On Awareness-Proactivty and Unconsciousness-Ego-Reactivity....

Teachings of the Masters on Awareness-Proactivty and Unconsciousness-Ego-Reactivity....

Act. Do not react.

--Sri Ravi Shankar

Sin is never in action. It is always in reaction.

-- Swami Chinmayananda

Virtuous ( proactive) action increases intelligence, while sinful ( reactive ) acts decreases intelligence.

--Vidura Neeti ( Mahabharatha )

If you want to progress in your life and grow, act not to react.

--Harbhajan Yogi Bhajan

Respond. Do not react.


Just stay focused. Don't react. Just be a witness and you will see the magic of it.

--Swami Chidanand Saraswati

Be proactive. Do not be reactive.

--Stephen Covey ( Author of 7 habits of highly effective people )

Habitually we react to external stimuli, that is we are generally overwhelmed by retaliatory emotional forces within us demanding appropriate action. But surely this cannot be called 'action' , it is in fact ' re-action' . Discipline of the reasoning mind controls the reactive forces and results in appropriate 'action' rather than 're-action', one should endeavour to establish control and avoid retaliatory behaviour.

--Acharya Mahaprajna

Quality of life depends on what happens in the space between stimulus and response.

-- Stephen Covey

Because of the space between stimulus and response, people have the power of choice; therefore,leaders are neither born nor made — meaning environmentally trained and nurtured. They are self-made through chosen responses, and if they choose based on principles and develop increasingly greater discipline, their freedom to choose increases.

-- Stephen Covey

Reaction is unconscious. You do not know exactly that you are being manipulated. You are not aware that you are behaving like a slave, not like a master. Action out of consciousness is response.

-- Osho

You can act in two ways -- one is reaction, another is response.

Reaction comes out of your past conditionings; it is mechanical.

Response comes out of your presence, awareness, consciousness; it is non-mechanical.

The ability to respond is one of the greatest principles of growth. You are not following any order, any commandment; you are simply following your awareness. You are functioning like a mirror, reflecting the situation and responding to it -- not out of your memory from past experiences of similar situations, not repeating your reactions, but acting fresh, new, in this very moment. Neither the situation is old, nor your response -- both are new.

-- Osho

One who is obsessed with worldly pursuits, one who is body-oriented, cannot really go into this. We need to develop a distance from our mind and not give in to impulsiveness. Those who react are the ones who are living mindlessly. So in a way, we can say that living mindfully is being in meditation.

-- Anandmurti Gurumaa

So action which is born of reaction breeds sorrow. Most of our thoughts are the result of the past, of time. A mind that is not built on the past, that has totally understood this whole process of reaction, can act every minute totally, completely, wholly.

— J. Krishnamurti

Action which is born of reaction breeds sorrow.

— J. Krishnamurti
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Hi All,

I am Ajay. Smile

My humble pranams and well-wishes to all of you here.

Quoted above are a list of teachings of various masters which I compiled myself for a better understanding and contemplation of the message of proactivity and reactivity.

Through study and analysis of the master's teachings, I had come to the understanding that it is proactive action which is known as virtue or good karma while reactive action is what is known as sin or bad karma.

While proactivity/nonreactivity is what stems from a state of awareness or mindfulness , reactivity on the other hand stems from the ego .

Living in the present moment brings about unobscurement of the natural state of awareness, while living in the past or future due to desires, craving or incessant thinking is what generates the ego.

The state of awareness generates peace and happiness , while the ego generates pain and sorrow.

This is why the Buddha had said thus ," Mindfulness ( constant awareness ) is the true virtue."

And why Eckhart Tolle had stated thus. " Evil is an extreme manifestation of human unconsciousness."

Writing this in my notebook and constant study and contemplation of these teachings from time to time helped me to become a more self-aware, proactive and less reactive person. This understanding brought a deep sense of calmness, peace, contentment and well-being in my life.

