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My Introduction

Hi everyone! I'm Irish. I just got here browsing forums that will let me talk about my life struggles these days. I am a college student and Im very depressed knowing about my grades. I did all i can but i still fail things and its saddening. Help me acquire inspiration and life's motivation thank you.
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Hi Irish,
Welcome to MSG. I am also a college student (who has failed exams/courses on multiple occasions). My experiences with failure have taught me some important lessons.

Hard work and effort does not necessarily equal success.

Each teacher/ professor, teaches differently and therefore, tests your abilities differently.
you may spend 8 hours a day reading the textbook and studying power point slides to improve your theory. only to find the exam tests you, not on theory, but on solving problems and doing real -life calculations

In short, It is important to put your hard work and effort in the right areas. You said in your post that you "did all you could" to be successful, And I believe you. But you may have put all your effort into the areas that were not tested (the professor did not think these areas to be important) .

1. Develop relationship with professor (go to his office hours) (this also requires you to go to lectures) . make study plan and ask the professor his opinion on your plan.

2. If past exams are offered. Make the past exams a focus for your studying. Logically this makes sense because usually the final exam accounts for 60% (or more) of the final grade. Putting your efforts here is more important.

3. If it is final paper or writing that you are doing. Find your university "writing lab" and force your self to go in and obtain English editing or other proofreading services. Many universities have a writing lab or English center to help students with writing.

From a spiritual standpoint: (i prob should have started here)

1. Do not give up. keep will/spirit to keep on moving even when you are sad and depressed. The point at which you truly fail in the university is when you give up. remember that failing a class does not mean you are not smart. Rather it represents failure for both the professor and the student (especially if you go to every lecture and try your best to pass the class).

2. do not isolate your self and try to do everything on your own. Friendships among your fellow classmates can be hard to come by especially due to the competitiveness that is a norm in our generation. but if you show kindness and love to the people around you, friendships will come. When you have fellow students by your side you have better homework grades (collaboration), the ability to teach others which helps reinforce concepts for the one teaching, also you have the ability to have a wider range of knowledge about the course, exam, and other things.

3. Maintain a healthy mind. Lack of sleep, drinking, smoking = exhausting your mind. Listening to too much music, day-dreaming, watching videos/TV etc.. = noise in your mind. If you spend 5 hours studying and follow it with 3 hours of watching TV. You are, for lack of a better expression, " shooting yourself in the foot". Your ability to retain information and have confidence in recalling information is directly related to your mind health. it can be hard to battle your vices as a student because majority of young students are depressed and are facing the real world for the first time. But the most successful student are the ones who have a disciplined mind.

I hope the helps.
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Hello ☘️
College was 45 - give or take - years ago.

IMHO one should realize that what you think you want to be may not be something you will end up doing, or something you really like. The classes I did well in, my grades were very good. The ones I did bad in, were subjects I really didn’t like.
Also I ended up doing something completely different than what I studied for.
Even that lasted about 4 or 5 years, before life took a completely different turn.
Something I still do.

My advice - do what you like, study what you like. Which will result in a happy life.

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