Only one God created this world ...

(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)
Hindus say that Brahman is the creator, Muslims say
That Allah is creator, Christians say that the creator is
Jehovah, all say that the creation is this entire world.
If Hindus say that Brahman created India, and if
Muslims say that Allah created Arabian countries and
If Christians say that Jehovah created the western countries,
The problem is solved, there can be three Gods together,
Who have created the three parts of the earth separately.
But this is not so, each religion says that their God only
Created the entire world, unfortunately there is one world!
One world only! Come on, all of you sit together here
And give me the final conclusion after debate, otherwise,
The scientists are laughing on all of you! Shame to all!
They criticize that these religions do not have even
The basic logic, which is the fundamental common sense.
Because of you, the greatest God is also mocked by them
They say that the religions are rigid conservatisms!
Even a small boy is putting this question to all of you.
Stop all your discourses and first answer this question.
If you want to say that God created the entire world,
You have to accept that there is one God only always
And that His names are all the above three names.
We see in the world a single person having three names.
If there is one God, He only created this entire world.
All the human beings are invariably His children only.
No Father is partial to a single child and therefore
He must have preached the same knowledge to all
In different languages and in different methodologies
To different levels, this is Universal Spirituality.
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But what is a god?
Traditionally in mainstream modern religions god is perceived as the Supreme Being and the principal object of faith. The concept of God as described by theologians commonly includes the attributes of infinite knowledge, omnipotence (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere), omni benevolence (perfect goodness), and eternal and necessary existence. In theism, God is the creator and sustainer of the universe, while in deism, God is the creator (but not the sustainer) of the universe. Monotheism is the belief in the existence of one God or in the oneness of God. In pantheism, God is the universe itself. In atheism, God is purported not to exist, while deemed unknown or unknowable within the context of agnosticism. God has also been conceived as being incorporeal (immaterial), a personal being, and the source of all moral obligation.

There are many names for God, and different names are attached to different cultural ideas about God's identity and attributes. In the ancient Egyptian era of Atenism, possibly the earliest recorded monotheistic religion, this deity was called Aten, the one "true" Supreme Being and Creator of the Universe. In the Hebrew Bible and Judaism, "He Who Is," "I Am that I Am", and the "Tetragrammaton" YHVH are used as names of God, while Yahweh, and Jehovah are sometimes used in Christianity as vocalisations of YHVH. In Judaism, it is common to refer to God by the titular names Elohim or Adonai, the latter of which is believed by some scholars to descend from the Egyptian Aten. In Islam, the name Allah, "Al-El," or "Al-Elah" ("the God") is used. In Hinduism, Brahman is often considered a monistic deity. Other religions have names for God, for instance, Baha in the Bahá'í Faith, Waheguru in Sikhism, and Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism
Deities are depicted in a variety of forms, but are also often perceived as having human form. Some faiths and traditions consider it blasphemous to imagine or depict the deity as having any discernable form.
Deities are often considered to be immortal, and are commonly assumed to have personalities and to possess consciousness, intellects, desires, and emotions comparable but usually superior to those of humans.
Historically, natural phenomena, such as lightning and catastrophes such as earthquakes and floods, were attributed to the gods. They were thought to be able to work supernatural miracles and to be the authorities and controllers of various aspects of human life (such as birth or an afterlife). Some deities were asserted to be the directors of time and fate itself, the givers of human law and morality, the ultimate judges of human worth and behaviour, or designers of the Universe, instead of it being a natural result of the laws of physics.
But why do we need gods? It seems that in todays modern society that a belief in traditional gods has lost favour, and the following of mainstream religion has diminished, yet people still have their gods, the difference now is that the modern gods are mortal! Sports people, film stars, etc. these celebrity types have seemed to take on god like properties for their worshipping followers. Saint Augustine said that if God didn’t exist then man would create him!
So why do we need gods, is it that we need something to worship to give meaning to our lives, or do gods need us to worship them to give them life? This latter statement would indicate that rather than god creating man, man created god! This is true in many ways, we can elevate anything to the stature of a god, people can worship anything, wealth, property, film stars, sports people, hedonism, the list is endless, and it does seem that as the traditional all powerful, omnipotent, everlasting gods have slipped into the realms of myth, so the more transient gods have been created, but these gods quickly pass in and out of favour, often when a screen or sports idol marries, or declares their sexual preference, they begin to lose popularity, and certainly this type of idol, or god, would be nothing without their adoring fans, but what do the fans gain from this idolatry? They obviously derive pleasure from their idols performances, but they will feel disappointment too when the particular star fails, so these modern, transient gods are feeble in comparison to the great gods of old, and are certainly fallible so they are of little or no use to mankind as a whole, and just bring some short lived pleasure to a few people.

