No one is perfect

It's a well known saying that "No one is perfect". But what does it mean? Does it mean we have to accept that we are born sinners and will forever be sinners? I know this is what "Nobody is perfect" applies to most people. I do think that way of seeing things is an obstacle in really growing spiritually. Because with such thinking, many will not even bother trying hard to surpass themselves! why bother if we can never be perfect?

The sentence "Nobody is perfect " only applies on earth. Planet earth is of those regions of the universe where souls are born to be purified. That means all souls that come on earth must have some weakness, some vices. Even when the greatest souls come to be born on earth, they have to take some vices, if not at least one weakness from their parents or from other human beings. Which explains how much of sacrifice it was for Christ to come to be born among us. Every beings in universe applies to that law, you must be impure to be born on planet earth. The holy books tells about one only person who came to live down on earth without being born, he had no parents, so he totally escaped that law of the nature (the nobody is person law). which makes of him the perfect being who ever existed on earth, he is called Melchizedek, also known as the king of Salem. He actually rules the Law of justice, of life reincarnations, of karma itself. All the greatest masters that lead humanity to perfection are in the order of that mysterious person.

For me, the simply fact that our elder spiritual brothers and sisters, our masters pray, meditate, exercise, is enough proof they also have some work to do for their own soul. Just like a teacher at the university keeps researching, reading... In that sense, yes it's clear that nobody is then perfect on earth. But then if perfection cannot be achieved, we must now wonder why the greatest master Jesus ( assuming he did exist historically) asks his disciples "Be perfect just as your Father in heaven is perfect". I'm sure Jesus was not drank, or smoked something crazy at the time he said those words, did he?. Then we must agree, that perfection is achievable in master's opinion. That means the word perfection takes a completely different meaning from normal people to great spiritual people. In the head of great spiritual people, perfection is nothing but a spiritual state. The result of all the greatest virtues in human being. It's a state of peace, harmony and stability in the soul. It's a state caused by the union of the higher self and the lower self. "Be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect" can also be translated in an esoteric language as "Let your lower triangle have exact equal sides like your higher triangle and let both triangles unite" That remind of us of the seal of Solomon doesn't it?

[Image: 2n0reya.png]

2 triangles united, the lower triangle present the lower self and the upper triangle is the higher self, and their union represent the symbol of perfection. The great master Jesus like many other great masters, have achieved that union of the 2 triangles; so they did reach perfection. Reason why they asked us to do the same, because from their example, all human can be perfect, all human have both 2 triangles inside them; the only different between them and us, is that their triangles are united and ours are not. Now the master Jesus also said "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father", he said so because he knew that all human, when they follow certain spiritual rules, manage to union the 2 triangles to reach the perfection state.

"Nobody is perfect, we are all sinners" has become almost a song whenever people sin, they sing that song for an excuse so that they can keep sinning; Well then humans can remain imperfect and do nothing about it, but truth seekers will constantly look for opportunities to change, to control their animal instincts, because they know a truth that gives hope and courage. That truth is : we are sons and daughter's of God, Like father like son, and if God is the perfect state of consciousness then we should also reach that state, to be the exact resemblance. It is thanks to that ideal in mind, that we keep praying for our sins, for our weakness to go away, that we keep training ourselves to get rid of vices which are the cause of our sins. We cannot for sure get rid of all the vices and weakness of our soul in one life time, they are just too many, but that doesn't matter, our main job is trying to create the best condition inside of us so the spirit of Christ (the higher self) sees us as good place to live in, and to come unite with us. The best condition means purity. Purity in the mind, in the heart and the physical body.

Love and light.