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But what do you think we should protect ourselves from in our spiritual life?
Seems like only the non spiritual people don't see demons in their lives.
For the religious people and many spiritual people, the argument is like "A demon, a bad spirit , bad energies are behind what is happening to them".
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
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I find it difficult to separate, in my mind, the different aspects of the questions posed in your post, Admin.
To me, it seems, we should maybe consider four kinds of people.
a) those who give the appearance of following some religious practice, but are in fact insincere or hypocritical.
b) religious; those who formulate their lives and conduct according to dogma dictated by the religion to which they conform, but with the genuine belief that they are ‘saving their souls’ and helping others so to do.
c) spiritual people; who are seeking reassurance and comfort from mediums, without looking beyond that superficiality.
d) spiritual people; who are seeking to align their lives with a true understanding of the nature of Creator and Creation, and the meaning and purpose of humanity and the incarnate life-cycle; possibly even working with spiritual entities in other dimensions in endeavouring to further that purpose.

Starting from such a premise, my thought would be that each will be subject to his own demons and each will employ whatever protection he considers appropriate.
The more superficial the personality, the more third-dimensional will be the perceived threat and the greater the likelihood of blaming others for their bad experiences.
The more genuine the personality, the more likely it is the subject will look for the cause behind the effect and for a suitable way of either subtly removing the threat or finding an amicable solution.
The genuinely religious person may lay the blame with Satan and the work of the Devil, responding with their appropriate prayers and supplications.
The spiritualist may recognise that it is part of the chosen pattern of the given lifetime that affects the happenings of that lifetime, thus giving rise to the opportunity to exercise Free Will in confronting those happenings with a view to best use of an experience for spiritual development.
As to the nature of the protection: Well if I am a really bad guy I guess I’ll go out and buy a gun and shoot the other bad guy.
If I am religious, I will conform to the teachings of my religion – prayer – confession and absolution – perhaps, in extremis, taking the blame on myself and engaging in self-flagellation.
On the other hand, if I am, you might say, at the other extreme, if I see the threat as sourcing from the third dimension, I will work on my psychic barrier protection; however, I will also recognise that the threat may come from a different dimension, and it is then that I will look to higher self and spirit guides, going even to the Archangelic level, to provide protection on that other dimension.
I guess that response gives away my Christian background so I hope we will see other responses too. Come on guys; I am sure there are other points of view out there and I, for one, would like to see them. After all, this is a forum and Admin has invited discussion.
I think the whole thread provides a great deal of 'spiritual education, right from krya's opener.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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i use the protection off the circle and the square that i think was one off Krya post, before meditation, it create a save place for me and holy space for Higher beings , but i must protect my self from misleading, my own opinions and unbelief and fear, also from bad atmospheres, like this Pretoria unrest, it a atmosphere off fear and anger and what i do is let it go, focus on faith. I have to protect my self from my own mind and fear more than anything else , i create easily my own demon or bad energy, i protect my spiritual life trough awareness that outside perception off the world that i see can be wrong, i was wrong before. Overthinking is also something that can lead to going around in circles. intense negative energy can trap me and steel my awareness ,giving me tunnel vision again. Think the best protection of my spiritual life it to try to be in the now, the moment and to have faith in my oneness with the Creator
Light, Life and Love
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I would say that Protection is meant against negative influences. It would make no sense to protect oneself against the spiritual or Divine forces anywaySmile. Negative forces can be anything physical, emotional or mental. Because we call bad things exists not only in the physical world but also in the astral and mental world.

Just like we protect ourselves from microbes, germs in the physical world, we should protect ourselves from astral germs which are bad emotions (sadness, disappointments, jalousie, anger …) and protect ourselves from mental germs as well (thoughts of worries and anxieties…). And like Gerhard Botha said, living in the now is a very good protection against negative influences. I would rather precise that, that protection technique is directly effective in the mind (in your mental world, in your thoughts) Because most psychic negative forces dwells in the past and future thoughts. So to learn to stay away from past and future is to protect oneself against thoughts germs, for a healthy mind. A mind which is clear from negative thoughts influences the emotions (the heart/astral body) to also keep clean. And a clean heart (astral body) influences the physical body to also keep a certain purity (At the blood and odor level). This is why the practice of living in the present always results in a healthy life.