The argument for a Creator God
There are those who will argue that traditional gods serve no purpose in todays material world, science answers every need and question, but does it?
Certainly one of the benefits of a belief in God is the unity that it brings to people, also the knowledge that we are not alone, and that through our divine spirit we are connected to the great creator spirit, God. And so we too are immortal, certainly our mortal body will die, and physically we will cease to exist, but what of our spirit?
There are many people who would pour scorn on this last statement, it is easy to deride, but not so easy to offer sensible alternative views.
According to Jewish mythology, in the Garden of Eden there is a Tree of life or the Tree of Souls that blossoms and produces new souls, which fall into the Guf, or the Treasury of Souls. Gabriel reaches into the treasury and takes out the first soul that comes into his hand, and places it in an unborn child. Then Lailah, the Angel of Conception, watches over the embryo until it is born.
The legend says that Sparrows sit in the trees and so they see the souls, and their progress from the Guf to a baby, they are happy for this progression and this explains their happy singing.
The mystic significance of the Guf is that each person is important and has a unique role which only they, with their unique soul, can fulfil.
According to Kabbalah, every human soul is just a fragment cycling out of the great world-soul of the creator so we are all connected to, and part of God, and as such our spirit is eternal, and as long as God exists so will we.
According to Rabbinic literature, all the souls that ever were to be, were created during the six days of creation, and therefore there is a finite number of souls, and so, according to the myth, when the last soul has entered a body, the sparrows will cease to sing and the end of the world will begin. The riders of the apocalypse will appear, with their plagues and woes, followed closely by the Messiah and the final judgement.
I have often wondered about this, and whether or not there is a finite number of spirits as there are considerably more people alive today than there were in the days of Abraham for instance, and when you listen to various religious zealots speaking, unless we are one of them we are doomed, but that is just their brainwashing and culture, there are so many different groups and denominations saying this same thing, they can’t all be right.!
If we look about at the world, the stars, in fact everything around us it seems that is impossible for it to have come into being by accident. An atom is a model of the universe, a molecule the cosmos, everything is in perfect order and has a unique relationship with everything else.
Apparently Mice and men share about 97.5 per cent of their working DNA, just one per cent less than chimps and humans. The new estimate is based on the comparison of mouse chromosome 16 with human DNA. Previous estimates had suggested mouse-human differences as high as 15 per cent. However, Tim Hubbard, head of genome analysis at the Sanger Institute in Cambridge, UK, is sceptical about the significance of the 2.5 % difference. He thinks that the genes might in fact all be identical and that differences between species might arise solely through divergence in the "regulatory regions" which switch other genes on and off.
So what decides whether we are to be mice or men? When an embryo starts to develop, and cells split, and organs begin to form, how does that cell, which at this point is quite basic, know whether it is skin or brain? With a 2.5% difference in DNA why don’t we get mixtures of species being born, like the centaur.
If all of creation is the result of an ‘accident’ then these hybrids would be walking the streets. It is my view that creation is the result of intelligence, and whatever you wish to call that intelligence is fine, in the words of William Shakespeare, a rose with any other name would smell as sweet!

It matters not what name you attach to your God. There is only one true creator Spirit and he/she/it answers to all names as we are Gods children and part of the great creation.
What is important is not the right doctrine but the attainment of the true experience. It is giving up believing in belief.
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Thank you, both Shri Dattaswami and Johngefnir.

For me, the vocalisation into spoken words, or transcription into written language, of conceptual thought are handicaps or barriers to our clear understanding of the nature and existence of that which we humans, in our various ethnic, cultural and linguistic, contexts term God, etc.
Thus they are likewise barriers to our ability to communicate our individual interpretations of the conceptual thoughts each one of us may, from time to time, experience, to those around us. 
In my current experiential lifetime, I engage in meditational practices during which my conceptual thought may induce variations (sometimes quite spectacular) as to the nature of Creator and Creation. Just as a dream (during sleep) will frequently fade on returning to wakefulness, so conceptual thought experienced during meditation will frequently subside on returning to a 'normal' status.. 
Since MIND is the aspect of SPIRIT that occupies the physical during incarnation and since existential awareness of all of that which is known to the MIND would impair and impede the intended spiritually scholastic nature of the humn lifetime, there is a MIND-BRAIN barrier that regulates the degree of awareness occurring during each lifetime. Since conscious awareness varies according to the location of this solar system on its elliptical orbit within the Milky Way Galaxy, then so varies each individuated spirit's level of conceptual understanding. Since time is but a relative concept, the duration of each 29,000 years orbit and Earth's accompanying ability to access Cosmic Energy, vis-a-vis the duration of a human lifetime contextualises the nature of Creator and Creation, omnipotence and eternity. It also validates the concept of previous and potential self-aware lifeforms temporariy occupying both Planet Earth and other times/places within universes without contravening the One God philosophy, tenet, shibboleth or doctrine.

