in Retrospect to the Post: "Is it necessary to suffer in order to evolve spiritually?" I like to elaborate more on that theme, seen it might be misunderstood by many. As a Sole Conformation (Confirm+) it is to aknowledge that all suffer, either for Righteousness sake, Which is a Core Value, Or for unrighteous sake; Which is a Unrighteous sake Value till Proven /. Confounded elsewise by the Worldy; World.
This understanding is the Grasp of What suffering is; by the Determination of How the World View's it, as a means of Beauty to the Essential to it's Conform of Vital in the Terms of Beauty Which it see's. But as ancient matter's never found beauty till some things on the 20th/21st Century, So will Values of Present not find beauty till the latter Future Present time's in Ages to Come; Because beauty is a matter that is depended upon History, of Which it is Felt by the Delegation of the Congregration, as a Whole to Seem Plausible of Certain Values in it's Tact.

AS This People Shun from Things they Claim of Evil, Like the Sexual Orientation, or Of Any Set of Delegation Sexual Compound that is not alike the Present Norm, that the human Community does not Associate With, But Even in This People Might Know that for all to Long, Nothing was a Norm and People in the Cave Wrote Things as Simple; House Horse or Heart's in their Stead That Felt the Vibraphone of the Senses They Could Understand in Theirin Time, in the Presence of their Norm, Thus Confounded of them Who Never Wrote a Word to the Establishment of their Intelligence or a Matter of the Common Ground in the Pending of the Social Norm's that Confound/Constricted in it's Terms the Terms in Conce(n)ssion of their Time in Norm's as Alright.

So Suffering Comes because their is a Wave of Opposition's to the Term's What is of A Norm and What is Clausible a Term of Norm. But Where Wonder Women Might Distinguish the Reality/ a reality in It's True Term, So Will Any Propaganda Comes in it's Delegate to the Norm of Which Some are of the 21st Century Opposition to the Futuristic Present(ce) in the Future in it's Time. Wherein All Can Be Possible/Established, Seen that A History has Shown that All Things Are of Usage if found Compound in it's Term's of Rights For Which the Prophets of Messengers Aknowledge the Term's They Already Profess Ahead of time, that the Nations in it's Timeframe Do not Aknowledge Yet as Yet in Time. This For Advancement is Opposed Unless It is Stemmed in the Comfort of the Many, in their Zone of Delegated Form They Consider their Home.

But Whereas the Zone of Freedom in Liberty Shines All Liberties to the Formation of Truth, So is Suffering a Zone of Truth to them Who Aknowledge the Previous Matter's of a History that was Changed throughout time in It's Proposition of What it Wanted in it's Estate to have Harbored in it's Time. Some Just Extent to the Future Prior to Other's; as Runner's Ahead of the Many; Faced With Opposition in Which the Truth Will Yet to Reveal itself of Such as Common to the Appreciation of Some; Little Alone the Many Depended Upon the Congregation of the Constitution, wherein. ALL LAW's ARE PERMITTED: The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all. Of Which Liberty States: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of ...[]

In This Consideration as a Forrunner of CivilIZED Constitution of a Free People in It's Understood Constellation, It is a Manner to Appreciate That All Found Knowledge of This Given Right Within the American Estate of Constitution Is Given All a Right Within the Free Market To Choose Their own Lifestyle theirby a Religion to Mend Their Way's Altogether Therein. As a Choice to Oppose or Not Oppose Any Right's They So Choose to Distinguish. This Comes With Many Opposition's and Oppose, Seen that All Desire to Estate Their own Lifestyle as Religion and Mend Their Own Way; Wherefore it is Said in the Religious Philosophy of Taoism That : The Way that Can be Trodden/Walk Unto; Is Not the Eternal or ENDLESS Way, That Can be Chosen By Anyone; But that the Road is Narrow to the Individual to Wherein their Happiness By Pursuit is Distinguished on Their Physiology and Upbringing, Their Individuality a Matter of Conform to Which the Hope of the Universal Right Must not be Abolished. That All May Practice a Religion of their Own Which is Founded on One's Own right of Liberty within the Constitution to Chose their own Lifestyle in the Manner They Want' Within the Conforms to Dish Out; Not Harm Another in Any Way Shape or Form, With the Consent that it will/ By Formost Shall Return to Another in the Same Manner or Form. This Would be a Sure Understanding, Seen that Without Responsibility and Repercussions All Will Simply Live on Lawlessness And Cause Mayhem and Havoc to the Human Society of Their Own, With the Establishment of Human right's and Their Violation If Any OF These BE aBridged.