The study of the works of spiritual masters helped me a lot in increasing my self-knowledge and hope the reading of the above mentioned teachings will do the same for you or help in bringing perspective on the nature of the mind. Smile
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Zen therefore is the Solution, 禅 is the Way of Calmness, Calmness gives time to Respond Vs React Which comes by the impulses of the Ego. The Sin's of Reaction in the Context of the Quotes is the Facility of the Circumstance that ONe never has walked on waters before, so therefore to fall plunge into the waters. This is Why One Commits sins if one Reacts, vs Response. a Respond is Simply therefore a Thoughtful Minding that Gives Place for 禅 to Uphold. That Meditation that Keeps one Above the Water's. Therefore is It Better to Respond Good over React Bad. The Neutral StandPoint of Reaction Is Therefore To Remain Calm. So to Give Proper Diction to A Response. And Tho it Seeming it Goes into the Verdict of Answers. Responses Can Also Mean in Acts of Deeds. Wherein Good Deeds or Actions of KArma, Are Simply in Staying Calm And Non HoStile. Fore Hostility is Blocked By the DicTion of The Most High And So Return to the Sender so BecomiNg A Bad Deed or KArmA. These Are Times When One Ought to Stay CAlm When Trialed Upon to. the Ruach or Spirit of the Response By Gesture or By Speech Depends on the PErsons Character and Whatif whatEver Virtue UpHolds Within a PerSOn. Therefore is this an Internal Deal to be ReckonED on and Dealt With For the Core of a Being Speaks from it's Heart's Accumulated Abundance, and Acts of it's Soul's Content. So is This a Matter of a Being; Wherein Trials Come to Some and Not to OTHeR's to Establish themselVes in the Virtues of God, and Other's into the Downfall for Sin's to Be Reckoned unto and Found Worth of KArMa to be Dealt With or a Set of Verdict into the Soul and Spirit of a Single Being.

The Whole Conclusion of What these Quotes Above Make Mentioned of; makes it in a() Inconclusive Way That a Responds is nevertheless a Reaction; But By Means is considered of a basis unlike to it's own Category of Frame. Reactions and Respond differ in that a Response is Set on Neutral Grounds to a Positivity. And a Reaction Defense is Set in a Negativity. Therefore does Negativity cause sin; and Positivity Form -Present Future Tense a Good KArma.

UnLess There is a Set of Foundation in a Being to Curriculum a Sense of Heightness to the Solution of the Gathering within a Scope. There is no Sense of Doing Good with ones Deed of KArma to the Consumption of the Sole Conclusion of one's Action and Reaction in it's Sense; By a Respond's is Set to Phantom a Realize Sense of UnderStanding to Come into a Place That What Is Send Out is Received in Such a Way BAck Depended on the true virtue Of the Mind; Ie. Spirit of the Karma or Deed.
The State of one's Peace of Mind and one's Character matter in all this Matter. 
For Virtue is a Good stronghold But Opposition of the Ego That present itself as One Thus Alike Better for the Common. AlTho Ego being Self-Inflicting to Either the hearer or the Person ofselve, It Does not PResent Itself as Such But at the Brink of the End of It's Term Knowing Differently. Virtue Tho BEing as Non-Self Inflicting based on the Virtue of Calmness  and an UpLifting of a Spirit whEreRather a Downfall of Ego as a War Zone, But Yet Zen a Virtue.

Most translations are written wrongly on it's Theme of Basis, But It's not Being as difficult to be seen.

Good Responses are Best done after a meditative form of Mindfulness, Because it gives the Defense Mechanism of EGO no time to Respond, but Remains on the backseat of one's bAck mind Seated, giving positive neutral Responses a Right to Proceed.
Positive vs negativity matter more in the concept of Response. Since Reaction is a Response NeverthEless in the Negative Directive Form Most Cases Realize towards; a Good Response is a Deed of the Spirit of uprightness and Uplifting to the Case of Cause of Action, That Neither the Listener or Seer; Nor the Doer Get themseLves into the Trouble of Downfalling themselves into a Pit.
Therefore is Zen the Way of Mindfulness - the way to Go.

[Image: Zen_Garden_RGB_1920.jpg]

Actions Born of Reactives Breed Sorrow. 

Missing the Mark is never in the act, it is in the reActive.


