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NEWS:: MSG now has a meeting venue in Capetown

Hello everyone.
I have very good news for you, especially for members in capetown (south Africa).
MSG has now found  a meeting area (venue) in capetown.
This means you can now physically meet MSG members to share and learn from each other. Smile 

The space is called ZenStudio. It’s a peaceful and spiritual-like space. We have a monthly booked space big enough to host 10 or more members.

Address: 10 Viola Rd, Table View, Cape Town, 7441

We have scheduled regular group meetings.
Group discussions meetings: Saturdays from 3:30 to 4:30.
Beginner Meditation sessions: Wednesday from 18H:30 19H30

Note: More meetings are likely going to be added in a near future to allow different hours and member’s availability. I will add a calendar menu for you to watch up for new events.

Meditation Area
[Image: Zen-Studio-43.jpg]

Meditation Area Front view
[Image: Zen-Studio-1.jpg]

Group discussions Area
[Image: msgvenu.jpg]

[Image: Zen-Studio-3.jpg]

About the group discussions meetings:
The group meditation meetings are open discussion time where you can safely share your opinion to open minded members and to good time to learn from each other’s questions and questions around a particular topic.

About beginner meditation sessions and Workshops
One of our admin members “Krya” who actually is financing the space, has also volunteered to offer Beginners meditation sessions and the workshops.
If you would like to also run Meditations and workshop sessions, please let me know, and I will schedule future meetings accordingly.

To our members from abroad. We say, you may now come visit us in south Africa, because  Zenstudio also hosts ( there are some fees to it, but maybe not too expensive depending on your duration).
Or if you happen to be travelling in capetown already, please come pay us a visit.

If you are interested, or have questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Feels like very exciting times ahead.

Thank you.
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Congratulations Admin, and enormous thanks to krya.
I see Capetown, MSG and Zenstudio in particular becoming, over the next five to ten years,  an important centre for the worldwide dissemination of Spiritual awareness. 
In English we would say "More strength to your elbow."
Let Love and Light be.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Wow thank you so much Admin & Krya for organizing this!

This is really amazing and now I know for a fact that it was meant to be for me to come to this site. I am right around the corner and will hopefully join you guys soon.
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