Love and Light
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Their is an understanding; That all heavens breadth Is concluded by One maker; Confounded under many decisions under one New Concept-ION For Which pantheism meets monotheism. At the Scale of the Large, This decision is made from the highest height  to the lowest low in a dimension that performs the estate of the God's. Whereas Mankind has taken idol worship (without pun intended) to a new height, and performed the rights of rituals thus theirfore with with themselves. It is a maker of Unmaterial Materialism That Binds this Earth and Therewith Life in the Manner of Our Breath. The Consumption of What Makes Mice and Men of Difference is the Breath they Breathe. Which is the DNA at an recurrence at ever Present Term Time. Through it, we Realize that the Breath an Animal Breathes Tho it be CO2, It is Depicted of an Alternative Form of Life Substance that their DNA anulls them into Place; Thus to Make their DNA establish themselves into the Animal of Rights. Wherefore as in Basis Their are a Finite Amount of Soul's; Reincarnation Permits the World to Establish Itself in Numbers By the Procreation of Partiality and Soul's to the Render of Subdivisions and SubEntities of Their Elaborate. This for That Soul's according to the Summon Pool of Soul's are but a render of an Environment that Differs in Each Decision of the Establishment of the World. By This Depiction tho Stands true that their are but a Finite Amount of Soul, in That the Basis of the Souls are Either the Concluded or the Thus Not Concluded; Depending on the DNA's Depiction of their Ritual Right's. Be they Dark or Light Skinned; All Conform to a right in the Realm they are to be Depicted in; Chosen by the World as God Gives Life to Birth; Man Deforms it into the Right of Servitude to the Depiction of the World's. Albeit a Few Soul's are Free to Choose their own Estate in Life; Also Pending on their Karma; Cosmic, They Themselves By the Stars of Astrological and Horoscopical Matter Show Place to What Soul's they Grow into in, By the Deformance of the Worlds Entity, in the Enlil/Enki Depiction of Sumerian Life. For This in that Mankind Took Upon Themselves, To be a Lesser/Greater Modifier in the Depiction towards one another's Life; in the Reality in Which they Have Seen; Like the Pharaoh of the olden age into this Present Day. So Where is the need for a God' if Mankind Ever So Present Will Depict themselves into their Rank's to Play the Fool With Mankind and Humanity in the Depiction of their Way's. For All we Know Even if the Pure Religion of Life is To the Entity and Summit of the Whole Conclusion of Life with the Life God Breathed GIVEN Life; Mankind has Tubes and Ventilations to Give Such a Thus Given Entity Life in the Form of their Premature Knowledge of Science; Wherein Nothing in this World is Comes Natural; But all Seen Past the Pastures of the Forest and the Green, into a Life of the Entities of All Mankind and Humanity in the Want's/on's of Life. So God their are Many and Many Dominion's. Where Then Can God be Found, if By Personalization or Unpersonalized; He is but a Depiction of the Faith Which Each individual Puts the Hope Theirin; And if the Summit the Whole Scope of Life is Within the One True Existence of God; Will God, So Ever Wonder What Mankind is Doing, if he is But a Deistic Depiction of God; Like the Universe in It's Scope Dealing With Nothing But an Ever Existence Creator Who Simple is Without Form or Void. So What is Mankind then in Need of a Undeistic Creator; a Personalized Avatar, To Have Mankind Wish the Want in a Believe they Have Never Seen Before. So that the Hope of Believes Come back into it's Flow and Juicing. This is the Depiction Theirfore that It States Ye are god's, or the gods. The Lesser Realm of the Malkuth the Lesser Realms of the Kingdom of Earthly Basis According to the Ein Sof of the Kabbalistic Tradition. Many People Claim to be of Godhead, in a Sheer Affirmation that is But Noth a Simple Task Without it's Responsibility to the Depiction of the Realms Wherein they Perform Task theirin into. But the Depth of them Who Truely Walk the Path and them Who Sheer Simply Skip is Immense. It Connotes that their is But One Creator, Established within Many Decision Handled By Many Oppositions and Made Render into the Human World as One Concept of God; The Existence. This theirfore is then the Hajj, (The Pilgrimage) Wherefor All Souls after their First Profession of their Heavenly/Universal Source of Being; Come unto the Depiction of a Worldly Based Association with the Earthly Human Lives into the Notion of What Life is All About and What God Really is to whom Associate Depictions of Names. But the Formation of the Entities within Spirituality are Spiritual Based, and Theirfore Can not be Unctioned in the same Such Thus Wise; Without Compromising the Reality of it's Realm. Theirfore is their a Battle Within the Religious Upon Whom's God It is to Be Called Upon Within the Earth and Carnal Basis of All Things. The Claim of Ego to Seek Out Whom May have Have Had the Right Pathway of Decision in Life to Choose the Right God's in the Decision's of Their Life, Even to the Render of the Pride of Life; to Say I Chose This to This Day. Little Do they Know they Worship their Own Head's. Few But Are Who Literally Consumpt the Whole Notion under a True God Worthy of to be Worshipped. But This the Human Soul is Depicted in the Realm of the World's. AS For What God's their were and What Dominion's Where of Many; The world Through History has many Facet's of What Denotes a God; Some Visible, While others Invisible. This Whole Depiction is at War Wherein Which Through History their Were Crusades and Holy War's of the Religious Nature Depicted and Formed. For Which Mankind Ever So Wanting to Pride Ego into their Place to Stand Amidst Themselves to be a Higher Lesser God's. For This War Untangle In the World and Worldly Regions Wherefore God's are Ever Present at War. If Mankind By Epidemic Can Cease to Collect, That their are Nations of Higher Power in their Place; Then Humanity Would Actually Summon Up the Spirit Which is of El; and El Elohim to the True Performance of a God. This Would Associate the World or Realm into a habitat more Livable to the World; But Far to Many Claim Adulthood while they are yet Wanting Children and Immature. So From Mice to Men; Whereas DNA Differs so does a Real Establishment of a God vs the Establishment  of a Man Differ. The Whole Notion to Which i Say Theirfore is; Be Their Many God's or a Deistic or Elsewise Related God. Mankind is By the Factor Which they Direct themselves to OR Towards to the Denotion of their Way, and Theifore in the Establishment ThroughOUT history, Become "What Lies May" Become. Whichout Which Their is Not By One Deity, But Many and With Many BUT One. In the Reality of the Scene, The Humanity of it's Face Sees the Humanitarian Godhead, and Vise with the Nationality of Each Devise Religion. Whereas Religion is Simply the Separation of Nation's, The Whole Conduct is Done in a Way AS a Painting is Placed on a Canvas on a Sort OF color Scheme without ever to Touch Another One's Religious Stroke in Colored Form. Is Life then Theirfore of One Scheme, Or Do People Act and Feel Other Vibes and Emotions at all Given IN? Can the World Realize that their is More then One Set of Religion or is it to impending to the Notion of their God, Their Taste to be the Only One?