The FounDation of All Things is in MinDfulness, If Your Not MinDful in Catching thE Ball; You Will Keep on DropPing iT. If Ever A MinDfuLness Was to Be ConSumed, it is iN the Reality of Activity. When Least Expected. If A Man So Dares to Counter All Things; Let Him Counter the Wave's of Calm ThroughOut All ThE Storm˟ℤ. 

If you want to progress in your life and grow, (act not) do noT lose ConCentRation.

RespondINg. Do not react.

The FlaW of MisTransLation, to The Intent of The Truth is Set ThAt All ThingS ConSiDerEd Can SpeAk. But Not All ThinGs SpOkEn Are WoRth MenTionIng. Wiℤdom Has It's Own Term.


If These Quotes Are ToB ConSidered. Then ForMaLitY is toBe Set in It's PrOper RiGhts ― Minart Youn 2019 NoVemBer
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Guruji, please comment on this: Act, don’t react.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It is very simple. When you react, what happens? You regret afterwards. Reaction happens through an emotional upsurge. When someone says something you don’t like, your emotions swell up. Anything you do in an emotionally disturbed state, you repent afterward. When emotions are on peak, the intellect goes in background. Your actions are from the intellect and your reactions are from emotions.
Self-awareness is yoga. - Nisargadatta Maharaj

Awareness is the great non-conceptual perfection. - Dzogchen

Evil is an extreme manifestation of human unconsciousness. - Eckhart Tolle
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(10-07-2020, 02:07 PM)Ajay0 Wrote: Guruji, please comment on this: Act, don’t react.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It is very simple. When you react, what happens? You regret afterwards. Reaction happens through an emotional upsurge. When someone says something you don’t like, your emotions swell up. Anything you do in an emotionally disturbed state, you repent afterward. When emotions are on peak, the intellect goes in background. Your actions are from the intellect and your reactions are from emotions.

Asking Guruji to comment on this is the reaction the ego desires; as such as such, it is not permitted. the Contemplation of the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vice, is that a timeline exist of the afterwards; But to some extended Beings such is not valid;!

Please commented: On Nothings

Fundamentally Sri Sri Ravi - Shankar is flawed in his primitive Understanding of the matters of the heart. - Nothings a reactionary form - When u do nothing's Your actionary reacting form still persist to exist; As such it is by the vice of kundalini that all things happen or the lack of it (theirfor of it), that you either interact or inter-react. By this The heart is soiled: In however of a manner u persist to react Your purity turns to "true" regret or not [happens Afterwards]. So no action or reactionary form is as Sri Ari Ravi Shankar Fundamentally Flawed Spoken unless by earthly/Carnal Low understanding of UnSelf-educated Earthly Wisdom. The regrets That follows by the Channel of heart; in such manner of action or reaction happens -  the Content of the heart (IS) follows, and theirfore compiled in the interpretation of the act and actionary act of form. 

So you see; their is a double Standard of nature of this/Things. 

The Duality of how Life unfolds is to end up with a heart that is pure; not a mind that thing's it can take over the heart's job of esoteric internal matter and energy. All Things compiled go through the heart which are the Kabalistic Ein Sof in their primary depiction.
[Image: 3d87700abf5cb6868d7c60f91dc84bd1.jpg]

Actions happen, and reactionary happens at an every all actionary time. 

The heart is the measuring it; and this thus-confound to regret or not by the Soil/ing of the heart/EARTH/ground. Guruji speaks: "It is easy to explain something in the simplistic term; another in entering into touring them. The difference between them Are Night And Day; To Shed Light; is to know the Sun; to know the Moon is to See the Deflection of the Sun. Their These Be Differences : As Notes of Sri Sri Ravi And Mine Differ. So is Knowing ones heart from the Carnal (Mental) Mind Apart: "Deep is the Soil of the Heart, And Water Adds or it Drowns; Don't Let Superficial Understanding Cloud You, Wherewith but Gnosis is Established; But no true Conform." The Depth of the Heart is Deep, Wallow Not over the Water that is Contaminated! ~ (F[Y)I] ~ Minart Youn ('20-'-2021)
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