knowing my bull headed know it all thoughts on what I thought I wanted, God decided to give me what I thought I wanted, knowing full well
I would realize that person WAS NOT who I really wanted. Only by meeting this person, would I give up the idea in,my mind what 'he' should look like.
Once I realized what a jerk this man was, I was ready to let God send me the person meant for me.

Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.

Now I mainly ask for peace and understanding in the world. And that we take care of Mother Earth the best we can.
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I agree with you. Where I come from people used to say : "Walls have hears" .

Love and Light to your best wishes so they may come true.

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