Again All Should have a right to choose Whatsoever Religion they May Base Their Life's Theirin. But the Association of Religion, is a factor Measurable, Not Spiritual. Theirfore Is it Carnal and of Earthly. God's are of the Heavenly. So Whereas Idol Worship is Permitted to some Sense of Within my Spiritual Basis. I Refer to No God's Above any God's Then the Maker of the Existence to Life and the Premise Theiron PasseD Upon. It can be Blue Hue or Visible Invisible, But For All Formation's it is Ever Present; Ever Knowing, Ever Consisting, Ever UNDERSTANDING of the Present Perils of Time; That Humanity in all Their Seek of the Human-ITY tarian Form of Life, Come to the Conclusions that Mankind is of God's with the Lesser Capital of god's in the Depiction of Their Life's.  Within the Materialistically and inmaterialistically, Their Connotation is Simply a Grasp of Something that Can Not be Grasped in Measure of What Hold's Lies beneath in the Spiritual Factors to Life. ― The Reality of Which it is "Seen".

As for Who's God Is Greater and Who's God is Real; is But a Carnal Carnality in the Depiction of Unworthy Means of Man. The True Practitioner Stands Quiet, and Will Not Render His Name Unto Another; He or She or It it It May be. For their is No Utterance of His Or Her or It It It's Name.

As Mankind Founded Words to Speak it is But a Means of Expression, So Whereas Such as Thus it is to be Expressed: האשם Hashem is the Virtue that Depicts of the Monotheistic God or Entity that Summon's all The Factors of This Brief Thread Up.

I Believe in the Nature of Hashem in all the Good and Best of Names; That by ʾIlāh إله‎ are the Foundations of the Faith. Without The Render of Brahmanism I Associate Not With the Render of Any Creator Above the Creator of All. But Hail Him From the Name of Her or It, in the Whole Summation of a Depicted God or Deity That Approves of the Viles of Humanity into the Grasp of Mankind, and Lets Mankind Render Roam Service in the Depiction of the Faith that Stems Out in the Pilgrimage of Life Through the Journey Theirof of it, As a Means to the Name "ie. Hashem" in the Depiction of the Faith i'm in. As a Means to that; All Names are Associated, and With all Names all Depictions. Seen that the Form of God is Invisible and Visible All Render of the Best Names and of Names are the Whole Solution to the Connotation and Depiction to this Life and the Present Life Past Upon.

So Hear What the Spirit is Saying to the Churches. For Each Prevail in their Own Estate and Each Prevail in their Estate.

Excerpts From My Current Book © Minart Youn 2020
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