Most of our miseries are caused by negativity. If the negative forces in us are gone, we are automatically happy. There is nobody else to blame for our miseries but our own lack of will to protects ourselves against negative forces. Because negative forces are mostly subconscious forces, and that the subconsciousness is part of nature. The nature around us is subconscious and a part of our own nature is also subconscious. Therefore, negative forces are within us and outside of us.

Subconsciousness forces acts in an automatic way, and they all act the same. For that you can observe animals, as they are subconscious beings, see how they behave the same, look at birds or fish for example, they follow each other, if one of them move in a different direction, all of them suddenly move in the same direction. Animals are fear, jalousie, anger, pleasure… forces which they have no spiritual power to control. Humans also have those subconscious forces, in that regard we are no different from animals. But the difference comes when we come to control those subconscious forces. To control those forces is nothing but to protect ourselves against them. Because that control should not be a fight as per se, but it’s more of "a let go". For instance, Let your negative automatic thoughts which comes to your mind leave you without you even touching them. Same should be done with emotions negative forces and even physical negative forces. All you should do is watch them until they go away. That’s how you win the “Fight”.

All kinds of subconscious force can be controlled. Some rare people have come to even control the physical subconscious forces. That means they can consciously stop their physical heart beats and run it again. An animal which is completely controlled by the subconscious forces cannot even stop his lungs (stop breathing) but because humans can that proves that there is hope to come to control many other automatic (subconscious) forces. But of course the mental and astral subconscious forces should be controlled first.

For me, protection remains against negative forces, not positive forces. So should you be invaded with spiritual thoughts, then don’t let it go, encourage it, give that thought more possibilities to develop in your mind. Meditate upon that thought, chew that thought Smile. And because protection is against negative forces, should a negative thought becomes positive, you shouldn’t protect yourself against it. Yes, comes a time in our path when what used to be seen as negative becomes no longer negative. As in fact what we call evil or bad is a relative thing. Our weakness makes us see evil everywhere. But for those who are strong, there is no such thing as evil. Evil is only Evil when we are weak spiritually, but one we are spiritually strong, Evil despairs for you. This is why it is said that evil doesn’t exist in the universe.

See, when you were still a baby, you had weak teeth and couldn’t chew a single piece of chicken in your mouth. Now you are grown up and strong teeth you can chew almost anything. When you were a baby many things were seen as bad and even evil then, simply because you were weak, physically emotionally and mentally. But as you grow up, many of what you feared and what you were protected against are seen not as evil no more. You don’t need protection against those. When anger, jalousie, dishonesty, lies are stronger in you, you will see them as bad, as evil. But the day you become stronger than them, you will see them differently. But until we are strong spiritually and until the higher spiritual beings accept to protect us too, it is our duty to do our best to protect ourselves against that evil within and against the evil thrown at us.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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beautifully explained Krya , i also believe that i cancel out a lot of negativity trough mediation and prayer. Pranayama is a gift. I can talk and dream, but if i do not put in the work, and for me is hard and joy full work, and if Nothing change nothing change, and with out my part it will be a dream or a interesting top pick (spiritual protection)

so for me great spiritual protection come trough pranayama, meditation and prayer as well.
i have a set time in the mornings and evenings, every day.

i find that i love to talk about my pain, but also it is my decision to give it over and let it go, and it can be hard lol. the question for me , do i want to have a block or do i want to move on? be a victim or be free?

i am not there yet, but i am on journey.

This group also give me spiritual protection

thanks to you
Light, Life and Love
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Pure Awareness (Soul) requires existence of 2 items. One is inert energy that is obtained from
digestion of food (Annat Purashah- Veda). Second is nervous system, which alone
can convert this inert energy into awareness on functioning. So, awareness is
dependent on these two items but God is independent & does not depend on
any other item.