The Consideration of Suffering seen of Time Comes, is a Momentary TimeLine Wherein Changes are Established in a Manner Unwillingly to the Opponent Opposed, to the Aligned Delegation of What he Desires in His Own Conform to the Dictation of What Human Society as their Global State Wishes for the Constitution of the Primary Person Estate in Self Theirfor Wishes to be. This Meaning That Not All Wish their own Well Being, But that Their is Common Understanding of Well Being to the Whole Formation of Humanity Which is to be Suffice If The Content of the Religious of Spirituality is Established. Theirfore Will Spirituality and Religion War till the Ends of the Meet, Ever Concessing; Debating What is of Right and What is of Wrong, Never Understanding that even of What was Wrong Things of Right Can be Established and Come out in the Opening if the Understanding of Flexibility and Conform Comes in the Norm of One's Previous Choice to the Righteousness of Truthful Individuality Comes to Righteous. Theirfore i Say; That if All Would be Less Judgemental all Would be Better and Proper on Their Way; But Then Free Market and Capitalism Would not be Established. For Which the Industry as Modern Day Ages Have Set to Notion that all Should have the Market of Free; to the Capitalistic Notion that Their is Much More Appreciated to the Definition of What May Come Around, Goes Around in itself.

So you See People Live Without Suffering For they Wish Not to Go Against the Tide, But that Tide has an Island on the Other Side that Might be Better then the Living Arrangement that one Properly Estate in Theirin at Their Given Time, For Some it is not of Necessary, But for Other's It Might be Their Necessary of Estate; Theirfore Do We See People Lacking and People Moving; But Whereas Some Move Against the Tide, Others Wish to Simply Watch and Gain of What they Report Theirof Theirafter the Way's of the Tide and Their War. This is Folly To some Sense But What Individual Rights Establish within a Capitalistic Free Market; To Some Spiritual Matter it Opposes True Conform, Seen that One Who Work's Should be Reestablished and Recompense Further More for his Toil and Waring; But People Just Simple Wait at the Gate to Snatch Such a War Hard Worker and Take their Opponents Values Away at the Gate After Cease of His Wage against the War/Tide. This too Is Folly.

So What of Suffering; It is an Individual's Right to Chose to Go Against the Tide; and Realize that All Granted By the Wage against the Tide is Given to Him in the Establishment as Thus Given/Granted. That in some Free Market it is Opposed in Trade and Given to Another to Estate an Income Much Further; But Even in Free Market it is the Individual's Right to Chose to Whom the Trade be Granted/Given or Not; So Such is Folly Until the Person Himself understands of his Liberty and Rights within the Americana of the American Way.

So Pity to them Who Have been Robbed Seen that their Sincerity of Heart's Were in a True Place if they Considered Suffering for A Sake; Righteousness Sake a True Means of Worth. So Shall be Abridge them of Some Worth Regarded if they Consider Worth to be Abolished?...

In True Mean's Yes: Because they have Done Something good of Worth to Mankind in Which the Watchers Watched to Cease Understanding in Reports Rather then the Waging of the War Against the Tide. So Sleepers, Even them Shall Wake; But the World Will Have Slacker's as All Slack in their own Mean's of Time. As for all Things under the Sun : Their is a Time; So also for Sleeping and For Also Waking.

Hence is Karma A Matter of Timely Matter Precise. Coming Like a Thief in the Night at times to them Whom it is Watching over. Can it be tho that the Viciousness of the People is Gone to Abroad to the Sense of Recompense and Chastisement?

This Thread Is written After the Post on "In Depth, IN REALity", Which is a summation of the Test in Me Post Ages Present Ago.
Of Which a War Against the Tide is Seen to Perceived; The Reality of It was Harsh, With the Least to Confound; Because Such Matter as Thievery: Kleptocracy was Perceived. Yet Without Voicing Complaint's Is Necessary Seen that Who But God Can Hear of it; Who Notions to Understand all Things Already Ahead of Time. But Toughness comes to them Who Suffer, Especially for Righteousness sake if understood of them. So What is the Oppose Opposite of Suffering, But the Bliss in a State that Permits one to Rest. That Rest Come's for all Who Yet are to Suffer. For Their is a Calm after the Storm at every Given Term & Time. But Some By Comprise Do Not Get to Rest this Peace of time; and Constitute to Suicide; as i Have Written already ahead of time, Now Rementioned; By One's Noise in the World one is Taken of Life; By One's Noise in Life is Granted to another a Term of Life; Each are Corresponding to One Another By the Thought of Which they Profess Out of Their Lives, So What is then the Reality that would Face the Righteousness of Humanity in Mankind. To Be Kind to One Another in Thought Actions and Intends. So That Nothing Vile or Vain Comes into the Constitution of the Human Consciousness in the Soul and Heart's of Mankind. This then is Consider Of Virtue of Which Suffering Establishes, So Theirfore if You Suffer, Suffer For Righteousness Sake; In Which That Which is Found Worthy By Another Is Seen Worthy By the Many, Even in Regards to Minority it is the Quality not the Quantity that Matters, Tho the Free Market of Many Bid You Of Difference. 

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