Veda says ‘Apanipaado Javano Graheeta…, which means that He can run without legs and He can catch without
hands. Since God runs you say that God must have legs based on the natural
laws. But the super natural God does not require legs to run. Similarly He can
wish to create the world without Himself being the awareness.

The Scholars have misunderstood that God has awareness because God wished to create this
universe. Since God wished God must be awareness. This logic applies only to
the items of creation and not to the Creator who is beyond creation. The
unimaginable God can wish even without being the awareness. He is above the
laws of Creation.
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Your post is interesting, but cant see how it relate to Protection of the Soul

Light, Life and Love
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In my personal experiences as well as witnessing many others, I have found that only a few methods are actually worth being used. There are many things a person can do to protect themselves as well as others. Granted, a majority of these methods DO have an effect. But the question is for how long and truly how well? For the sake of not repeated what has already been analyzed, I will simply delve into what I have seen/found to be effective. 

  There are 3 basics of protection that can be used. Shielding, cleansing, orbs. All of these can be used all at once or one at a time, each with their own advantages depending on what your purpose of the protection is. 

      Shielding - one of the most basic but effective practices. I personally use Willpower (the name we use for the power that can be harnessed a specific way in every person on this earth) and by using Will all of what I do is extremely powerful and long lasting. However, other forms of energy can be used and it is still effective. You simply focus your Will or other energy source and form a shield around your body in whichever form you wish. You can also add "commands" into the shield you place, but it is a bit more complex. An example of a command, could be to set up a layer of the shield to keep the natural energy around us from eating away at it. Therefore, it will last longer. The limit is basically your imagination. This can be applied to larger scales such as rooms, houses, other people, etc. There are more details and things to be said over these things, but this is simply a basic overview. 

  Cleansing - is cleansing your body/energy of negative energies and other energy formations that if left alone, could cause countless issues depending on your environment/what you are associated with. This is a very simple notion but the effect in the long run is a strong one, and can save yourself a lot of trouble. For certain types of energy formations we come across in our daily lives can soak into our spiritual bodies and cause us much harm, as well as many different general negative energies. It is also good to keep your energy your own and not let yourself essentially become your environment (in the sense of everyone has their own energy/feelings/thoughts and these can effect your on an energy level and lead to a physical level).

  Orbs - Orbs are a very specific type of energy that need to be given a command. But if created well with a good amount of energy, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can use these for things such as defense, all the way to delivering a specific thought to someone far way. So it is up to the person how these are used specifically. You simply focus your Will/energy into the shape of a ball in your hands. Focus hard. You will most likely feel the energy emitting in your hands. When the orb is created, using your Will/energy again, issue a command into the orb. When all is finished and if done right, you should be able to feel it in your hands and if you are able to see energy, maybe even see the glow. The color of the orb will also differ depending on the type of energy used/strength of it. When this is done, simply send it on its way. 

  These are just basic overviews of what I have seen work for myself and many others. Using these things not only help in the moment, but help in the long run as well.
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Thank you Sunflower for another point of view. As you say, it overlaps in some ways what has already been put forward, but you have added another perspective to a spiritually important subject.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Very interesting, informative thread. thank you.

I have a question, kinda linked to it.
What about the importance, or necessity, of hiding our energy-aura when in "public". I mean. Theres spiritual people. clairvoyant or whoever, and also bad people, such as witch or just really bad people working with bad entities, almost everywhere.
Should it be important to hide ones energy around people? Could it be just like another type of 3d-ish protection?..
I believe these people could be very curious on someones light, energy. So them being aware, on a conscious level, of someones spirituality level could make them create harm on the other-innocent spiritual person waling down the street(exemple)? or it could just create useless interest from them on you, even tho your protected..

what do guys think about that? Is there ways to hide ones spirituality? Is it important? how does it work?...
 - S  
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